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  1. Here and there chickie!!...You are still the sexiest avatar ever!!!...lol. Just changed positions at work and got consumed with making all that work. Looking for a place...that I finally found and should be in just in time for Christmas... . Just busy but making a go off this life thing ya know..I will surely come around more.
  2. Modern Family is definitely one of the funniest shows on TV right now. The 3 living situations alone are so everyday life. It is hilarious and worth watching. You saw clips of the Halloween one they showed last week. The guy in the Superman costume is one half of a gay couple who has a child they are raising. What you saw was he listened to the "dorks" at work and wore a costume because they told him other people would and he then got there and overheard other co-workers and the boss saying how dorky they were...so he was trying to get out of it...You gotta check it out..it's on at 9pm and ano
  3. Guns said he would....but either of you would be fine by me. I need to get to Metro after the game...thats my issue right now. You staying in Madison heights right?....where?
  4. I'm flying in Saturday after work...will get there about 6...could get there earlier. may ask my supervisor if I can cut out and leave on the 2:30 flight...what's the plan?...lol
  5. I am not happy about this... . ANd I wish I didnt doze off...smh. A friend of mine wanted a ticket in our section...damn. You know anyone one else with any?
  6. Are yoou staying till Monday NJ or leaving sunday?..I would stay till Monday if I can get a ride to the airport then or I'll need a ride Sunday after the game to the airport...
  7. VERDE!!!! I miss you...I'm gonna try and be here more often. You hit it right on the head. A compliment from a woman is Platinum...we can be to stuck on ourselves to just give a compliment. I give them alot. If your doing it, your doing. I have no problem with giving them. It's all on the security of self I think.
  8. Hey Handsome!!!...yes...Shaq does Detroit!!...lol. Guns is my buddy...couldn't let this one get pass me. Tell Mrs. Jetfan I said hello. I really miss you guys... . Love ya...yall need to find some tickets...ummm hmmm.
  9. That really sucks max.... ...The Sandlot was a great highlight of that whole outing...I'm a Mets fan...lol. Can't wait to see you love..this should be fun.
  10. good food and drink please!!!...Uhhhh. Downtown is 20 miles and better from the airport...travel suggestions please...I may have to roll the dice and try priceline if I'm gonna do 2 nights..these prices are pretty steep...or I go back Sunday after the game.
  11. Sir Baddniss....How are you sir. I to cringe when I think of Cleveland. It was cold as hell and yes the refs cheated us something awful with the "force out" rule. I do have one fond memory of the rocket fuel some gracious Cleveland fan gave me...had something to do with vodka...mmm...mmm. I was warm up until the second half. After the breeze off the lake and all of those cold calls it got real bad. I also went to a Giants game there that I have nothing good to say about...Needless to say....Cleveland....uhhhhh....no
  12. gg

    helllllllllo!!! hope all is well with you!! xo

  13. hey you....GOB I know you didn't get tickets and not hit me up?...wassup with that?...
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