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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques

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    Retired. Dabble here and there w/consulting on best way to implement FD.
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    Raleigh, North Cackalackey
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques
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    IBM; Software Future Strategist

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    1969 Super Bowl
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    Used to at Shea. Gave them up when I moved to NC in 1983 from Poughkeepsie.
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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
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    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. if we get Rodgers (which I doubt) i think we cut berrios and cobb comes over to replace and has a decent last year or two
  2. if we sign white i think zach #3 in 2023. My opinion is Jets are just shilling and have no intention of pissing whole team off and Zach will be gone by ANY mandatory camp
  3. considering the competition was Zach I think Selah would have grinned at any of the guys in question and also throw in YA Titles corpse and Josh Rosen
  4. yes u right, BUT, you have Gase and darnold in there, and you have Daboll (appears as real brains) and Beane using free agency year after Josh broke rookie interception record by getting the TOP FIVE free agent offensive linemen
  5. If not Jets thats timeframe where you couldnt drive a nail up my ass with a 20 lb sledgehammer
  6. agreeing to terms is allowed before march 15th, raiders have given permission
  7. The structured run based version of WCO could actually work with Minshew (I think) He is VERY accurate on his throws and he LEADS WRs which means YAC, something Zach could NEVER do is get YAC cause he didnt lead his WRs
  8. if you can get a nice pick / player for Davis, cheap options are vets Mack Hollins or Julio Jones. 1-2 year stopgaps but talented. Hollins a UFA and played w/Carr
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