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  1. There's no doubt Thibs has a great 1st step. Bend is decent too. But the film also doesnt lie. His motor is not very good. Strikes me as a guy who at best has a mario williams/leonard williams like career with 1 or 2 really great years (so he gets a big 2nd contract) and then just ehh for the rest.
  2. Trade #10 for Deebo and then piss on the world and draft London at #4!
  3. Wanna draft another Marcus Maye? I wouldnt. We need guys who score TDs, protect Zach or sack the QB. JMO.
  4. Yea lets waste a top 40 pick on 1 of the least important positions in football.
  5. Because he cant catch a break ball. And he's a catcher. Also couldnt frame pitches, block balls in the dirt or catch high fastballs over 96mph.
  6. IKF is hitting .280 - easily one of the best players so far on the team. Wish we had another guy like him who just focuses on hitting some singles and making contact.
  7. Gary was hot garbage bro. Worst defensive catcher in baseball. And a .220 hitter.
  8. This is potentially bad news for the Jets. We dont want the Giants targeting a receiver at #5 or #7 to replace Toney. Like I have been saying, unless Hutch is there, take a receiver at #4.
  9. 3 out of the first 4 picks spent on the defense is effing ridiculous. This is an offensive driven league. We also have a QB in his 2nd year who has zero impact skill guys around him. Anything more than 1 defensive player in the first 4 picks is effing ridiculous.
  10. I dont think that is it. Boone has been terrible from the get go. He's not a leader. But like others have said, the guy who hired him (Cashman) has to go too. I decided months ago I wasnt buying the baseball backpage for the first time in years.
  11. Confidence is low. Team has lack of energy. Boone doesnt bring it.
  12. If the Yankees are lets say 25-25 after 50 games, would the front office evennfire Boone? Teams take on the personality of their manager. Boone is not a leader. This team has lacked a winning energy since he arrived. All that said, Cashman has to go to. This team does have any table settlers like the Yankees used to with Knoblauch/Jeter and then Damon/Jeter. Getting rid of Gallo and getting a speedly outfield with a good BA and OBP would go a long ways. This team needs a sparkplug. Whitt Merrifield is 33 yrs old playing on a bad royals team. He's probably available. And Gleyber Torres is such a dissapointment. Total mental case at this point.
  13. What they should do is two 20 minute halves. No commercials aside from half time. Everyone knows the product is inferior, so the attention span wont be there for fans.
  14. Would love to know what the "boat load of picks" offered to Douglas for Quinnen before the 2019 draft really was.
  15. I'd consider using a 2nd rd pick to trade up for Hutchinson.
  16. Todays tweet for Pauline: "Jets telling people privately they don't think Garrett Wilson will be available at 10" I'm telling you guys. Jets have to go receiver at #4 if they want their top guy in the draft. 1 or 2 WR's could easily go before pick 10.
  17. He moves really well for a big receiver. And you dont have to be a consistent downfield threat to be a damn good receiver. I'd take him at 4 or 10, easily. If he hadnt gotten injured, his #'s at USC would be ridiculous and nobody would be sleeping on this guy.
  18. DJ is not a 1st baseman. Consistently struggles to pick balls out of the dirt on bad throws.
  19. I believe some people had him mocked at #4 about 2 months ago.
  20. Austin Wells in the minors right now can be called up and be a much better hitter than Gallo. Also is a lefty. You can put him and Stanton in left field/rotate at DH. Wells can also play some 1B. This division may come down to 2 or 3 games. Ya cant have a guys like Gallo and Hicks screwing up rallys every week.
  21. Just checking Gallos career numbers career .206 hitter That's right....... a career .206 hitter Yankees are batting him fifth........ This guy shouldnt even be a starter.
  22. What a God awful at bat there by Hicks. Anyone know this guys career batting avg with RISP with the Yankees? I'm guessing its about .190
  23. Gotta replace Gallo/Hicks with another Rizzo type who can hit you .280 ish and sprays the ball all over the field and doesnt K much. Gallo/Hicks killing rallys so far in this game. Rizzo? 2 run RBI single.
  24. Seriously. Outside of Hutchinson and maybeeee Sauce, there isnt another defensive player worth considering in the 1st 2 rounds for this team. Minimum 3 of the first 4 picks should be for the offense.
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