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  1. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    What is Gardners career postseasons batting average? .195? This guy cannot be a starter anymore, Jesus.
  2. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    Clint Frazier was hitting .285 and .380 with RISP and the Yankees traded for a .225 hitter has-been in Encarnacion, sending Frazier down to the minors. Can almost guarantee the Yankees wont get an ace this offseason either. Probably wont even give Cole an offer. Cashman will spin it by saying Severino and German are back next year. Somehow, our GM doesnt understand you need an elite ace and that every year at least 1 or 2 starting pitchers will go on IR. Instead we'll throw money at a position player, maybe Didi, who we can easily let walk and replace with Tyler Wade who makes about 400k. Instead of throwing money at an ace, we'll give it to Stanton, Didi, Ellsbury and a guy who pitches in the 7th inning. This offseason will be telling. Yanks might blow this window if they dont do the right things.
  3. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    What makes you think it will be fixed? Cashmans been building flawed teams like this for the last 15+ years. Never gives up prospects for an ace via trade, trades for or signs flawed hitters etc.
  4. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    They treat this guy like he's a damn child. He's been atrocious for 2 years now. The guy hit .230 this year and has no 2 strike approach.
  5. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    I'd also like to note that Gary Sanchez doesnt even have his head in the game right now. His at bats are worse than Arods when he was invisible in the mid-2000's playoff runs. At least you could say Arod was a HOF player - who the F is gary sanchez anyways? This guy wont even be on the team in 2 years. Bench his a$$ or put a hot metal prod on it. Unbearable to watch.
  6. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    After the first inning, Verlander essentially pitched a perfect game. Not really confident we will score runs tonight. Mike Ford hit about .330 with a .420 obp and big hits the last month or so of the season, and the guy cant even get put on the roster. Yankees never seem to make the right calls and instead placate to the big name/big salaried guy who is struggling. Play the hot bat. Are we trying to win games here or go home feeling good we gave guys a pat on the back?
  7. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    He hasnt acquired a real ace since 2008 via a free agent CC. He consistently neglects the starting rotation and tells us every offseason how the bullpen and lineup are so great. And then he prospect hugs on the trade market. Guy is clueless.
  8. Barton

    Let's go Yankees

    Man, this is tough to watch. Feels like game 3. Offense cant get going and just a matter of time until the Astros tack on a few more runs.
  9. Talk to me when a Jets O-tackle shows up all year long.
  10. If you were Chad and you knew Mawae said that, would you go to his HOF ceremony? Prob wasnt even invited by Kevin.
  11. I dont think Pennington was at his HOF ceremony. Maybe he's the guy who said "he's like an egg back there".
  12. Yup. If a team offers Bell for a 1st rd pick, you should probably take it - especially if thats lined up to be a top 20/25 pick. Jets need to do this right. If you're gonna do a firesale, go big.
  13. Sam wearing special protective padding. Sounds legit. Jesus.
  14. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    Gary Sanchez may run into a homer here and there but he has to be one of the dumbest hitters I have ever seen on the Yankees. His at bats last night were disgusting.

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