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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Agreed. Dude is risking an injury behind that Oline + enough polish to be a top 10 pick.
  2. Phil Jackson picked some pretty good players huh. Too bad Dolan the idiot ran him out of town.
  3. Joe Girardi

    Cashman better have an ace up his sleeve because now he is really sticking his neck out there.
  4. Joe Girardi

    This team played hard. They never gave up. These guys cared about each other. That reflects on their manager.
  5. Joe Girardi

    BTW, is Cashman really a better GM than Girardi is a manager? I dont think so. Cashmans great because he finally led a farm system to produce after 20 years of almost no production??
  6. Joe Girardi

    What exactly is Girardi being let go for? Leading the team to over-achieve this year?? I dont get it.
  7. Joe Girardi

    Bro, Holliday looked like crap for the past 3 months. At least Ellsbury hit what, .330 in September? and Headley hit about what, .315 in the 2nd half?
  8. Joe Girardi

    Headley hit about .400 in the ALCS....... Girardi should have been kept. You dont let go of a good manager, ever.
  9. Darron Lee per PFF

    We can go back and forth all week. But I like the way Lee has progressed. He showed positives as a rookie. Those other 2 guys never really did AND they lacked great athleticism.
  10. Darron Lee per PFF

    You are comparing safeties to linebackers.
  11. Darron Lee per PFF

    Look beneath his "struggles" last season. The guys in front of him werent doing their job, for one. And alot of his mistakes were just based on inexperience (over-pursuing, taking the wrong gap to make the tackle etc). He was still making plays horizontally and ANYONE who complained about his coverage flaws was making a mistake. On most of the receptions he gave up, he was RIGHT THERE covering the guy. Now he's improved in every aspect this season. I dont know how good his downhill run stuffing game will ever be. But the Jets would be wise to get some legit nose tackles in front of him. If they do that, and let him run around, he'll easily be the best Jets linebacker in years.
  12. Darron Lee per PFF

    Lee is going to be a VERY good player. To me, it was obvious in watching him last season.
  13. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    This lineup struggled all year to be consistent. A very good contact hitter who hits for a high average and OBP needs to either show up from the minors or be acquired via trade, as the lineup is FAR too swing happy. This player does not need to have power. It's a plus if he does but not a necessity.
  14. Watching a 38 yr old journeyman at QB, despite his solid play, has made the games almost pointless to watch. We are gonna go through rest of the season and STILL have no idea if Patty or Hackenberg can be counted on towards next season.
  15. Joe Girardi

    He's done a great job, overall. But tonight he really did lose them the game. Terrible.