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  1. all gas no brake!! Oh wait the punter is too hurt to practice. This team man.
  2. This is straight from Dolans playbook. He’s not selling. Float this out there for blind hope.
  3. Sign with the Jets/get paid ——-> immediately get injured. Profit.
  4. From that passage this sounds just as political as it is strictly injury related. In other words, typical Jets.
  5. Can’t we get Fitzpatrick off the couch?
  6. You can be pro player empowerment or whatever the in phrase is now and still have high intensity practices with hitting and hold players accountable. You have to get guys ramped up to play and if injuries happen so be it. They’re going to happen regardless. I’m still confused about his preseason approach with such a young team. Maybe he’s not getting buy in from the handful of vets (most were free agents, which could be the issue). There’s also the wrinkle that ownership believes some players are more equal than others when it comes to playing time. It’s never just about football with the Johnsons. I’m still hopeful Saleh can navigate this if he’s truly all in on winning and not just talking. The latest receipts quip was blown out of proportion and Saleh comes off as a thoughtful speaker.
  7. "And here's a breakdown from Brian Baldi..." ill pass
  8. Matt39


    It’s certainly possible he’s matured over the last 6 years or so. He’s getting a nice opportunity now and played well last night. He wasn’t good in New York though.
  9. It’s Woody and money. Look at how the Knicks are run. It’s all favors.
  10. I’ve gotten flamed for bringing it up and I have no way of knowing if it’s true or not. But just knowing how the Johnsons have run this team, Wilson’s family being a major sponsor of the franchise you’d have to think could give him some leverage. Wilson comes from a big time family.
  11. My blind hope with Flacco was him going into the season knowing he was starting, being rejuvenated by some surrounding talent, and starting the year against his former team. I didn’t expect him to sleepwalk through Week 1. There’s no reason not to play White at this point unless it’s purely political.
  12. This is true. He was cordial throughout. He almost said it jokingly. Still has to realIze it will get blown out of proportion in writing.
  13. The good news is they play again this Sunday against a backup QB. If there’s a slogan the Jets could adopt, how about “no excuses”? I think we could all get behind that rallying cry.
  14. Obviously within the rules and in season practices will not match preseason/camp. But the Jets approach here is still way less intense than other teams and it seems to reflect in September performance where they are now 0-4 under Saleh.
  15. My thing with Saleh (and I’ve gone back and forth) is the sayings, slogans etc are disjointed with the actual action. Practices by all accounts have been short and not overly intense. This is a young team and both preseasons most starters or players expected to play barely played. Hell he pulled the team off the field last year against Philly because it was raining (maybe could have come in handy on Sunday). We found out via the Giants scrimmage that they don’t do conditioning (all gas no brake?). You can’t tell me the defense got gassed in the second half while we know the team didn’t do conditioning all preseason. Why the disconnect? I’m of the belief that for a young team looking to switch the culture or whatever that it starts at practice. 1.5 hour practices during the Summer is not going to get the team where it needs to be in September, there are no shortcuts. He also has been saying we’re looking for players who love football and not what football brings to them, and then we have to watch his weekly bleacher run with the cameras on? Come on bro. This is social media LinkedIn fake hustle. You’re not going to fool the older fans with this stuff. Getting more granular the Jets had some fire in the first half as they should have during a home opener on 9-11. But the second half was dead. No intensity and whatever dead cat bounce they got the 9 lives expired in the second half. Blame Flacco, but there’s a guy behind him who showed you something last year who the team responded to. If the QB is a Saleh decision then play White. If it’s above Saleh and Wilson is pulling some string with ownership that it’s all a waste of time anyways. Simply put- win some games please.
  16. Maybe he should have channeled this type of energy for week 1 then. The season has started.
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