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  1. I think this is a beggars can’t be choosers scenario
  2. What does becton net? A 6th?
  3. Smith is ahead of him already. Unless they keep 6.
  4. Probably should have taken his first two years in the league more seriously
  5. Im not actually sure. I receive it so I dont actually have one hooked up. I'd have to ask.
  6. It only impacts the TV that it’s connected to. The box just needs to be turned on not the actual Tv. It’s great if you don’t need the entire ticket.
  7. Sling box connects to your television. Give the people living in another city the credentials and you can stream their local channels.
  8. Reps are what Wilson needs. I dont see how this is a controversial statement. Stop arguing for the hell of it. Players get better in practice.
  9. The NFLPA shouldnt be defending Watson. The guy is a more popular Darren Sharper.
  10. Commenting on the scrimmage this weekend. Wilson should be getting 90% of the QB reps in live action where the QB cant be hit. Giving equal reps to Flacco and White makes zero sense.
  11. Doesnt Goodell have the final say regardless? Just suspend him for the year or indefinitely and revisit it then.
  12. Wilson and White shouldn’t be getting equal reps
  13. This makes no sense. Guys you know aren’t making the team shouldn’t be getting equal reps. What is this
  14. I think there’s more to the Ridley suspension that we may not know about. There were some clips from when played last year where it looked liked he may have been shaving points (which the NFL would do their best to hide ).
  15. From what I've seen based off of last year is the game never slowed down for him. He held the ball too long and didnt know where to go with it. His offense at BYU he basically played in a tuxedo. He could drop back 15 yards, wait 10 seconds for a guy to get open a throw a bomb. That doesnt work in the league. You have to make anticipatory throws and be able to play in traffic. I also think he has issues gripping the ball, which has led to the short passes being grounded in the dirt. His hand measurement came from his pro day as there was no combine in 2021. Mahomes has small hands too and a weird release as well so this is something he can get better at. Same with Rodgers. The NFL ball is bigger than college or whatever they were using in Utah. That said he has athletic talent. He has a good arm. He needs to use his legs more and take what's given to him as a scrambler. He needs to play a ton in preseason games imo. He's still basically a rookie in my eyes. Reps, reps, reps.
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