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  1. I like Sam's. He's been set up to fail by this franchise. Josh Allen, Mayfield, Lamar Jackson - they would all look like sh## on this team the past 3 years. That being said, the Jets would be crazy to pass on Trevor Lawrence.
  2. Media a##holes like this make matters worse for the Jets. STFU, Greenberg.
  3. Sams strength - making plays on the move, outside the pocket. Gase - designs all plays to keep Sam in the pocket.
  4. The Jets franchise is the real bust.
  5. .....You are kidding right? Past 2 games are prime examples of Jets offense playing not to lose. This team never throws the ball around consistently over 5 yards, it's f'ing painful to watch.
  6. Seems like the Jets offense never plays to win. They play overly conservative/not to lose. Been this way for the last 20 years, aside from maybe 1 or 2 seasons. At some point we have to let the QB throw the ball around and if he throws a few picks, so be it.
  7. Becton looks good so far. All he has to do is not eat himself out of the league. However, watching Baldy's videos showed you how scared Darnold is of getting hit. He's acting like he's about to get smashed when there's nobody even in his face. Bad news.
  8. Trading Jamal was a long term move. Yes, the D this year wont be as good without him. That wasnt the point of the trade.
  9. What scares me about Darnold is he doesnt look comfortable in the pocket. I dont see a guy who stands back there, lets his balls hang low, and delivers the ball accurately while knowing he's about to get smacked in the face. This is where Gase needs to design the offense around Sam's strengths - his athleticism and ability to throw on the run and minimize his weaknesses (staying in the pocket snap after snap). Instead we are getting nothing of the sort. Just Sam in the pocket with happy feet all game long. If you put Darnold on the Chiefs/with Andy Reid, he'd be looking just fine, in my opinion. Gase's system is a bad fit for Sam, I believe.
  10. It truly does not matter who is the QB of this team when the COACHING and the ROSTER is this f'ing bad.
  11. If you can get him for a 2nd and a 4th rd pick, then do it.
  12. Looked pretty athletic for a big man. Was bending low pretty good too.
  13. Yup. 1000%. Darnold is essentially set up to fail.
  14. I think most would agree with this..... Sam may or may not be the answer at QB, but Gase thus far has not helped him at all. If anything, his playcalling AND his system has been a terrible fit for Darnold and has impeded his progress. Sam's strength is making plays on the move. Does Gase call plays to Sam's strength? Nope. He also has nobody to throw the ball to on the outside. It's ugly watching this offense.

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