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  1. The good news is they play again this Sunday against a backup QB. If there’s a slogan the Jets could adopt, how about “no excuses”? I think we could all get behind that rallying cry.
  2. Obviously within the rules and in season practices will not match preseason/camp. But the Jets approach here is still way less intense than other teams and it seems to reflect in September performance where they are now 0-4 under Saleh.
  3. My thing with Saleh (and I’ve gone back and forth) is the sayings, slogans etc are disjointed with the actual action. Practices by all accounts have been short and not overly intense. This is a young team and both preseasons most starters or players expected to play barely played. Hell he pulled the team off the field last year against Philly because it was raining (maybe could have come in handy on Sunday). We found out via the Giants scrimmage that they don’t do conditioning (all gas no brake?). You can’t tell me the defense got gassed in the second half while we know the team didn’t do conditioning all preseason. Why the disconnect? I’m of the belief that for a young team looking to switch the culture or whatever that it starts at practice. 1.5 hour practices during the Summer is not going to get the team where it needs to be in September, there are no shortcuts. He also has been saying we’re looking for players who love football and not what football brings to them, and then we have to watch his weekly bleacher run with the cameras on? Come on bro. This is social media LinkedIn fake hustle. You’re not going to fool the older fans with this stuff. Getting more granular the Jets had some fire in the first half as they should have during a home opener on 9-11. But the second half was dead. No intensity and whatever dead cat bounce they got the 9 lives expired in the second half. Blame Flacco, but there’s a guy behind him who showed you something last year who the team responded to. If the QB is a Saleh decision then play White. If it’s above Saleh and Wilson is pulling some string with ownership that it’s all a waste of time anyways. Simply put- win some games please.
  4. Maybe he should have channeled this type of energy for week 1 then. The season has started.
  5. Mike White is the wildcard here. If the goal is winning he should play. Flacco coming out uninterested against his former team- it’s not going to get better from here.
  6. Wilson being away from the team during the game is certainly eye opening. Besides that I think Saleh let the curtain down a bit here.
  7. In what way? Going after the fans after laying an egg week 1 home opener on 9-11 of all days doesn’t seem to indicate inner turmoil.
  8. I’m saying this a political landmine and it’s a collective decision between ownership, Douglas etc
  9. That type of answer indicates this decision is being made by people other than him.
  10. I think Baltimore would probably disagree with that. The other guys get paid too.
  11. I’m not sure if this receipts line is a motivating tool or an attempt to be the victim in all of this. It’s actually the fans fault we’re not winning, we actually didn’t get beat etc etc.
  12. The MetLife turf has been a point of contention for a while. It being an outside revenue stream for a couple of billionaires isn’t an excuse to not get it fixed if you’re a fan of the football team.
  13. There were plenty of Jets personnel in NYPD and FDNY apparel.
  14. We should all be happy that the Johnsons and Maras get that sweet Taylor Swift concert money.
  15. Why should I care about their money when I’m a fan first?
  16. The losing vs getting beat line is some pathetic gaslighting. Like for real buddy?
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