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  1. Nice pick with Halll. Oline and /WR/TE the next 2 picks. Maybe trade up if a good one keeps falling.
  2. They were getting gashed in the run game due to scheme/coaching, IMO. It was virtually the same front 7 as 2020 when the run D was much better. If replacing Fatukasi is an issue, then why did the run D defense with him suck so horribly last year? Coaching/scheme, IMO. Ulbrich was disgustingly bad.
  3. Sorry, but nobody can sell me on taking defense with 3 of the first 4 picks. Gotta go offense in rds 2 and 3, IMO. This league is all about the offense. Games are shootouts, for the most part.
  4. Does Raimann have an injury? Why the slide? Gotta go offense here. McBride, RB or Oline.
  5. No. It's become more of a show now instead of just football for real fans.
  6. I'm fine with trading up for Hutch but not with #10. Isnt #35 and a 5th enough to move up 2 freakin spots?
  7. Because using 35+38 to trade back into the first round will not get you as high as #10. Thus you may not have the same quality player that you may get between picks 15-25.
  8. He's a damn good player but doesnt it feel like we already have his skillset on this offense? I'll take him on the team, sure but #10 + 30 mill a year might be overpaying. We are not trading for a traditional #1 WR here.
  9. Not gonna lie, #10 + a big contract for Deebo is alittle concerning. He's not a traditional receiver, you have to move him around gadget style.
  10. Leaking it out that you are leaking. JD you diabological genius. Everyone is gonna poop themselves when you take Charles Cross at #4.
  11. Trade up for Hutch! Rhyme unintended.
  12. "Clearly the Jets know something that we dont"
  13. It's a projection pick. Bottom line is he hasnt shown the ability to get to the QB with moves. Not everyone learns moves in the NFL either. Could be a boom or just a Bryan Thomas.
  14. There's no doubt Thibs has a great 1st step. Bend is decent too. But the film also doesnt lie. His motor is not very good. Strikes me as a guy who at best has a mario williams/leonard williams like career with 1 or 2 really great years (so he gets a big 2nd contract) and then just ehh for the rest.
  15. Trade #10 for Deebo and then piss on the world and draft London at #4!
  16. Wanna draft another Marcus Maye? I wouldnt. We need guys who score TDs, protect Zach or sack the QB. JMO.
  17. Yea lets waste a top 40 pick on 1 of the least important positions in football.
  18. Because he cant catch a break ball. And he's a catcher. Also couldnt frame pitches, block balls in the dirt or catch high fastballs over 96mph.
  19. IKF is hitting .280 - easily one of the best players so far on the team. Wish we had another guy like him who just focuses on hitting some singles and making contact.
  20. Gary was hot garbage bro. Worst defensive catcher in baseball. And a .220 hitter.
  21. This is potentially bad news for the Jets. We dont want the Giants targeting a receiver at #5 or #7 to replace Toney. Like I have been saying, unless Hutch is there, take a receiver at #4.
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