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  1. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    Yankees demote Frazier to the minors. Guy is 1 of the best hitters on the team this year. Make him the DH.
  2. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    Amazing how Cashman continually lacks the foresight to enter a season with more than 5 starting pitchers.
  3. And with your 7th rd pick, the Jets select Blessuans wheelchair.
  4. Unless he's an all-pro, it's just a boring non-impact pick.
  5. Next years first for Clark? Would you do it? Odds are its prob not a top 12 pick we'll have next year. This prob at least a 7 win team.
  6. Like RSJ said, every time I see Allen getting to the QB, it's the same style each time. That worries me. I'd actually trade up for Bosa, if we could. Either that or trade down and get Oline help.
  7. Bosa is a sure thing pass rusher. Other guys just arent.
  8. Dont see what's so great about Q Williams anyways, in terms of get off. Ed Oliver seems explosive though.
  9. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    This team is just hard to watch. Something is just off. I dont see Boone being a leader, as well.
  10. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    Sanchez HRs were just luck. He's garbage. If the reports are true that the Yankees didnt trade for Noah Syndergaard because the Mets wanted Andujar and Sanchez, then Cashman is a f'ing idiot.
  11. Rosen cannot sense the pass rush and has zero mobility. At best he becomes a borderline top 10ish QB.
  12. Barton

    2019 Yankees

    Cant ignore the warning signs anymore. This team lack fundamentals last year and its the same nonsense again this year. Boone is in over his head. Yanks need to make a move with a new manager or they are gonna blow this window of opportunity.
  13. Jerseys are ok. Generic but ok. Cant believe the helmet and logos is just so bleh. Like something made from clip art.
  14. Its like they couldnt think of a fresh logo so they said just put "Jets" and a little football next to it. Holy sh##.

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