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  1. I appreciate you fighting this fight. But come on now. You can’t play offensive line over 350lbs and expect to remain healthy.
  2. The Jets felt last years injury was weight related too if I recall.
  3. Everything is underscored by him not being in shape. Carrying around that much weight was always going to be a ticking time bomb for an injury.
  4. Was that ever going to happen? He had all off-season and didn’t bother coming to the facility once until money was on the line.
  5. Nothing the Jets could have done to prevent this one. This is why they were so concerned about his conditioning all off-season.
  6. I mean did he break his leg or something.
  7. I don’t think this is one of those cases. The Jets didn’t do their homework in the predraft on him. How they ended up on him over Wirfs or Lamb…well Douglas should share his notes.
  8. If he was laboring that badly in warmups an injury was inevitable. Impossible to compete if you’re that out of shape.
  9. I dont believe we’ve ever gotten the true story on how high maintenance this player truly is either/
  10. It wasn’t though. He had an arthoscopic clean up. Granted he’s huge but this was not a major deal injury. Mahomes came back in what 4 weeks or so?
  11. Playing through some minor uncomfort was basically what Saleh told him he had to do. He made it this far, which was somewhat surprising. He either bounces back quickly and says he’s good or he doesn’t and the Jets have a decision to make.
  12. This happened with Gase too against the Broncos. The coaches think he’s full of sh*t. If they didn’t they would have pulled him from practice.
  13. Bectons the type of player who coaches roll their eyes at when he’s limping. I can tell you for a fact they didnt think he was hurt.
  14. And weight gain again. Flat circle
  15. Becton on the field is a liability anyways. Brown will at least stabilize things.
  16. The video is pathetic. He got bulldozed.
  17. so is this another tap out situation or did he get hurt/chopped up on a single play?
  18. Holding the ball moreso than running for his life there
  19. Maybe I’m being too critical and it’s tough to take away from a not full go scrimmage…but his overall command still seems shaky to me. Holding the ball too long.
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