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  1. When you don’t do conditioning in preseason, you get out of shape linemen.
  2. Matt39

    CJ Uzomah

    Wasn’t there a rumor he came to the Jets because Kay Adams lives in New York?
  3. Hunt strolling out of bounds twice was a major culprit too.
  4. https://deadline.com/2022/09/beverly-hills-cop-axel-foley-judge-reinhold-john-ashton-paul-reiser-bronson-pinchot-1235123847/amp/ oh hell yea
  5. Williams should be on the field more. The rotation is absurd.
  6. If it’s this and it’s a mental hurdle that he’s not good enough then hopefully the Jets are in the know, because then they really need to go QB next season.
  7. I mean if it was such a concern for Wilson that he was going to be asked to play so soon or whatever he could have easily returned to BYU for another year. With the second pick comes expectations to produce right away. The bus shouldn’t be waiting for him.
  8. We have the patience of a gnat because all of the QB’s we’ve had since Sanchez we held on to for too long. Sanchez is out of football. Geno has been a career backup and is leading the tank in Seattle (soon to be benched for Lock) Petty out of football, Hack out of football, Darnold terrible and trending towards out of the league and now Wilson whose resume is a bad rookie year and two knee injuries and the current one being indefinite. Quarterback at this current time is still a critical need for the Jets.
  9. We already knew by that point Fitz was much better than Geno though. They had already made the decision to move on from Geno once they drafted Hackenberg. Rehashing silly stuff here that doesn’t mean anything, but the Jets should draft more QB’s instead of kicking the can down the road when guys such as Sanchez, Geno, Petty, Hack, Darnold and maybe Wilson are clearly not the answer. The Jets if serious should be putting in endless hours studying the 2023 QB class.
  10. They knew Hackenberg was trash after his first practice. The Jets didn’t draft a QB there because their entire process has been wrong. The Cardinals are at least the team that did this right with Rosen and Kyler.
  11. The Jets have been wishy washy. Why do we always jump to conspiracy theory when people do their personal own attempt at reading through the lines. The 110% thing I’ve never heard before. The Jets have been vague about this from the beginning.
  12. Hopefully Reed can show him the ropes a little bit as he’s a sure tackler it looks like. Hard to believe a guy has gotten this far without knowing basic tackling principles. If he’s going to Cromartie/Asante it we better hope he knows how to jump the out route.
  13. I don’t doubt he’s going to play again. I think the overall flimsy communication has been due to multiple parties being involved here.
  14. ? Saleh has explicitly said both the teams and Wilson’s doctors have been involved. Maybe they’re on the same page, maybe not. We don’t know.
  15. I guess the next question should be- is it Wilson’s doctors or the Jets doctors who need to clear him?
  16. I enjoy seeing the Jets PR spin. But yeah Gardners effort/technique has bee awful. He tried to tackle Cooper with his head. Break down and wrap up in the open field.
  17. Did anyone ask him if the Jets best interior pass rusher should be on the field more or are we just gonna continue to trot out 97
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