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  1. f u troll if riley keeps is weight down he is an UPGRADE from mckenzie. riley is definetly a better run blocker them mckenzie ever was
  2. I wish I had a team that doesn't have a good running back, I have a major steal waiting in the wings
  3. there is always victor riley. hes a good solid RT
  4. you gotta be kidding me TX do not invite that POS troll over here damnit!
  5. UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE I just fished the super bowl, and here are some notes ed reed, 1 int, 1 sack-------went up nothing john henderson, 1 sack------went DOWN 2 points!!!! :twisted: vilma, 3 ints---------2 points 8) my DTS have under 80 tackle now!!! and ed reed has 59 tackle!! total garbage, players should not get worse during the playoffs, they should get better or stay the same. unbelievable BS
  6. word! I can't even quote people who da hell is 63Drob??
  7. yea, I saw that game, and he was all over the place, and he hits really hard!!! I was debating between him and a few other safeties, but I decided he was definetly the best pick for dallas
  8. people, all you guys just got had James Butler is a S T E A L
  9. The Dallas Cowboys select.......... SS JAMES BUTLER
  10. LOL I have clinton frickin portis. who has 97 speed and 99 agility and I have NEVER done that move my friend gave me the roster updates, pennington actually went UP, curtis martin has 91 speed and 95 overall, pete kendall is 94 overall, mawae is best center in game with 92 strength! eric barton went up to an 89, vilma was an 86 or 87, erik coleman was an 84, hobson went up, now he has 75 speed. 1 problem Drob stayed an 81 overall, hopefully they haven't gotten to fixing that....
  11. does anybody here really think julius jones is the answer in dallas?? I know they really need secondary help....muahahahaha, I have a fairly decent player lined up for them right now.....
  12. what I wanna know is how to do the kareokee move with the running back? ya know, when they hit the hole and criss cross their feet really fast. how do you do that?
  13. note: this crap always happened when I play 4 min quarters now I play 8 minute quarters, and my defense is doing really well vilma has 2 ints, sean taylor has 1 int, ed reed has 1 int and 1 sack, lavar arrington has 3 sacks, boss bailey 3 sacks, john abraham 1 sack shaun ellis, john henderson and shaun rogers are still sackless as we speak
  14. 4.8 my god, that is one really big man running a shade under a time that most linebackers run! I have said this previously, and I stand behind it, the Jets should trade up for Alex Barron
  15. I'm sorry to inform all of you loyal Jets fans this heartbreaking news........ one of our own, 63Drob, was involved in a helicopter crash off the coast of Long Island approximately 3.224 hours ago. He arrived safely at lincoln memorial hospital in Hartford, Connecticut where experienced doctors and nurses are performing on him as we speak feel free to send money to him for he is very poor and in need of attention!! PS he loves sunkist orange soda AND chocolate donuts with rainbrow sprinkles. :wink: GUESS WHOS BAAAAACK!!!??
  16. why is it that in the playoffs and your dlineman don't register any sacks their overall ranking drops 2 or 3 points and their tackle drops 3 points???? IT IS RIDICULOUS example yesterday I played in the divisional playoff game I played as sean taylor, he had 3 ints, 1 for a TD John Abraham had 3 sacks John Henderson had 2 tackles for a loss, no sacks Shaun Rogers had 1 tackle for a loss, 6 tackles tota, no sacks Sean Taylor goes up 1 FRIGGEN POINT John Abraham goes up 1 FRIGGEN POINT shaun rogers drops 2 overall rankings to an 89 john henderson drops from an 89 to an 87 and now has 78 tackle THIS IS A RIDICULOUS PROBLEM THAT SHOULD BE FIXED. just because your dlineman or defensive players don't register any sacks or ints, doesn't mean they didn't have a great game!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  17. are you gonna let her go to school tomorrow??
  18. Barton

    Jets #2

    why is "kerry collins 2004" on the 2nd list??
  19. LOL but I have an excellent 4th rd pick lined up for dallas.
  20. michael munoz wasn't a bad pick, wish I could have gotten corey webster. oh well, next rd I got dallas and buffalo
  21. after disputing between needs for the bills, I decided the need Oline help the most the Buffalo Bills select.......... MICHAEL MUNOZ OT Tennessee
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