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  1. Hard to take too much from preseason pass coverage, but overall yeah just looked uninspired on the DL and OL. What was actually bad bad was the absurd late hit on Hurts and the tackle attempt by Kwon Alexander on the Goddert touchdown. That falls directly on bad practice habits and the coaching. Williams not getting pulled from the game was crazy. The Alexander tackle was a startling peak into what Jets practices look like.
  2. Another note on the Goddert TD #6 on the Jets, Alexander? Basically pushes him into the EZ. Absolutely horrendous technique which falls on Saleh. wtf is this????
  3. Besides the Wilson stuff I thought the team looked uninspired. Too much talent and money spent for them to come out looking listless. The Jets don’t seem to have a bad cop on the coaching staff when needed. Philly overall is the worst major city in America, I agree there.
  4. The 5 yard out 2 feet over the receivers head was just as alarming.
  5. Who’s this chode qb with the tattoo sleeve
  6. The franchise hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010. Sniffing out zeros early is necessary.
  7. He is fake hustle. I’ve been in the fence but he’s fake hustle.
  8. Did he ever get his 11 bedroom house built?
  9. Yeah if your body can’t withstand a simple cut see you later.
  10. The Eagle are meh. Just the level of intensity at the LOS is evident.
  11. Looks like a team that doesn’t take practice seriously. Saleh running a light camp two years on a row won’t win games.
  12. not to be confused with bleeding gums thibodeaux
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