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  1. Find one person who has said the Yankees are back.
  2. 4 in a row is nice. The Orioles have crumbled, which everyone knew was going to happen sooner or later. An act of God has allowed the Yankees to still be in this thing. Id like to be 2 games back of the Soc by the All Star break allowing a clean slate from there. Things we need to have happen for the Yankees to make to the playoffs. Randy Johnson needs to become a consistent pitcher. The days of him dominating 95% of his starts are over. He just can not afford to have those 4 inning 12 hit outings. Carl Pavano needs to grow up and just plain pitch better. Stop making silly mistakes that cost the Yankees the game. Mussina's been good, not specatacular. We know what were getting from him. Rivera's been great after the rough first series against Boston. I was wrong about him. Gordon still makes me nervous. Wang has been great. Seriously, where would we be without this guy? Hopefully he can keep it up and keep the Yankees in ball games. Lineup wise, we just need to become much more consistent. Jeter's had a good year and Cano's developing into a solid 2nd baseman. Arods having a great year as is Sheff and Matsui. Whats gotten into Giambi? He's earned his spot as the every day first baseman. The guy gets on base and has had somed pretty clutch hits for us. Posada sucks. Platoon him and FLahery. Womack is useless unless he's pinch running. Him and Bernie in center I guess is the way we'll be going. Bernies bat is ok I guess. Tino as a defensive first basemen is nice to have in close games late. Ruben and him can DH. Hopefully the Yankees can keep this up and keep the bats alive.
  3. As much as I hate Varitek's whole "Im a tough guy act" which is gay as hell....hes a great catcher.
  4. You're right. It's not just Jeter though. Clutch hitting has plagued this team since 2002.
  5. I'm not even arguing Jeter being the best. I'd take Tejada over Jeter and thats probably it. Let Michael Young have a few more solid years then come and talk to me.
  6. Wow, nevermind about the Hal Morris thing. He wasn't involved in the Oneill deal. But anyway, take a look at Oneill's numbers in Cincinatti. They weren't spectacular by any means. The Yankees got lucky in that deal. Kelly had similar numbers to Oneill at the time of the trade. Luckily for the Yanks, Oneill turned into a 20-25 HR 100+ guy late in his career.
  7. I simply asked if you thought Guillen was having a better year than Jeter. Are you using the fact that hes hurt as the reason why he isnt? Or is he?
  8. George wants Damon. Mark it down.
  9. Ok, so your argument for Guillen is that hes being held back by a poor offense and that Jeters stats are inflated because he's on a better team offensively? What the hell is he supposed to do, not hit? Carlos Guillen: Avg HR RBI Runs SB .337 2 16 27 1 Derek Jeter .302 10 35 61 9 I mean come on here. I know everyone likes to call Jeter overrated, which is expected. But this is ridiculous. The argument you're using to justify this is weak.
  10. I had no problem with how you felt about the Kotsay trade. Beane wasn't being stupid to ask for alot. He knew the Yanks were desperate for a CF. But Cano, Wang and whoever it was in the minors for Mark freaking Kotsay? A marginal CF. That wasn't even a deal Scott Layden would make.
  11. Play poorly? This guy couldn't make contact on 85mph fastballs. It was pathetic, and it got to a point where he had to have been aired out. Giambi's playing much better, but I haven't heard anyone refer to his improvement as some part of some reclamation project like you're calling it. You're going over the top with the drama Tom and you know it with this whole George and Joe can save you.
  12. So you're telling me Carlos Guillen is having a better year than Derek Jeter this season?
  13. Russ Davis had some pretty decent years for the Mariners. And the fact you're holding the Yankees accountable for "fleecing" teams is ridiculous.
  14. For some reason he was dropped like a month ago. I hopped right on that. David Wright was my everyday 3rd baseman but has been demoted for Lopez.
  15. Carlos Guillen better than Jeter? Please explain this one.
  16. Sorry, but Barton completely won this argument. Fleecing people with trades?? This is pathetic. It takes two sides to be involved in a trade the last time I checked. Barton came with straight facts and none of his questions were answered. Now, the Roberto Kelly trade(which happened how long ago?) anyway Hal Morris was involved in that deal as well who was a pretty big prospect at the time. He did have a few good years with the Reds. Raul Mondesi? Wow. You say Arod was a fleece? It's not the Yankees fault Texas was looking to dump salary. They got the best hitting second baseman in return. UGhh yeah, Eric Milton sucks now but he was HUGE pitching prospect at the time. Alot of people questioned the Knoblauch deal because everyone was expecting Milton to be great. Ahh J/b conviently left out the fact that the Yanks gace up Hitchcock AND Russ Davis for Nelson and Tino. If memory serves, Russ Davis was another prize in the Yankee farm system.
  17. Damon isnt overrated. Personally I think hes underrated. The Yankees improve drastically if they were able to land Damon. The hole in center would be solved, has much better range than Bernie and we also get a legit leadofff hitter. Jeter could go back to hitting in the two spot and we're able to move Cano down in the lineup making us better. Because after our 5 hitter the lineup just dies. The Yanks lineup is built around depending on guys to hit blasts all the time. The problem with that is that you're going to get inconsistent play, which is exactly what the Yankees are. Throwing Damon into the mix you get a guy who knows how to get on base, steal a few bases and get some clutch hits.
  18. Oh whoops, I missed that 7458375447543 page post. Sorry,
  19. C J. Varitek (Bos - C) 1B D. Ortiz (Bos - 1B) 2B J. Kent (LAD - 2B) 3B F. L
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