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  1. Pass rush win rate huh.....That's a nice little stat but some guys create "pressures" and other guys actually get sacks. Sacks kill drives and change games more than guys who get in the QBs general vicinity a second after he already threw a 10 yard completion. That is the same kinda stat that Leonard Williams supporters were saying while he played for the Jets. Meanwhile, he was never more than just a good player who should have been a 2nd rd pick. A top 5 pick edge rusher should have been more dominant that Thibs. JMO.
  2. I know its early but you cant have Hicks AND Gallo being on this team in the starting lineup. These guys have zero clutch factor, a .210 batting avg and a million K's. The best team is probably 1 of them in centerfield, Stanton in Left and Gleyber/Donaldson/DJ/Rizzo splitting the field and DH duties every day.
  3. No chance I would take him at 4 or 10 either. Nothing but projection with him.
  4. He wasnt dominant as a pass rusher in the freakin Pac 10. Very risky pick.
  5. Have to say that Judge was offered a very fair contract. 7 years at 30.5 per for a 30 yr old corner outfielder who has never been healthy 2 years in a row......... Kind of a D move for Aaron to turn down this offer, IMO.
  6. Yea lets draft another safety in the 1st 2 rounds who doesnt create turnovers. Cine has 2 career interceptions in 39 collegiate games. People, cmon.
  7. London moves extremely well for a guy who is 6'4. His long speed might not be there but Keyshawn didnt have that either and he still went #1 overall and had a good career. The Jets probably should take a WR at #4 because the top WR in the draft is not making it to 10, most likely.
  8. Been thinking for awhile Linderbaum coud be there at 35. Wouldnt surprise me at all.
  9. Like others have said - Jets need to load up on WRs. It's all about the 3+ WR sets now in this league. Outscoring will win you more games than playing good defense. The rules favor scoring points, WRs running freely and QBs being protected from big hits. Jets should take 2 receivers in the 1st 2 rounds. I'm ok with 2 receivers, a TE and a RB/OT. Time for the Jets to complete in the 21st century.
  10. 1st 4 picks ---- Drake London, Trevor Penning, Breece Hall, Trey McBride Boom. Offense is ready to score points. This is the NFL in 2022, fellas.
  11. A 2nd rd pick for Cooks is ridiculous. Cooper just got traded for what, a 5th?
  12. I'm at least an average NFL guard, so everyone can back the F up!
  13. Drafting Sauce doesnt move the needle for this team. All offense with the first 4 picks. Just do it.
  14. Jameson is a bit risky to take in the top 10. His deep speed is real but his intermediate game is ehh. Also, hate to say this, but I've seen him in a few interviews, and he might not be the brightest bulb. A great receiver usually has a brain.
  15. Yanks about to have Joey Gallo batting in the top 5 in their lineup. Guy leads the league in K's and hits .215 Stuff like this is why the Yankees dont win anymore.
  16. huh? Dude was the 3rd overall pick in the draft. Who didnt grade him as a 1st rd pick before the draft?
  17. Something is way off about Becton. And guys like that are contagious - you dont want them in your locker room.
  18. Good thing they threw him out there Week 1 last season. Clueless move.
  19. This guy was a supposed cant miss. Watch out for them d-tackles in the 1st rd. Most are JAGS.
  20. RB is a need. Big need. If Hall is legit, I have no issue with him being 1 of the Jets 2nd rd picks.
  21. No doubt the Jets will waste a fairly high draft pick on a fat boy defensive tackle who is a complete JAG.
  22. Seriously. WTF is this? Way too risky a pick to be a top 10 guy. Nothing but speculation and conjecture that he will be a good NFL pass rusher. Period. In a normal draft a guy like him is drafted 20-30th.
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