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  1. Hey all! Haven't posted in a long time but I'm here at the game and will give'em hell for y'all! Go Jets!
  2. Brick is probably pissed because Babin owns his ass. Practice is gonna sux for DBrick.
  3. It happens a ton. We hate each other though, so it sticks out when I see it. Gonna be hard to root for Amaro, but I understand he's a good kid.
  4. Thanks for doing this Bit. BTW, Amaro went to Texas Tech, not A&M. Could only imagine how great it would have been to have JFF throwing to Amaro. Jace was not productive until Kliff Kingsbury took over at Tech.
  5. Seriously? Let's just pretend the word swallow wasn't used on purpose. How is laughing at a bonehead for making a public homophobic comment "swallowing the gay agenda?" By your logic, there should be no repercussion for public comments. It is absolutely fine that Jones thinks it is gross for two men to kiss. That is his right. BUT, he represents an organization that has plenty of negative pub of late, and the last thing they needed was to offend what would be considered by most as an oppressed group of people.
  6. The first amendment protects your right to free speech. It says nowhere that dumb ass comments will not have repercussion. I could care less either way about Jones' comments, or Sterling's comments for that matter, but people have the right to react how they choose. When you are in the public eye, foolish comments of any variety will be magnified. The comments from Jones are even worse because he purposely put them out there for the world to see. Now, everyone knows he's a homophobe. Doesn't bother me that he's a moron, and I couldn't care less how Sam will react. Fact of the matter is that, in today's society, public bigotry is not good for business.
  7. Agree. This will be a solid class imo. If four of these 12 kids become starters over the next two years, it should be viewed as a success. The first three picks will be key contributors very soon. The remainder will provide solid depth. I really like how Idzik stayed the course and did not do anything impulsive. Rumors are that he was looking into trading up in the 2nd to grab Lee, but the price was too high, so he stayed put and landed Amaro. Tanny would have pissed himself with 12 picks.
  8. BTW, he was also one of the 30 prospects to make an official visit to the Jets before the draft. They did their homework. Another solid pick at a position of need imo.
  9. He has great hands and made some amazing grabs in high school. High school doesn't tell the whole story, but many elite players in the league were multi-position players in high school that dominated games by doing everything. Dex was one of those kids. Also, when a guy misses so much of his final collegiate season, it is nice to go further back to see what the future might hold. He started off this past season like a banshee. A shoulder injury shouldn't be a big deal for a DB. By the time the third round rolls around, team's boards are vastly different. I wouldn't be surprised if he was top 3 on the Jets board when they picked him. He's plenty tall, 37" vert, 10'2" broad jump, 4.4 40, has great ball skills, is a solid tackler, and has a positive attitude. The injury is the only reason he did not go higher.
  10. He also had 6 ints in his career. 3 in his first (and only) 3 games this past season. He is a talented kid. Was a top flight WR in high school, also played HB and CB. The Jets obviously like the kid, and at this point in the draft, you don't wait around or gamble. Look at all the teams that moved up to get their guy. The Jets have nine picks remaining. Put the gun back in the drawer, dude.
  11. Brian Costello ‏@BrianCoz 30m League source on Jets: "Don't count on them getting Cromartie. They're not being very aggressive." #nyj
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