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  1. Cashman has no clue how to build a baseball team. Another guy who strikes out a million times and is terrible with RISP?? WTF?!
  2. Probably not a home run hitter (looks kinda slow after 10 yards) but a good overall back.
  3. Does anyone even like Aaron Rodgers? Guy is a D-nozzle.
  4. He's a safety who doesnt create turnovers...... no reason to pay him big $$
  5. This team is atrocious. And here's why - they should be in first place. Again this team has ZERO fundamentals. Voit jogs to first base tonight on his triple. Why are you watching the ball? RUN YOUR A##. DJ cant pick an easy ball at first base on Wades throw. Wade holds on to the ball while a guy is running home in a tie game. IN A TIE effing game no less. To top it off, Torres doesnt run to first base on a called 3rd strike passed ball in the 9th inning. F this team. Done watching. No chance this team wins anything unless major changes are made.
  6. Barton

    Fire Aaron Boone

    Cashman is not a good baseball man. Period.
  7. Obviously we dont need Crowder. Not worth the $$. Just sign Breshad Perriman, right Joe D? Crowder better be on this team. The current WR corps has done almost nothing in the NFL.
  8. 2 guys who have never done anything. Crowder needs to stay on this team.
  9. How can the Jets not sign this guy, thats the real question. Oline sucked last year and all they've done is add a rookie left guard.
  10. You arent exagerrating. It's actually hard to believe how poorly the Yankees run the bases. Never seen anything this bad from a major league team. And this is not a team of rookies, either. Yankees hired Boone because he would take orders and be good with the media. That's it. He's not a real manager. Cashman doesnt know D### about baseball.
  11. Boone and Cashman need to go. Red Sox and Rays are much better organizations right now. They use analytics but play old school, move the runners over, situational hitting type baseball. Yankees do not. They also lack basic fundamentals. Like a team that doesnt even practice.
  12. The good news is, he will be off his feet for the next few weeks - allowing him to more effectively lose weight.
  13. Got in shape for the combine, then got fat. Nice.
  14. WTF are the Yankees doing exactly? Gardner, Odor, Sanchez? These guys suck - hard. If Stanton cant even play the outfield, why didnt we just sign JD Martinez (who's 3x the hitter Stanton is)? Play him in leftfield or get rid of him. I'm telling you, this team is a hodge podge cluster of nonsense. And Gleyber cant play shortstop. Yankees have literally the worst defensive infield up the middle in he entire league when it's Sanchez, Odor and Gleyber starting. There;s no chance in hell this current roster, infield defense and lineup wins the world series. None. Get some .300 con
  15. This is the kind of move to put this Oline over the top. Oline is still medicore right now IMO. This would be like when we added Pete Kendall back in 2004 and the offense took off.
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