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  1. Pats are well coached. Jets can’t stop the short passes.
  2. It’s not my perogative. Merely speculation. My honest opinion is he’s going to take constant heat but twitter will operate normally for the long term. We can check in next month to see how it’s going.
  3. Like I said if he successfully kills Twitter I’ll only buy tesla and spacex for the rest of my life.
  4. If Musk is in fact screwing up (or intentionally sabotaging) then he’s a hero.
  5. we need more smart ppl Iike Liz Homes running things
  6. My guess when they peeled back the onion there was some funny business going on with the funding prior to Elon taking over. It definitely wasn’t operating on just advertising dollars.
  7. These meme works for every public figure maybe besides Goodell.
  8. Twitter going away for good would be a win for all humanity. However it likely doesn’t take 4,000 people or whatever it was to run a giant chat room.
  9. I like this reference. But I don’t think it applies here.
  10. I think it’s fair to speculate. FTX being the Trojan horse to usher in heavy regulation into crypto wouldn’t be too far fetched considering what has happened. And coming from someone who has no skin in the game here.
  11. His connections are pretty out in the open.
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