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  1. I dont think Yankees could have beaten that package, brah.
  2. Cashman targeted the right areas, thats for sure. Time will tell how these trades pan out. Cant help but think he could have upped his offer and gotten Luis Castillo though. That was a miss, I think.
  3. Will this be the excuse for why the Jets cant tackle again in 2022?
  4. Recent thoughts: 1. Kudos to Cashman for getting Benintendi. Exactly what they needed. I'd bat him in the top 3 of the lineup, without question. 2. Losing out on Luis Castillo stinks. But I agree in not trading Volpe in that package. Elite SS prospects are a different breed from any other positional player. Hopefully Volpe pans out. Maybe adding additional prospects to a Peraza package would have worked? Who knows.... 3. Another high end starter is needed but it seems like only tier 2 kinda guys are available now: Skubal, Syndergaard, Montas. 4. Bullpen arms are needed. Nobody knows what Chapman or Loaisiaga will do. Clarke Schmidt can pitch, as a starter or reliever. 5. I really like Kiner's bat. He's gotten so many clutch hits with RISP. But he is not a good shortstop. He's very stiff. Everytime he throws the ball to 1st base I hold my breath. He's a liability out there defensively. If Donaldson doesnt have a good 2nd half, then next year I would get rid of Donaldson and put Kiner back at 3B where he won a gold glove. I'd even consider doing that now and bringing up 1 of the kid SS prospects. 6. Cole needs to show some more balls. He's blown leads in his last few starts to piss poor teams. Reds, Royals, Orioles. Cmon man.
  5. Remember those plays where Becton tapped out for a few snaps in the middle of the game during his rookie year? He did it in multiple games too.
  6. So why exactly is Stanton on the DL? I still cant get over this guy hitting 2 home runs in the ALCS and then sitting out the next 2 elimination games because he had a sore knee, which never required surgery. And he was a frickin DH.
  7. This is the guy they need. A proven super bowl winning OFFENSIVE coach who is still youngish.
  8. They have clearly been hitting Yankees all year. Cora has always been a slime ball punk. Had Eovaldi plunk Rizzo 1 at bat after he hit a home run, several weeks ago. Yankees players know it too. Love the Red Sox players n coaxes fake sympathy after they plunked DJ yesterday. Completely fake reactions to cover up the hit job. Yankees need to get them back.
  9. These reports of the Yankees not willing to trade Peraza for Luis Castillo have to be a joke. Then again, this is the same GM who prospect hugged his way into not acquiring Cliff Lee and Gerritt Cole too. Thinks every top prospect is a future hall of famer and doesnt seem to understand you have to give up good quality to receive good quality. Castillo is a legit #2 behind Cole for the next 3-5 years. AND THE YANKEES ARE A WIN NOW TEAM. wtf? Not to mention, Peraza isnt even a top 25 prospect in baseball. Most have him well outside the top 50. I mean wtf.
  10. "even with a dominant pre-season" Guys, he cant even get on the field.
  11. Team falling back to earth. Everything I said would happen weeks ago. Anyone in the minors besides Volpe can be traded. Luis Castillo, Benintendi and a reunion with David Robertson. Dont worry about Beni in Toronto for 2 games in the postseason. Blue Jays wont even be there. If the Yankees stand pat, they will have a hard time winning in October. Dont forget Houston is only 3 games behind them in the loss column. Best record in MLB needs to be the goal heading into October. Homefield advantage.
  12. As long as he plays well and stays on the field....... 2 things he hasnt done well in a long time.
  13. Clarke Schmidt should be doing spot starts for everyone in starting pitching staff besides Cole. Cortes, Taillon and Severino are all gonna need rest and Schmidt is pretty damn good out there.
  14. Pitching and defense lost the last 2 games.... I love Kiners approach at the plate but he's booted how many easy ground balls and simple throws to 1st base? Whenever he has time to think out there I hold my breath. And the starters have come back to earth, as I predicted. Additions have to be made at the trade deadline.
  15. Hate to be a D as the Yankees are blugeoning the red sox but Jesus, Gallo is so bad.
  16. Again with this guy. A Morgan Moses type solid vet has to be signed. Dissapointing it hasnt happened already.
  17. Potential steal by Carolina. Just a year ago Baker is coming off a really good year.
  18. This and might be a good idea to bust him up and in, alittle bit. Wayy too comfortable. Cole, as good as he is, is still learning how to PITCH. IF you watch Verlander there is power and finesse, he moves the ball everywhere. Cole? Not as much.
  19. Barton


    Yankees were apparently in on him in the offseason but didnt pony up the $$$
  20. No love for Mike Westhoff or because he came back to the Saints the clock was restarted?
  21. Homefield advantage is not a given. Astros are only 5 games behind. Big moves need to be made. Gallo is a black hole. Hicks has value as a bench player only.
  22. Barton


    Sorry I just dont buy it. He must be on something. Like how the F is this possible? Tommy John at 38. Comes back at 40 and wins the Cy Young? wtf?
  23. Zach looked bad last year. Was not comfortable in the pocket. Didnt stand tall, process his reads and get the ball out. Was skittish as soon as he dropped back. If he repeats this in 2022, Jets need to go and get a good veteran QB to at the very least compete with him for the 23 job. Wentz, Cousins etc.
  24. Wright wont put these comments on his resume when he trys to be a GM later in life.
  25. Fair point but once again the Astros just shut down this lineup. Yankees should consider trading anyone in the minors not named Volpe for Reynolds on the Pirates. Ditto Beinintendi.
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