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  1. yea. for christ sake, the browns traded up 1 pick last year and had to give up their 2nd rd pick to do it I believe.
  2. obviously, if he doesn't get past the top 10, we have absolutely no shot at Barron. but if he SOMEHOW lasts until the mid rounds we might have a shot, thats all I'm sayin.
  3. well, I am guessing he lasts until 11 or 12, so I would definetly trade our 1st and 2nd rd pick to move up, that probably is not enough though.
  4. I'll say it once and I'll say it again........ IT WOULD MAKE ALOT OF SENSE IF THE JETS TRADED UP FOR ALEX BARRON
  5. usually it takes me 2 seasons, but for some reason I messed up his rookie season pretty badly because I didn't give him enough QB spy or nickel blitzes so his numbers were crap, plus I never used training camp on him I don't think after the 2nd season he is now only a 90 overall for me
  6. Dan Leberfeld. He said Dilger has decided to retire instead of giving it a go 1 more season hey, at least he saved himself and the jets embarassement from showing up to traing camp and retiring a few days later....leaving the jets with a big finger up their you know what Kevin Everett would be a huge steal in the 3rd round. Besides, I think I would feel better with Chris Baker as my starting Tight End than Anthony Becht
  7. LMAO @ "check yourself before you wreck yourself"
  8. good post miami jet and like I said, if he keeps his weight down he would be a very good signing "2003 flirted with pro bowl"
  9. ya know something troll!!!! /// nevermind.....
  10. f u troll if riley keeps is weight down he is an UPGRADE from mckenzie. riley is definetly a better run blocker them mckenzie ever was
  11. I wish I had a team that doesn't have a good running back, I have a major steal waiting in the wings
  12. there is always victor riley. hes a good solid RT
  13. you gotta be kidding me TX do not invite that POS troll over here damnit!
  14. UN FRICKIN BELIEVABLE I just fished the super bowl, and here are some notes ed reed, 1 int, 1 sack-------went up nothing john henderson, 1 sack------went DOWN 2 points!!!! :twisted: vilma, 3 ints---------2 points 8) my DTS have under 80 tackle now!!! and ed reed has 59 tackle!! total garbage, players should not get worse during the playoffs, they should get better or stay the same. unbelievable BS
  15. word! I can't even quote people who da hell is 63Drob??
  16. yea, I saw that game, and he was all over the place, and he hits really hard!!! I was debating between him and a few other safeties, but I decided he was definetly the best pick for dallas
  17. people, all you guys just got had James Butler is a S T E A L
  18. The Dallas Cowboys select.......... SS JAMES BUTLER
  19. LOL I have clinton frickin portis. who has 97 speed and 99 agility and I have NEVER done that move my friend gave me the roster updates, pennington actually went UP, curtis martin has 91 speed and 95 overall, pete kendall is 94 overall, mawae is best center in game with 92 strength! eric barton went up to an 89, vilma was an 86 or 87, erik coleman was an 84, hobson went up, now he has 75 speed. 1 problem Drob stayed an 81 overall, hopefully they haven't gotten to fixing that....
  20. does anybody here really think julius jones is the answer in dallas?? I know they really need secondary help....muahahahaha, I have a fairly decent player lined up for them right now.....
  21. what I wanna know is how to do the kareokee move with the running back? ya know, when they hit the hole and criss cross their feet really fast. how do you do that?
  22. note: this crap always happened when I play 4 min quarters now I play 8 minute quarters, and my defense is doing really well vilma has 2 ints, sean taylor has 1 int, ed reed has 1 int and 1 sack, lavar arrington has 3 sacks, boss bailey 3 sacks, john abraham 1 sack shaun ellis, john henderson and shaun rogers are still sackless as we speak
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