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    "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man"
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    Raleigh, North Cackalacky
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques

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    Retired. Dabble here and there w/consulting on best way to implement FD.
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    Raleigh, North Cackalackey
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques
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    IBM; Software Future Strategist

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    1969 Super Bowl
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    Used to at Shea. Gave them up when I moved to NC in 1983 from Poughkeepsie.
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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. snowball starts rolling hard to stop,,sept will see full stadiums
  2. and you would be dumb enough to sue her and agree to appear on Judge Judy and tell the world what a putz you are 🤣
  3. If the Jets were a _____ what would they be? Have fun,,,,,,,,,,, I can start: If the Jets were a VACATION where would it be? Three Mile Island, Pa. If the Jets were a FOOD what would it be? Spicy Peppers (constant heartburn) If the Jets were a MOVIE what would it be? Groundhog Day If the Jets were a PHYSICAL or MEDICAL CONDITION what would they be? Piercing abdominal pain as game ends followed by volcanic diarrhea
  4. they may as well just put the Jets Logo on Mt. Rushmore
  5. jock heart and desire for last payday but i wouldnt go near him if I was a GM
  6. this scares me cause of respect ravens and douglas have for each other..the ravens wouldnt even be talking unless douglass both sais yes lets talk and also open to trade..damn
  7. Mann: Field position vital and could be a 15+ year stud
  8. Yes, but if I was in the compromised health category with pre existing conditions I may wait depending on new cases rate in 2 weeks leading up to game
  9. If you just cancel bye week and eliminate 2 weeks to super bowl you could do sept 27,, oct 3 if you move SB out 1 week, oct 10 if you move SB out 2 weeks
  10. Just cancel all preseason games and cancel bye week and Move Super Bowl out 2 weeks and start season 3 weeks later to Oct 3....
  11. Exactly. On point again. We are lick step 👍

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