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  1. Anyone else think Bowles face looks like the marshmallow man from ghostbusters?
  2. Good cover job by Jamal on this one. Odds are he will probably tell the FO behind doors to can Bowles.
  3. Well, if that happens, I will be disappointed as well.
  4. It was a cover up to get the kid on the sidelines and learn, w/o the drama of a benching. I think he'll come back and finish the season on a solid note. We shall see. But the important thing is this - just keep Darnold healthy here on out and hire a competent new coaching staff for year 2. If any of this fractured Darnold, then he wasnt the guy anyways. I think he'll be fine as long as we get the right coaching in here next year.
  5. Cmon, Matt. I dont like Bowles either but if he names him the starter next week, 5 mins after they just lost, he would look like an even bigger retard than he already is.
  6. Did you want Darnold to start week 1? I hear what you are saying. Jets have not done a good job for Darnold. But lets not jump over the ledge here. Darnold has shown flashes, had an injury, Jets sat him for an extra week. Lets see how the next 4 games play out.
  7. Meant to say so he would NOT lose face. In the grand scheme of things, it really wont matter that Darnold sat the past 2 or 3 weeks, in my opinion. The oline was doing a terrible job for him, the foot injury was likely significant enough to rest him for 1 week, he wasnt playing well etc etc If he's not out there next week, then i think there is a story. JMO
  8. I want Bowles gone but I dont have a problem sitting Darnold the past 2 weeks. Not to mention, you guys are kidding yourselves if you think its just Bowles making that call. And you guys realize the team was essentially benching him but blamed the injury so he would lose face, right? They wanted him to take a step back and observe some. He'll be out there next week.
  9. Barton

    SNY Postgame WOW

    For sure. Klecko was good too, a few years ago. Westhoff was great (Jets should have made him the HC years ago).
  10. Barton

    SNY Postgame WOW

    Love how players say penalties arent on the coaches. If they really believe that, they arent smart. Interesting that the greatest NFL coaches never even played in the NFL.
  11. Barton

    SNY Postgame WOW

    Cascadden actually dropped an F'bomb on the postgame show when answering the question from twitter. Very subtle, kinda mumbled it. haha
  12. Barton

    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    Interesting. But whats the price difference between the 8th and lets say, the 20th?
  13. Barton

    Jets OL 5th highest paid, ranks 24th

    Jets have the worst tackle tandem in the NFL. all the money is tied into the interior Oline, so this is alittle misleading. I'm willing to bet the tackle tandem is 1 of the lowest paid in the NFL.
  14. Real franchises dont change their logos multiple times.

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