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    Reverse Engineer Crashed and/or Captured Spacecraft
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques
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    1969 Super Bowl
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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
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    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. SouthernJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    agree, experience needed and Jets wont fire Bowle mid season UNLESS the guy they promote they think is 2019 HC and I dont see it.. Also IF Jets already are talking to a stud experienced HC for 2019, they wont fudge things up by firing mid season ,,god forbid the interim HC wins last 4 games against teams resting theier starters and Woody panics
  2. SouthernJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    that was one of main complaints is hiring folks w/zero Coordinator experience, or 2 years experience or never being a HC before. and worst is Woody doing NFL a favor with Herm hire. The guy was never even a damn coordinator. We hired a secondary coach as HC to make NFL happy and maybe get NY a Super Bowl, who knows.
  3. sad, as Tuna used to say "There is NO salary cap for coaches"
  4. per this thread it appears smartest thing Chris Johnson could do is get a stud HC to be HC with control over the new GM and maybe bring the GM with t.. run the show. I know for a fact in past when Cowher was always approached and eventually said No, that was his 1st demand, I bring in my GM and I he reports to me. That what all the best HCs demand. Get a HC that has that power to demand control over GM. Who is that? I have no damn idea?
  5. Dont know, if they making a pass there must be some buy out language in fine print or a list of a few teams he can get out of contract for some money. Who knows.. harbaugh good thought.
  6. Probably he wont leave, I just heard Jets will make a pass with tons and tons of cash. Payton may think get out at my optimum resume time before Brees starts losing it or retires. Get free pass in NY for 1st year or so w/new QB. Payton bargaining power will NEVER be higher
  7. SouthernJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    Chris Johnson has to get w/GM and say 'Lets take heat and fire him before Woody gets back"
  8. SouthernJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    who cares about off or def,,a smart coach will get a strong coordinator for other side of ball.. I want the best HC no matter where he made his bones
  9. SouthernJet

    Possible HC Candidates

    Jets are going to make a play for ex Giant coach Payton I hear
  10. I know there have been exceptions, but I just dont like a HC who was a long term NFL player ( lets say 5 years or so thru 10+ years). Give me a college player or smart NFL guy who played a year or two or didnt make last cut etc and got ASAP into coaching. I look at it as , take numbnuts Bowles, a 8 year NFL Veteran. I want the college player who when Bowles started his NFL career, they were starting coaching That guy had 8 extra years from when Bowles retired to learn the coaching job, coach at multiple positions, coach at different places, LEARN THE CRAFT of coaching which is 180 from playing. I think Bowles was also ONLY a 2 year coordinator . Most very good NFL coaches were college players who bring an extar 6 to 15 years of coaching experience to table than a long time NFL'er. Long time players also have a tendency not to get in faces of players like parcells/ Belichick to because they never mentally left the 'fraternity' We make zero adjustments and I dont blame OCs or DCs to extent of others, cause all those plays coming through the HC headset.. If bad, replace the coordinator or call a better game yourself. Plus Parcells said greatest tool a HC in NFL has in this they are all millionaire era is embarrassing them on TV. Get in their grill and rip them a new a$$hole Tuna used to say. You ever see Belichick, he rips new ones on the bench when a players sits down. I have NEVER seen Bowles tear into a player. We play like we fear zero repercussions from coach. Kearse out of bounds on a pass play like that? Tuna would have sat him rest of game. Best way to show players dont like being ripped is Simms used to say he and LT would talk about same trick they had not to get yelled at. After a bad series they would go off field to 10 yd line and stay for a play or two (coaches cant break 30 yd line I think). LOL , If a guy is a millionaire many times over use the tool that works, humiliate them on TV in front of fans and family. MAYBE point will finally stick and motivate them. Lets face it, the players think he isnt mentally ready for the HC spot,, this is priceless https://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2018/11/watch_jets_todd_bowles_bart_scott_miami_dolphins.html If Bowles gone , which is almost agiven with his coaching and idiotic non XsOs answers at Pressers, who you think Jets look at? I heard a beat writer was privately telling folks Jets were going to make a run at Sean Payton. Once Giant HC and only a 1 1/2 year NFL player who earned his coaching stripes moving up the ropes. As player: Chicago Bruisers (1987) Pittsburgh Gladiators (1987) Ottawa Rough Riders (1987) Chicago Bears (1987) Leicester Panthers (1988) As coach: San Diego State (1988–1989) Offensive assistant Indiana State (1990–1991) Running backs coach & wide receivers coach San Diego State (1992–1993) Running backs coach Miami (OH) (1994–1995) Offensive coordinator Illinois (1996) Quarterbacks coach Philadelphia Eagles (1997–1998) Quarterbacks coach New York Giants (1999) Quarterbacks coach New York Giants (2000–2002) Offensive coordinator Dallas Cowboys (2003–2005) Assistant head coach & quarterbacks coach New Orleans Saints (2006–present) Head coach
  11. screw that, hire arians a HC anf fire low idiot bowles
  12. SouthernJet

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    Lucky fellas
  13. SouthernJet

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    I want to thank JetNation for the wonderful retirement vacation they have given me... https://www.foxnews.com/travel/tourist-spills-secrets-of-sex-island-where-guests-pay-to-party-with-prostitutes
  14. SouthernJet

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    Thanks I appreciate it. maybe you can send some fave Crusher recipes so my wife can earn her keep
  15. SouthernJet

    Congratulations SouthernJet

    when I made my last video for IBM month or so ago, I figured I would have fun and see how many actually figured out my little gag with clothing to show 'this is the clown you have been paying 45 years' Here is a picture from between takes:

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