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  1. Would be nice to have an announcer who doesnt try so hard, knows the game and just calls it simply. The over-excitement on every semi-big play is too much sometimes.
  2. This WR corps and offensive cast is so bad its laughable. Are we really gonna throw Darnold into the fire again with George frickin Fant and a rookie left tackle, to pair with a former 1st rd bust and a 2nd rd unproven player on the outside at WR?? Good lord.
  3. Tells you alot about what Douglas thinks of the lockerroom and the need for more high character leaders.
  4. WR corps is a bunch of question marks and Jamison Crowder. Completely setting Darnold up to fail unless Douglas goes out and gets a legit veteran.
  5. Easily the fastest white guy I have ever seen on the defensive side. That being said, not sure he's really a ballhawk. Only had 2 ints.
  6. Douglas needs to trade for a legit #1 receiver before the season.
  7. Jesus Christ help us if Douglas thinks Perriman is going to be a stud WR. Honestly. Some of the comments in this thread crack me up. Berrios? Vincynt Smith? These guys are dime a dozen fringe roster players. Guys, right now Darnold is gonna drop back with a rookie LT, a reject RT from the seahawks, and he's gonna scan the field looking for a receiver to get open, with Crowder being THE ONLY proven NFL receiver on this roster who can get open consistently. The current WR corps is so bad/unproven, it's comical. The Oline might not be much better either.
  8. Our current WR/TE corps is unproven/bunch of #3 receivers. On paper right now, might be the worst receiving corps in the league. Douglas better get a legit #1ish proven NFL receiver on this team or he's just setting Darnold up to fail.
  9. Every year the #1 DT prospect in the draft is called "one of the best DT prospects in years". Watching Williams last year and even his college highlights, he didnt impress me. Small frame. Showed OK quickness but nothing that makes him jump off the screen. Might end up being a good player but probably not a game changer. There's maybe 4 or 5 game changers who play defensive tackle in the entire league.
  10. I think he means guys with great measurables but not the cleanest play/track record in college. Vernon Gholston, Stephen Hill, Kyle Wilson etc. Bechton should at least be a good player somewhere on the Oline, as long as he stays in shape. Maybe its guard eventually, who knows.
  11. Not convinced this team has a LT. if Ezra Cleveland is good, take him. WRs or TE in consideration.
  12. Agreed. This Oline still needs alot of work. If Ezra Cleveland is a supposed good LT prospect, take him in rd 2.

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