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  1. He's good. We need someone like him.
  2. When do we offer Weiss a blank check?
  3. I think it would be fitting.
  4. Santana should win the CY Young.
  5. If Posada didnt suck complete ass we would have won. But hey, thats what you get for batting the least clutch player in the history of sports 6th.
  6. I hear you Bob. Rough week. I just cant get the eery feeling from last October from out of my system. If the Yanks end up losing tonight. Tomorrow becomes must win. I dont think there's a Yankee fan on the planet who trusts Mussina.
  7. Ham, how long have I been saying it? Posada is the weak link on the Yankees. He kills this team. Especially hitting in the 6 hole.
  8. hurry up, Im expecting a witty response.
  9. Good night New York Yankees. Curse is long gone. Open the flood gates. Tonight is over. Tomorrow the Yanks will probably look foolish against Wakefield as usual. Sunday's a give with Pussina pitching. It's a wrap. Sorry folks. 205 million will just have to wait till next year. And weve all seen it before.
  10. The team is nowhere to be found. Scared of a franchise who's fans decide to come out of the woodwork last season. Unreal. Grow a sack. Throw strikes. Gte big hits. But no, from the manager down to the batboy...THIS TEAM IS SCARED.
  11. Yankees playing scared. What a surprise. No clutch hitting, not throwing strikes. Absolutely pitiful.
  12. What a waste. Absolutely atrocious in clutch situations. Yanks desperately need a new catcher.
  13. Ham, I believe it's called, NERVOUS ENERGY.
  14. I don't think I've ever been more apathetic to an issue in my entire life. I do not want the roof though. Either way, the Meadowlands is fine.
  15. I dont have an agenda, just letting it out there. Belive me, I didnt need a player profile to know Brooks Bollinger is horrendous.
  16. The difference is: You have a shot to win some games with Vinny. I dont see the same chances with Bollinger.
  17. Hope all is well Troll. Good poster and a good guy.
  18. Is Napoleon Kaufman available?
  19. NFL.com on Brooks Bollinger More of an option-style quarterback who seems to lack the passing skills for the next level
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