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  1. We all know this but here's the thing..... Just win games and nobody will care.
  2. Exactly. The Jetsy thing to do would have been the McCarthy hire.
  3. Barton

    Press Conference

    Refreshing to see he is awkward as hell at the press conferences. Dude is probably an eat sleep football coach.
  4. Barton

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Dude has the crazy eyes thing going. I respect that.
  5. Rhule might do a nice job - nobody knows. If he can provide the leadership and hire a talented OC/DC, this team may be something.
  6. McCarthy to sit out a year........after he has an interview with the Browns in 3 days. Report seems odd. I agree.
  7. Bosa will be there at #2. At #3? Not sure.
  8. Wonder if Arizona would take our 3rd and 4th rd pick to slide down 2 spots.....maybe if nobody else wanted the #1 pick
  9. Barton

    Jets to interview Mccarthy

    Jets have a 100 mill in a cap room, a franchise QB and the #3 pick in the draft. Ronald McDonald could be the GM and they would still be a hot spot.
  10. Barton

    Jets to interview Mccarthy

    Jets fans are now jumping over the ledge because they no longer have to jump over the ledge !!!
  11. He did so well in 2017 with a terrible cast that Bowles probably felt he was a threat to his job lol.
  12. Trade the whole draft for Bosa. Ditka style.
  13. Barton

    Awkward situations support group thread

    Tom, you're the f'ing man. You are hilarious. From now on, just go for w/e you are thinking. Dont look back in a few years and go woulda coulda. YOU ARE THE MAN! F it !

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