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  1. Troll, who would you like to have as our QB next year?
  2. Regarding Jordan, obviously everyone at this point would take him over Martin. Martin's the Jets running back for as long as he wants to be, unless Herm is gone. I've learned to live with it.
  3. I made irrational statements regarding the Moss/Coles trade during Santana's unbelievable stetch. After watching the Giants/Skins game I realized why Coles is back on the Jets. Coles is a better receiver than Moss. However, I'd like to see the Jets get a speedster at the slot. No, not Wayne Chrebet.
  4. And Bugg, you're 100% right. The Jets 2 minute offense the past 5 seasons deserves its own thread. Actually educational videos should be made of the Jets 2 minute drill, to show how its NOT supposed to be run.
  5. Vegas isn't stupid. This is typically a game the Edwards regime Jets win. This game reminds me a whole lot of Tennesse 2003. We're playing a team we've had success against and we're at home. Dont be fooled this week though. The Jets are finished.
  6. Guys, at this point it really doesn't matter anymore. We've campaigned Herm to play lamont, didnt happen. We bring in Blaylock, gave him a decent sized contract, didnt happen. The argument is what it is. Nothing will ever change the fact that Curtis Martin will be our starting running back until Herm is gone. Remember in Vinny's previous last season with the Jets, Herm made it known he was going to try his best to get him his 40,000 yards? If he did it for Vinny, you know damn well he'll do it for Curtis. Everyone in the league realizes Curtis has lost a step and isnt exactly a guy defenses fear, and never really has been one. But the New York Jets feel as if individaul records could shine a bright light on an otherwise bleak franchise history.
  7. How many boards can you pull of being a condescending jerk?
  8. That was a pretty sweet move by Miller.
  9. Im bored as hell, we need to talk Jets football. First and foremost, I was adamant about starting Vinny over Bollinger 4 weeks ago. I felt the Jets had a shot to put some wins together with our defense. The season is toast. Let Bollinger play and see if he has the ability to be a capable and dependable backup in the league. There is nothing to lose. Get Houston in the game. The Jets have been getting killed with the time of possesion battle. Actually, this has hurt the Jets throughout Herm's tenure. But for the love of god, see if the young kids got it. We've talked about it ad nausem around here so I wont go any further. Curtis is done, put Cedric in. Again, nothing to lose. (Unless personal goals are truly important) Jericho Cotchery - Herm likes him. Herm likes alot of people apparently more than him. I mean COME ON HERM. WHat are the Jets gaining by playing Chrebet? Everyone loves Wayne, but jeeze...heres a guy who set records in college and he can't get on the field? Somethings not right. Before the Atlanta game, Cotch was supposively going to start in place of Jmac. Apparently he can overtake the #2 guy but not the #3. Weird. Coles and McCariens are dependable. Nothing to get crazy about, but they are adequate. Speed on offense has been a problem. We dont have anyone on our team who can creat by himself. Our Oline is a disaster. Blow it up. Bring someone in, draft as much as you can. Fabini must go. That's that. AT tight end, aside from Week 1, Bakers loooked like crap. Doug Jolley. Do need to say anything else? We haven't had a good tight end around here since the 80's. Dressen looks like he can be a player. Put him him, why not? It's pretty scary when you look at it. It's fixable though. Again, like 2003 Bradway ignored things alot of us saw coming from a million miles away in the offseason. I mean, if Chad's playing QB again next season and Curtis is our starting tailback, for me...it would be extremely hard to root for this team. I see the Jets going RB in the first round in April. Bush, Williams, Calhoun, Maroney, White all look like successfull NFL players. Draft, OLine and hopefully get lucky with a QB. Pretty random post, I'm just bored as hell.
  10. Jones is out. Stupid high ankle sprain is killing me. For me, it would probably be a toss up between Bell amd Johnson. It seems as if Shanahan picks a name out of a hat to decide between Anderson and Bell, its tough to say.
  11. I don't understand how Bradway never can see these types of things happening. Everyone and their mother around here predicted Curtis would have a dropoff. Herms philosophy: Play him till he drops! Like we've said a million times around here: It's better to part ways with a player a year too early, then it is to hold on to one a year too late. This type of stuff goes back to Marvin and Mo as well. Which was one of the most ridiciulous things I've ever seen.
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