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  1. Im guessing he's gonna get paid more than that, unfort.
  2. Ulbrich so far is an effing disaster. I have never seen a Jets defense so clueless as last year. Not even close.
  3. Mostly because his throws were terrible.
  4. Current uni's really are the worst in the league. It was so Jetsy to build it up as a groundbreaking new uni that would wow people and then once it drops everyone is like Jesus, this is s###.
  5. I like Sauce but his persona thing is so high schoolish. Revis, Richard Sherman, Champ Bailey - they didnt act like that. I guess Deion did but w/e. May not make a difference. Just hoping he doesnt have a maturity issue.
  6. These swings by Gallo and Hicks are laughingly bad. They both need to go. Cashman needs to make a move ASAP. You cant have 2 of your starting outfielders hitting .180 and expect this team to finish in 1st place. There has to be something in the minors available or via trade.
  7. Adujar cant play 3rd base. Just cant. He's atrocious. Now if you want to put Andujar in LF over Gallo? Sure. But also be prepared for Andujar to make mistakes out there too.
  8. So obvious that Wilson shouldnt have been our week 1 starter last year. Incompetence by the FO/coaching staff.
  9. Jets are Mekhi Becton tummy ache away from Conner McDermott protecting Zach Wilson. Cant have that. Gotta pick up a veteran tackle stat.
  10. He's not a smart linebacker like Mosley, IMO. Got caught up in traffic so many times, letting up huge gains. Might be best to put him as an edge rusher in a 3-4 and have him pin his ears back
  11. Nothing wrong with cutting Aaron Hicks. Cant hit. Hasnt hit for years. Jogged towards a base hit in left field a couple weeks ago, guy scored from first base. Lazy throw to 2nd base today, so the runner tagged. Dude sucks.
  12. I wasnt all that pumped up about the Jermaine pick. Looks like he could be a solid player for sure but not a game changer.
  13. Not to be a debbie downer because this team is winning games but the pitching being this dominant all year wont continue. Its not realistic. My point? Lineup is not consistent. Need to replace Hicks/Gallo with high end contact hitters who can also get on base at a decent clip.
  14. Unfortunately, I think he's right. LaFLeur might be talented though and on the right track.
  15. Jesus. How the F do they give us a schedule like this in the first half?
  16. If the Jets/Wilson have a really good offensive year and LaFleur starts getting head coach interest....... Jets would be in a tough spot. How do you let him leave? Gotta keep him and consider dumping Saleh.
  17. We need Oline. We are a Becton bag of doritoes video game binge away froma 4th rd pick jumbo sized TE protecting Zach.
  18. Wilson threw alotttt of ugly balls last year. Big factor in the WR drops stat IMO.
  19. Looks like a nice long term pick and a classic redshirt rookie year guy. Currently looks like a big tight end.
  20. Seeing him in interviews, he seems to be pretty smart. Good trait for a receiver.
  21. You might be right. I believe Bectons mom, during his rookie year, was criticizing the team for letting Becton play during some kind of injury situation.
  22. Will this be the year that Jerricho Cotchery becomes a household name? CiminI: Maybe in the Cotchery household.
  23. Anyone else see him mock the Ukrainain woman on stage who had her fist in the air? Dude is a child.
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