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  1. Matt39

    Nice job Mike

    Bugg. I agree. West behind the plate is awful.
  2. This isnt Johann Santana out there. Jesus Chrrist its amazing how this team folds at the plate playing from behind.
  3. Matt39

    Nice job Mike

    If the Yanks cant hit this rook they dont deserve it anyway.
  4. Stop Mcgahee. No big plays fom lee Evans. Herm: PLEASE LET VINNY THROW THE BALL. The Jets are a better team then the Bills. If MArtin can't run against this team he should be benched. Hopefully Houston will get a shot as well. The team needs it.
  5. Matt39

    Nice job Mike

    Johnson now. The inning is finally over. Now we will see what this team is made of.
  6. Matt39

    Nice job Mike

    You're saying he pitched well? The Yanks look tight. When they finally get to hit again, they better not start swinging for the fences like were so used to seeing when they play from behind. Right now alot of people are playing for their jobs right now, including Torre. Not saying I think he should go, but you know who must be breaking stuff in his suite right now.
  7. That sucks dude. You have to remember you have bad cops and good cops. Just like anywhere else. What they did was stupid, and I'm sure the cop. was looking to give a young kid like yourself a hard time. They do it because they can. GOB, calm down my man. The kids venting after getting thrown out of Giants stadium for ssentially doing nothing. Im sure he'd give you an apology and take back what he said. Not all cops are good. I've seen countless times cops in my town early in the morning when I'm driving to work windows up, AC on passed out in the car in an empty parking lot. It is what it is and there's nothing you can do about it. Not all cops are bad. If you're ever in trouble its the guys who risk there lives for the safety of others that come to the rescue. So essentially for all the crap some cops can get away with, its worth it in the long run. JMO
  8. The stadium was buzzing yesterday, it was great. Alot different then it was against Jax where I got yelled at for standing up on 3rd down. Didnt catch anything this week. People were into it. Memo to people who go to the games: If you're not going to get involved dont bother coming. It's football.
  9. Miller did play some WR at Clemson. The idea actually ran through my head as well. Doubt it happens, but you never know.
  10. I believe before, yesterday that Buffalo had the worst ranked rush D in the league. I think Ronnie brown played well yestderday too. Something around 17 carries for 97 yards, which would cause us to have a party around these parts.
  11. Seriously. When you're at a point where its nearly impossible to have a drop off in production from another guy it's always worth rolling the dice and taking a shot. See what Houston has. Curtis is hurt/old whatever. He is not getting it done. Period. The oline did their job yesterday, Curtis didn't. Why not play Houston? And give me valid reasons. Not "well because he's a backup" and not "Curtis is a HOF'er" or the worst, "He led the league in rushing last year." The one legitimate reason I could see is that Curtis doesn't put the ball on the ground. Other than that, what else is there? Get some new blood in there. It's worth a shot.
  12. Dont recall Herm ever sitting Marvin. Damien Robinson brought a loaded assualt rifle to the Meadowlands. Wasn't that what happened where Herm had to sit him?
  13. Overall a nice win. Wasn't pretty at times but we'll take it. Positives: Vinny! Looked pretty good out there. Looks in good shape. Made some nice throws down the middle of the field, ones which we haven seen, since well ugh when he was here. Vinny can get some wins for this team and keep it competitive. I felt he should have played last weekend, but thats water under the bridge. The OLine- so much improved. Gave Vinny time. The run blocking was much better. Tampa's a tough physical defense and the jets didnt back down. Now the only thing we need to do is find someone who can actually hit the hole with some speed. Improvement was great to see. Coles- big catches. Best game he's had since returning. It was great to see us get the receivers involved. Finally have a QB who can utilize his weapons. Doug Jolley! Hey, if Vinny can find this guy he has the ability to get some YAC. Show me this on a consistent basis and we may have something in Jolley. The Defense: Pressure on Griese all day. Robertson showed up today. The kid has all the ability in the world. Needs to break the lazy habits though. Bring that intensity every Sunday and you'll be able to show us why we drafted you. Law, Barrett played great. Big game by our D. Negatives: Curtis Martin. Yikes. Just unable to get it done this year. Has the lowest YPC of starting backs in the league. Hes running like a guard in a RB's body. Folks, it aint the Oline here. There were holes yesterday.Curtis doesnt hit them hard enough anymore. Cedric Houston needs to play. Now. Mike Nugent- Ugh yeah. Don't do that anymore. Is there anything worse in sports than a kicker with zero confidence? Yesterday was brutal. I dont want to hear that he's a rookie either. 2nd round pick who already looks like a headcase who has a weak league on kickoffs. Not good. Conservative: The mantra of Herman Edwards. I will never understand the Dungy style of play. Looks like it may be carrying over to the defense now. Notice at the end of the game the Jets only rushing 3? We had a two point lead Herm! Griese was getting smacked all day, dont pull of the horses. Go for the jugular! Herm- Vinny can throw the ball. Take some more chances. evrything about Herm is safe. Safe on offense, safe on defense. We will never win anything unless we take some chances. Did the Jets even have the ball in the first half? Must improve. There it is. Open it up even more next week. Possibly sit Curtis. All in all a big win that gets us back in the thick of things. We play an inept Buffalo team with a weak offense next week. Put them away early. No need to play the safe keep the game close next week. We should be able to run on them(hopefully) Go Jets! Go Yanks!
  14. I am as cynical as they come. Just a hunch. Houston gets in the endzone as well. Tampa's overrated. Griese is their QB. Jets win 24-13.
  15. There are 3rd string QB's. And then there is Brooks Bollinger.
  16. Then what the hell was starting Bollinger?
  17. Chad looked the like the worst QB in the league. Do you feel Vinny's the worst QB in the league? At least he has the ability to throw the ball.
  18. Lets hold up on Cincinatti for a little bit fellas. They've played the powerhouses such as Houston, Chicago and Cleveland. Minnesota too, who could be the worst team in the league. Lets see what Palmer does this weekend against Jax.
  19. The QB situation cant be used as an excuse for Herm. We looked awful with Chad this season. Chad wasn't very good last season. Oakland 2002, since then Chad's been a below average QB. He's been Trent Dilfer, except gets paid alot more. The sad thing is that right now Vinny's a better QB than a healthy Chad is. The team should be able to put up some wins and hopefully make things interesting.
  20. Bollinger > Chad. And that's scary.
  21. Drink- Guiness or 007 Appetizer- Candlelight Wings- AWESOME wing place on Central Ave in Westchester. Ever get the chance- hit that place up. Food- Grilled chicken philly. Dessert sucks
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