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  1. I'd rather he say that than Saleh who blamed the players and offensive coordinator for the offenses bad performances.
  2. He's definitely trying to do those stupid fade-away throws for no reason while he has a clean pocket, a la Aaron Rodgers. Ask yourself, Zach. Who is more accurate, Brady or Rodgers? Who has more rings? Be more like Brady. Stand tall and firm in the pocket and deliver the ball.
  3. Rhodes decided he wanted to stop tackling. He has nobody to blame but himself.
  4. We will see how Saleh works out but it seems like the guy has zero input on the offense and developing Wilson. He essentially said upon hiring "LaFleur is my guy and I'm giving him the keys to the offense". This is really not good. I dont think alot of fans realized it. This is not how you run a team. You are the head coach. It is YOUR offense.
  5. Why would Boone do that? He knows no other team would hire him to be a manager.
  6. Boone is not a leader and the players dont respond to him. Team has zero energy and accountability. Teams take on the personality of their managers. At best Boone can win a WS like Dave Roberts (the talent on the team carries them despite the managers short-comings). The real problem is Cashman. He has to go. We can go on and on about his poorly constructed pitching staffs and 1 dimensional offenses the last 20 years. The fact that he's still the GM while the Red Sox have won, torn it down and won again about 4 times, with multiple GM's - tells you everything you need to know about Hal --
  7. He's done well but who has he really played against?
  8. The only issue I have with JD so far is he failed to get Wilson a real supporting cast of receivers/tight ends for this season. That was inexcusable. This should have been accomplished in free agency/trade market. So far his drafts have been OK. But it's too soon to judge.
  9. The idea of playing Moore on the outside is laughable. Jets have NO IDEA what they are doing.
  10. Good point. Not sure how it always works with those picks though, like you said.
  11. Nobody is giving up a 2nd rd pick for him, IMO. I would take a 3rd w/o thinking about it. A 4th and a 6th might be in line.
  12. Dude, cmon. Griffin and Kroft wouldnt crack the roster on most of the playoff teams.
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