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  1. EXACTLY the talent in the 2003 draft was terrible, only a few players were really "studs", and drob was one of em
  2. oh shut up the chargers were LUCKY to even make it to overtime had brien not shanked a 30 yarder in the 1st quarter and eric bartons stupid stupid roughing the passer call that extended a game the jets won on that play. yea, who was lucky? gimme a break
  3. 20 bucks says wells will plunk a yankee batter in the 3rd inning........... then randy johnson will strike back in the 6th or 7th YOU HEARD IT FROM ME FIRST
  4. why are you dissing rosey colvin??
  5. riddle me this chowd! did chad let his teammates down by packing it in and going on IR??? NO he came back, lit a fire under the team, and if not for doug brien, we would have been playing in the afc championship game!
  6. not to mention he overpaid for justin mccareins mccareins did not warrant such a large deal that he got, and still doesn't.
  7. nice David McMillan pick hambone! vince carter was a down right STEAL people. pairing him next to larry allen and marco rivera...WOW now thats a great guard tandem to work with. despite vince carter running a bad 40, he also had a dinged up knee. he is an extremely mobile center who was nothing short of dominant in college.
  8. the bears select florida state SS........ JEROME CARTER 5'11 220lbs a player with potential and a good pick for that bears aggressive defense. http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/playerprofiles/s/jeromecarter.html
  9. terry bradway has definetly screwed more then a few times, most recently is losing ferguson and then trying to rekindle negotitations instead of heavily pursuing pat williams also, do not give him credit for the erik coleman steal, yes he drafted him, but its mostly because the jets scouts told him he was a really good player. if we do worse in 2005 then 2004 I would seriously consider firing terry bradway if I was woody johnson
  10. I think 2 hours was too long after the 2nd rd ended definetly makes sense to institute a 1 hour window/rule
  11. good point shane if shazor slips to the 2nd rd for the jets, we better not skip over him.
  12. EXCELLENT post YJF I too would ask thomas davis to drop 10 or 15lbs, so he could go step for step with most WRs in the nfl. shazor is just an animal 6'4 225, he is the definition of a WOLVERINE, he prowls the secondary and pounces on WRs going across the middle or running backs trying to take it off tackle
  13. nevertheless, the vikings said he will START at middle linebacker, a starting middle linebacler is worth more than aa 7th rd pick and it wasn't even the vikings highest 7th rd pick they got from the raiders, we got the vikings original 7th rd pick!! :twisted:
  14. an article said that he was supposed to make 2.9 towards the cap in 2005, this deal makes it 2.4 dead money towards the cap so we save .5 million a 7th rd pick for a starting middle linebacker who is only 30 years old, good deal terry
  15. my god floridians and people from the midwest ARE THE WORST DRIVERS YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER. being from NY and living in FL I can tell you that new yorkers are definetly good drivers. never been to massachusetts, and hopefully I'll never have to
  16. with weis as his coordinator, yes. pennington can make all the throws that brady can, and hell pennington put brien in position to kick the 1st missed field goal did he not?
  17. richardseymour and the vikings are OTC
  18. yes and no. if viateiri had made just 1 of those field goals I am pretty sure the pats would have won the game anyways, but then everything else in the game changes etc etc
  19. vinatier might be the best kicker in the nfl, but lets not forget he MISSED 2 FIELD GOALS AGAINST CAROLINA in the SUPER BOWL in 2003. he would have been the goat of the game if the patriots would have lost, vinatieri was fortunate enough to have a 3rd chance.
  20. http://www.nfl.com/draft/analysis/individual_workouts Jonathan Welsh LB Welsh (6-3 1/8, 242) ran his 40s in 4.51 and 4.52. (got him in my draft) Erasmus James DE James (6-3 7/8, 268) ran his 40s in 4.78 and 4.74. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.40 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.25. Anttaj Hawthorne DT Hawthorne (6-2 7/8, 325) ran his 40s in 5.12 and 5.15. He also ran the short shuttle in 4.78 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.77. He had a 30
  21. hes better than brad johnson, but not by alot and he did not deserve either of those mvp trophies hands down, ty law should have won it in 2001 and hands down, mike vrabel should have won it in 2003 Brady will struggle big time with Weis gone and mumbles calling the plays
  22. actually, numbers say JETER is better. you wanna take this outside buddy???!!! (over to the baseball forum) brady is a good QB, but he's not half as good as peyton manning. the patriots defense carried them to the superbowl all 3 years they won it. those teams were lights out in the playoffs leading to the superbowl. he's brad johnson, only slighty better, and lucky enough to play on a team with the best defense in the nfl. put him ANY OTHER TEAM, and he does jack squat. the same can not be said for peyton manning
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