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  1. Jets wore this helmet for 1 year, in 1963. Their first season as the Jets. Yea the plane is kinda cheesy looking. But thats what makes it beautiful. I'd go back to this one, IMO.
  2. I still cant help but laugh at the Jets and Nike building up the new uni's for months on end and then unveiling the lamest and ugliest uni's in team history.
  3. wtf Based on last years results, I dont know if I'd trust Ulbrich to run my defense in Madden.
  4. Get sacks. Pass rush win rate not gonna get you to the hall of fame, son.
  5. How about that face time call between Berrios and Zach right after Berrios signed his contract..... Berrios: You gonna throw me the ball more this year? Zach: emotionlesss "Yeah" call over
  6. LaFleur lets his wife sit at the head of the table........ thoughts?
  7. Nice job by this team in the last week. But lets talk about the issues. Because once the starting pitchers fall back to earth and we dont have 4 guys with ERA's under 3.00, this offense is gonna have to score runs more consistently.... What is up with DJ LaMahieu? Nobody is talking about this but I think the Yankees are hiding an injury. He used to stay back on the ball and hit rifle shots to right field. Those hits used to sound like a gun went off. But for the past year and a 1/2, everything is kind of soft contact. Looks like he's not swinging with much power IMO. Hicks and Gallo ---- again these guys need to be replaced with a high end contact hitter like a Kiner Falefa. Benintendi or Bryan Reynolds. Random note: this team lacks a stone cold RBI machine in the middle of the lineup. Right now Judge is superman but what happens if he goes falls back to earth? This lineup has to be upgraded at the trade deadline. Period.
  8. Says the guy who coached the most clueless Jets defense I have ever seen.
  9. Jesus. Mekhi looks like the Michelin man with those legs.
  10. Like i've been saying for months, something is off with this guy A good veteran tackle HAS to be signed asap.
  11. Lets see if Hal/Cashman are full of crap or not at the trade deadline. The pithing has been championship level but the lineup just needs to swap out a couple guys/make some additions. Will they try to improve the team or just sit pat?
  12. This guy was such a greenhorn coming out of Utah. Still cant believe this front office/newbie coaching staff even played him last year.
  13. Personally, I thought he was undraftable when he told everyone pre-draft how much he loved Oreos.
  14. In todays age, perhaps it was actually Mekhi who had the baby.
  15. Im guessing he's gonna get paid more than that, unfort.
  16. Ulbrich so far is an effing disaster. I have never seen a Jets defense so clueless as last year. Not even close.
  17. Mostly because his throws were terrible.
  18. Current uni's really are the worst in the league. It was so Jetsy to build it up as a groundbreaking new uni that would wow people and then once it drops everyone is like Jesus, this is s###.
  19. I like Sauce but his persona thing is so high schoolish. Revis, Richard Sherman, Champ Bailey - they didnt act like that. I guess Deion did but w/e. May not make a difference. Just hoping he doesnt have a maturity issue.
  20. These swings by Gallo and Hicks are laughingly bad. They both need to go. Cashman needs to make a move ASAP. You cant have 2 of your starting outfielders hitting .180 and expect this team to finish in 1st place. There has to be something in the minors available or via trade.
  21. Adujar cant play 3rd base. Just cant. He's atrocious. Now if you want to put Andujar in LF over Gallo? Sure. But also be prepared for Andujar to make mistakes out there too.
  22. So obvious that Wilson shouldnt have been our week 1 starter last year. Incompetence by the FO/coaching staff.
  23. Jets are Mekhi Becton tummy ache away from Conner McDermott protecting Zach Wilson. Cant have that. Gotta pick up a veteran tackle stat.
  24. He's not a smart linebacker like Mosley, IMO. Got caught up in traffic so many times, letting up huge gains. Might be best to put him as an edge rusher in a 3-4 and have him pin his ears back
  25. Nothing wrong with cutting Aaron Hicks. Cant hit. Hasnt hit for years. Jogged towards a base hit in left field a couple weeks ago, guy scored from first base. Lazy throw to 2nd base today, so the runner tagged. Dude sucks.
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