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  1. He doesnt have it. Perfect time to cut him loose and target Sean Payton.
  2. Flacco looked legit as a rookie though. And if Flacco catches fire and the Jets are 2-0, I'd keep playing him. This is not some career backup. Flacco is 37 yes, but in todays NFL, QBs are playing into their early 40's. Maybe he pulls a Vinny and the Jets go far, who knows. Zach doesnt seem like he has it, at least not yet. Flacco also never had a great supporting cast in baltimore.
  3. Saleh so far is a bust. He talks a solid motivating type game but I'm not seeing the X's and O's. And just handing the keys to LaFleur to run the office and going "Hey, I'm hands off for the offense. I trust LaFleur" is just Rex Ryan-ish. You are the head coach dude. Both sides are your responsibility. And btw, "your" defense sucks.
  4. Last time Flacco started an entire season, I believe he went 9-7. And he actually looks like a poised QB when he drops back into the pocket. Wilson doesnt look comfortable, at least not yet.
  5. When the Jets traded up for Jermaine johnson, I was like ehhh. We shall see though.
  6. Donaldson is so bad its not even funny. Just shift Kiner to 3B and bring up 1 of the SS prospects. Show some freaking guts, Cashman.
  7. Jets wont play him the first 2-3 games because they dont want a QB controversy if he plays well.
  8. Hustle guy but kinda slow. Jets still dont have a twitchy explosive edge rusher.
  9. Gleyber and Donaldson are hitting about .200 w.RISP ---- Yankees bat them 4th and 5th every night. You cant make this stuff up. Front office are the ones making these lineups. They tell Boone what to do. I blame Cashman 100%. Move up Benintendi. Play anyone besides Hicks. Drop Donaldson and Gleyber down the lineup. Move up Trivino. and IKF. Seems pretty logical to put you worse hitters further down the lineup. Cashman has no clue.
  10. TBH, i liked the move. At this point Holmes cant be trusted. Guy has blown like 5 games in the past 30-40 days.
  11. WTF about Josh Donaldsons performance through 110 games tells you he should be batting cleanup? I swear, management is clueless. Benintendi should be above Donaldson and Gleyber.
  12. .....In madden. He's done, brah.
  13. Somebody needs to tell the Yankees they cant just punt on August and that home field advantage is important START FIELDING THE BEST TEAM EVERY DAY Abreu is in there pitching, blowing game after game, while Marinaccio and Schmidt are in the minors - both infinitely better than Abreu. You just cant make this stuff up. And now they trade for Benintendi, who starts hitting the ball really well the past few days, and decide they cant start him vs a LHP. The roster mismanagement year after year is just mind boggling. I havent order the direct TV game package in years.
  14. It was a bad sign when his dad was too fat to get off the couch when his son got drafted.
  15. Jets never should have been in this position. Becton shouldnt have been a starter going into camp. A veteran should have been signed months ago.
  16. A tackle named Beyotch? Nice move.
  17. So catchable balls is not a real thing? Ball placement and touch is not a thing?? Zach threw alot of ugly passes that hit WR hands last year. It doesnt make them the right type of pass just because a WR got 1 hand or even both hands on it. It's called ball placement and touch.
  18. Nice. Did you watch the whole season last year? I'm not saying every drop was Zach's fault. Sometimes the WRs just botched it.
  19. In certain situations, you have to put more or less zip or arch on a pass. Ball placement is also a factor. Zach struggled badly in those areas last year.
  20. Zach doesnt throw a consistently catchable ball.
  21. And you just know there's almost no chance they make this move too. They are more concerned about options to prevent them hitting free agency earlier, instead of just fielding the best possible team. How was Marinaccio just sent down? Same Ol same ol.
  22. Again with the anti clutch Donaldson and Gleyber hitting 4-5. Jesus. Seen any championship teams with a .219 hitter batting cleanup? Me neither. Yankees could easily shift Kiner to 3B, cut Donaldson and bring up 1 of the SS prospects.
  23. Yup. Hal refuses to eat contracts ($$$) to move dissapointing players off the roster. Dodgers do it all the time if it means it helps the team.
  24. Donaldson, who almost got traded at the deadline because he has been a bust, batted 3rd last night. WTF? Aaron Hicks hasnt had a hit in 2 weeks.........and plays every day. Gleyber, another dissapointment....batted cleanup. They need to cut this nonsense out. Donaldson needs to bat 7-9 and Hicks should be DFA'd.
  25. Jets were better off playing Wison last year in the 1st 8 games where he got his head kicked in?
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