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  1. I buy it. Why not? Patriots' offensive weapons suck. If the Jets stick to their assignments, they should slow down the Patriots' offensive considerably. If the Jets turn the ball over once maximum, they can absolutely win this game. Jets have better offensive skill players and a better defense. If Geno doesn't turn the ball over, he limits the difference between him and Brady and this is definitely a winnable game. Patriots went into this season thinking Hernandez, Amendola, Gronkowski, Ridley and Vereen would be the main ones carrying the load offensively. Ridley is the only one that's l
  2. You're such a homer. I hope the Jets bring in a Nova guy or two into camp. Probably nobody draft-worthy though. I took Ventrone as the Chargers in a 7 round mock draft I just did, but that was just because I didn't feel like looking up 7th round prospects.
  3. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/12/10-worst-losses-of-decade.html I admit, this list could be changed on Sunday if the Jets fail to beat the Bengals. It would be technically the new year, but it's still this season, so it would have to be on here. This is a completely subjective list based on how important the game is, how devastating the loss was, and a whole other group of factors that I can't really explain. Just take it for what it is, and if you disagree, send some comments with your choices and relive the heartbreak that has defined being a Jets fan for so long. 10. De
  4. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/10/mar...y-pass-vs.html Only 15 passes in this one, so I didn't do as much quick cutting. The hot dog scene is at the end. And if you missed the Buffalo video, here's the link. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/10/chr...ass-vs_27.html www.jetsdaily.com has all the videos on the sidebar. Enjoy!
  5. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/10/chronicling-mark-sanchez-every-pass-vs_27.html Enjoy! The Oakland video will be up later this week. Sorry for the delay.
  6. Remember, Ellis was suspended and DeVito was banged up that game, so Pitoitua's presence was needed. He is huge, and they obviously want to keep him around more than Green.
  7. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/10/week-5-mark-sanchez-tracker-every-pass.html Enjoy! Now I can finally go to bed... It might not play right away because it's still processing, but by the time normal people wake up, it should be fine.
  8. We were down 17-0 before we kicked a FG before halftime.
  9. Bump. I figured this would get buried after the Edwards trade, and I know a lot of you want to watch this. I have great timing making these videos. Last week, I did it late Saturday night. This week, I do it at midnight the night before the Jets make the biggest trade they've made...in like 14 months. Re-watch the Stuckey plays, and tell me Braylon won't make a difference. Now that we got him, it'll be interesting to see the difference in the passing offense.
  10. http://www.jetsdaily.com/2009/10/chronicling-mark-sanchez-week-5-vs-new.html Enjoy! Very happy I got it uploaded earlier this week after last week caused me some trouble. Of course, this week might not be as enjoyable.
  11. Strange... Works fine for me and for most people I've talked to. That's the direct YouTube link. I'd rather direct traffic to my blog than to YouTube, so I don't post it, but maybe that will work better?
  12. Me, too. When I made the pick, I didn't think Bowe was playing. It's looking like he might now, and that tempers my enthusiasm, but if he's out, I don't see how the Chiefs score, even if the Giants are a little tired.
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