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  1. Not the best quality, but it'll work.
  2. What makes me more mad is that a proven, almost Hall of Fame caliber ILB, Donnie Edwards isn't on that list. But what makes Clark Judge a god about these things, what makes him know anything more than the rest of us? These type of things are rarely true, and are just for some mild entertainment.
  3. Does anyone know a really good place to find pictures of some Jets players? I need really good quality ones, and ones that are sorta big. If you know of a place lemme know. You help is greatly appreciated. :wink:
  4. Hey Smizzy if you get this, check ur PMs on GTP. I have that banner ready!
  5. Any requests? I can make most wallpapers.
  6. no prob, I thought I would make it as a gift of acceptence! HEH!
  7. Okay here is a wallpaper I made of Vilma. If you want to use it, click on the thumbnail below and right click the image when it loads and click, "save image as" then go to your properties and browse for it, click apply and TA-DA!!
  8. Yeah i did too. You may have seen it, it was that Vilma morphing into the Hulk.
  9. All I;m saying is that Lamont was "the future" if you will. Curtis is getting older, and seems like they'd want a really good back-up, thats all.
  10. ChargerBoy here, I'm the only one who has to actually care how many yards he gets. I think he will get 1143 yards and 6TDs. But against the Chargers his game average will be 58.3 yards. (I wish) Anyway, I'm still wondering why you let him go. :? I mean do the Jets have some other awesome backup we don't know about? Lamot is gonna be good. Of course that is supposing the Raiduh's actually hand him the ball! The Raiders have Tyrone Wheatly, who I think is a really good RB...if they would just give him the ball. So anyway, yeah Lamont Jordan, I think will do well.
  11. Sorry that list is screwy. Why theheck is Deuce that high and Antonio Gates that low? Sorry dude...did you make that list up?
  12. Oh I knew that, I was just defending the rookie.
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