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  1. Dude does not break tackles. Would be lucky to make the team this year.
  2. 1 year 6 mill. Take it or leave it. Jets do need a RB. Injured hall and 3 jags is not a good group.
  3. Like I said about Elijah a week ago, I highly doubt Mims makes this team. Forget off the field for a sec, Mims isn’t a reliable receiver. Route running is not good. Overall just Not a smart disciplined player.
  4. What’s going on with Jeremy Ruckert? Were the jets disappointed in his development last year? Will he get a chance to start this year? Conklin/CJ are jags, imo.
  5. Is Elijah really all that talented? His speed, quickness and strength were never eye opening. Solid in all categories for sure but nothing notable. showed zero ability on 50/50 jump balls. Never did anything on reverses. Inconsistent route running. Bad attitude. Had some drops, as well. I don’t see him as anything more than a 900 yard receiver.
  6. Jets needed a vertical threat. More of a role player than anything. But an important role. Could turn out to be a steal. He’s also playing for a contract.
  7. The exact type the Jets need. Stop spending money on your top 5 defense and load up on offense. It’s not the 90s anymore. Offense wins championships.
  8. I’ll be surprised if he is in this team by week 1. Sloppy route runner/mistake prone overall. Not the kind of guy Rodgers wants to deal with.
  9. Brah, c’mon. Lazard has never sniffed being a legit #2 in his career. He’s a great role player though. Gives the jets a big body red zone WR.
  10. Yep. Right now its Garrett and a bunch of #4 receivers. And 2 tight ends who dont get separation. Not good.
  11. If we don’t pick up another receiver in free agency, the jets should consider one at 13.
  12. Ya ya all these prospects will be here in x years and not disappoint lol. Heard that before. Yanks are a win now team, as well.
  13. Yup. And benintendi can run too. most of the Yankees from last year were slow besides IKF. Also, why trade 3-4 prospects for him and let him walk to a 15 mill contract elsewhere? Huge mistake.
  14. Jets need a legit RB. Breece Hall is a question mark.
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