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  1. dude, no they're not. Bostons the best hitting team in baseball. Period. Garlands a nice pitcher, but has definetely had luck on his side this year. He has what, 50 something strikeouts this year. Those groundballs he's getting now turn into linedrives at Fenway. The Sox absolutely teed of on him. The White Sox can't hit and their pitching is overrated. They do play solid defense though. Watching the Yankee White SOx series you would have noticed the Yankees were hitting the ball hard, just directly at people and a couple of overrated catches by Aarron Rowand.
  2. Hes right though. Chicago is insanely overrated.
  3. oh wah wah. You think Yankee fans wouldnt get brutalized after a loss like that? You think JBF wasnt having a seizure and beating off at the same time when Carl Everett broke up Mussina's perfect game? For christs sake we hear on here how Carlos Guillen is a better player than Jeter. The thread was a joke.
  4. Lopez has done squat since the ASB.
  5. Browsing through, didn't see it as an option anymore. I'm not surprised. People aren't complete idiots.
  6. Matt39


    I think TO would be complaining about Chad within .3 seconds. He might have a point though....
  7. When you have a guy in CF who runs a 6 flat 40, anyone will look good. Bernie cost us the game today. Period.
  8. Hopefully Chad's Pop warner Arm can carry us there. The past two seasons Chad has been below average. If Chad plays like that this year, kiss Detroit goodbye.
  9. Arod let off the inning with a blast. Matsui flew out. Giambi walked. The clutch Jorge Posada proceeds to strike out on 3 pitches. Tino singles, Crosby gets to 3rd. Bernie lines out the 1st pitch to the 1st baseman. game over.
  10. What an AB by Jorge. Most worthless player in Yankee history.
  11. He must have done that on purpose
  12. I'm actually goin with a few of mu buddies. We're bringing playoff intensity(mostly alcohol wise) in August.
  13. Awesome show. Johnny Drama is too funny. Victory!
  14. Funny, that picture looks awfully old.
  15. I still havent figured out who Glass Joe beat.
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