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  1. Wasnt a great tackler?? Did you only watch him after his concussion?
  2. Who would have thought that a RB who likes to pause in the backfield would struggle behind a bad offensive line, a 2nd year QB and no receiving threats on the outside??
  3. Helmet is missing something. It's like they are trying to keep it simple, which is usually good for a helmet, but they just completely missed on the design. The jerseys are terrible. Angular stripe, cheesy numbering etc. Not even a wing or airplane anywhere? At least make the stripes look like a plane or something. The 1963 original helmet from this franchise should have been the model. Update the shape of the plane, perhaps.
  4. Jets have a poor run blocking Oline AND average wide receivers. Pretty bad combo for a RB. Remember how the Jets offense was in 2009 before they traded for Braylon Edwards? Once they got him, the opposing defenses couldnt stack the box as often and the running game took off. However, this Jets team doesnt have the Oline talent of the 2009 Jets, so we are kinda screwed this year anyways. All that being said, Bell is a solid back but nothing special. If you get a 2nd rd pick for him, you do it and move on.
  5. Cashman recently praised the 2019 season that Gary Sanchez had. Said he had a "great" year. The guy hit .231 with a .313 OBP. Hope he's boosting his trade value but based on what I have seen from Cashman, he's probably not here.
  6. We were a hideous off tackle play call, ran by a currently out of the league running back in Elijah McGuire, on 4th down at the goal line no less, from having Nick Bosa on this team. Q looks like a JAG.
  7. Kap has shown his true colors. He's not serious about getting back into the NFL. He cant even be a professional on the day of his workout.
  8. Too bad this game didnt happen 3 weeks ago. Sell high, baby.
  9. The offense struggling is expected. But they cant even get a damn first down. It's beyond bad.
  10. Yankees will likely re-sign Gardner, 1 of the worst batters w/RISP I have ever seen, 1 of the worst postseason hitters in Yankee history, for likely another 7-10million. They are going to be allocating 50 million in payroll to Stanton, who they never needed, Ellsbury, who they never needed, and now Gardner. Dont even get me started on Aaron Hicks. This kind of payroll allocation is a big reason why the Yankees havent won anything in the past 10 years. Outfielders are a dime a dozen. Not to mention we have Frazier and Tauchman on the roster ready to go.
  11. How can we take the Yankees seriously anymore if they dont step up and sign this guy? It's inexcusable. Are the Yankees really gonna say we cant give him 35 million a year while they pay Ellsbury and Stanton over 40 million? Does Cashman once again lack the foresight and intelligence to know you need elite starting pitching AND a deep rotation to increase your chances of winning the World Series? How many more decades are we gonna give Cashman a pass for not acquiring aces, either via trade or free agency?
  12. Teams now know you have to actually try to block him.

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