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  1. Cashman should have done this in the offseason. The guy has ZERO foresight. Same reason why the starting pitching is always a weakness on this team.
  2. I think Sperm and Bit are right. Douglas probably thinks the Oline just needs 1 pick in the first 3 or 4 rounds and not 2. I think Douglas is wrong, obviously.
  3. Of course they are. Look who the manager is.
  4. There's a log jam/square pegs with round holes in this infield. Guys have to be traded and proper pieces have to be brought in. Period. End of story.
  5. Like I said before the season, this is the same FLAWED lineup and patchwork pitching staff from years past. We also have the worst defensive infield in baseball. Cashman absolutely HAS TO consider trading some good parts from this team in order to have a more COMPLETE team. This current roster will be one and done in the playoffs - like always. Gleyber can be on the trade block, ditto Luke Voit. If anyone is willing to take Stanton, he is also available. Frazier, who I like, can be on the block too. Same for Judge. Do whatever is necessary to get Whitt Merifield, a competent c
  6. Hey Barton are you the guy who plays guitar and sings?

  7. Are some of you guys crazy? We just watched Darnold fail partly because he lacked protection AND weapons......and you want to use a 1st rd pick on a corner? How about this? All offense the first 3 rds.
  8. F this team if they go corner at 23. We need to surround Zack with talent and make him successful. Add a WR or take Creed Humphrey/O-lineman.
  9. Carson Palmer was a 1 year wonder. Burrow looked pretty good last year too.
  10. Pretty bad offensive cast of players btw. Douglas should consider trading draft picks for proven NFL talent. We need to do what the Bills did for Allen and what the Browns did for Mayfield. Weapons upon weapons and studs on the Oline - on day 1. Period.
  11. Whats the word on them taking an offensive tackle in the first 2 rds? Are they seriously OK with Fant at RT? Thi
  12. Brah, the guy had trouble catching balls from Kluber. Cmon now.
  13. Aaron Hicks is batting 3rd, folks. The guy is like a .240 hitter, also one of the worst hitters on the team with RISP. How is he batting 3rd? It's things like this that make me question the Yankees decision makers. And OBTW, Tauchman is a better player than Hicks.
  14. Gary is not a catcher. He just isnt. He's gonna cost this team runs every week, he's that bad behind the plate.
  15. How many TDs did he give up from 2008 through 2012? 4? I dont recall anyone really throwing at him more in 11' and 12' than 09 or 10'. Maybe they did by a fraction, I dont know. Revis literally took whoever he was covering out of the game. It was unreal. We might never see it again. Your question is interesting. I dont have the answer in terms of analytics. But lets also consider the value that Revis allowed his defensive coordinator to blitz more or shift coverages to cover deficiences in other players/units on the defense. Barber was more part of the scheme he played in. Rev
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