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  1. Good. The fans in Boston deserve it. Later Boston.
  2. Resorting to this now? Yikes. Now you know it's over.
  3. Really? That long? The Chinese fire drill that ensued at our home opener in 2001 sealed the deal for me.
  4. AWESOME article. Everything I always wanted to say about the Edwards regime that I was never able to process through my keyboard. So on point. Great job Jetmo.
  5. He's made 3 game winning plays already this season. All Im saying the Jets could use some speed. You cant deny that Moss stepped up in big games.
  6. Losing Santana Moss may be a bigger loss than we orginally thought. Our oline is obviously a huge part on why our offense is horrendous and that we dont have a QB but... Moss made big plays in big games. Both in San Diego and In Pitt. He had a spark, something Coles doesnt bring to the table. No way Coles makes that catch in SD. Now, with all the punting we've seen this season, Moss could have been huge for us. Hell, he could have won us the game yesterday. This season, Moss is making huge plays down in Washington. Essentially, he's won two game for them. Yeah he was a little soft, but god this offense is in desperate need of a playmaker. I said this before the season i was concerned with the lack of speed on offense with the loss of Jordan and Moss, and it looks like I was right. The only way to overcome a bad OL is speed. Something the Jets do not have.
  7. For as little of carries Jordan got in his tenure, he sure did win a few big games for us.
  8. For an average DT who looks completely out of shape, Drob is overpaid.
  9. We might be able to schedule NY School for the Deaf for a scrimmage down the road. Thats a possible win.
  10. It's gotten to a point where I dont even care anymore. Expecting anything out of Herm at this point is useless. We dont have a QB. We dont have a RB. We dont have an Oline. Something most people on this this great website predicted 10 months ago. Unfortunately Herm and company did not. Another reason why this staff needs to go. They have no knack for judging a possible drop off in production. Everyone and their mother around here thought Martin was just about finished. Everyone knew the oline looked shotty. Heh. Whatever. Its the Jets. We've seen it all before.
  11. Would anyone be against Blaylock starting next Sunday?
  12. We lost our starting OT and our two biggest playmakers on offense(Moss, Jordan) There werent too many S. Moss fans, inluding myself. But jeez, in a real offense he scares defenses. Something no one on our offense does.
  13. Is the fact that I would have been encouraged if I saw Bollinger throw the ball down the field and get picked off. Herms so damn concerned with not turning the ball over its killing the team. The offense is so handcuffed its scary. I mean, was today a joke? Our team is getting paid to do that? Curtis Martin is atrocious. Given, Bollinger didnt get much of a chance...but good lord this is not an NFL QB. The Jets look like they have a bad high school offense. That was putrid.
  14. L. Jordan 26 Rush, 126 yds, 1 TD Against a Dallas team who hadnt given up a 100 yard rusher in forever. Leave it to th Jets to get rid of their best RB on the team.
  15. L. Jordan 26 Rush, 126 yds, 1 TD Against a Dallas team who hadnt given up a 100 yard rusher in forever. Leave it to th Jets to get rid of their best RB on the team.
  16. Curtis is a big part of the problem. Bollinger on the bootleg shure didnt look like a guy who wanted to be in the game. at least make an attemp to the endzone.
  17. Hell, I guess the Jets are still in this thing. Play Vinny!
  18. Hitting Posada 6th is ridiculous. He better not be in the 6 hole come this week.
  19. He's good. We need someone like him.
  20. When do we offer Weiss a blank check?
  21. I think it would be fitting.
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