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    Retired. Dabble here and there w/consulting on best way to implement FD.
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques
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    1969 Super Bowl
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    Used to at Shea. Gave them up when I moved to NC in 1983 from Poughkeepsie.
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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
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    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. watch for this guy as DC. Saleh was LB coach under him in Jacksonville where he was DC. LB coach now so this would be promotion. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/coaches-roster/bob-babich I imagine if he comes we 'maybe' get his son also https://www.buffalobills.com/team/coaches-roster/bobby-babich
  2. i think we see a Bleilichick type DC. In other words they dont do a lot and usually make bad HCs when they leave. Saleh may be that type HC whlike Andy Reid is bit from offensive side. Someone has title but Reid/Saleh will probably call plays, adjustments etc
  3. because these interviews are downa nd dirty XsOs from GM, personell folks. He has never called plays, changed midstream gamescript, engineered last minute drives based on D schemes he figured out. He may be next ombardi but Jets at such low point they have to get this hire right so you cant hire a guy who never called a NFL play or was a college HC. Last time we did thta was Herm,,Herm worse cause he weasnt even a coordinator,,a DB coach,,wait, we are interviewing Aaron Glenn, same situation as Herm was. Douglas better be careful before all good PROVEN I CAN AT LEAST CALL BIG BOY PLAYS candidates are gone,,'wrap up daboll, campbell asap...maybe martindale IF he has a killer proven OC that wants to leave current gig or just got fired recently when theier HC got whacked?
  4. the PR hit may be why Khan saying he handling personell,, Hire Urban, take the PR hit on selecting Fields, let dust settle and then Urban takes over
  5. Lynn getting fired has hurt us with harbaugh and daboll
  6. Marvin Lewis would only leave his golfing/coaching Retitement gift job herm gave him at Arizona St for a NFL HC gig
  7. No salary cap for coaches as Parcells told Leon Hess
  8. Ya my choices harbaugh Campbell daboll,, happy with any of 3
  9. If it had corn it’s Iowa states Campbell, if plain dump its daboll
  10. I have a source who doesn’t want to be known to the pubic

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