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    Raleigh, North Cackalacky
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques

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    Reverse Engineer Crashed and/or Captured Spacecraft
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    Raleigh, North Cackalackey
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    Space (Goldilocks Planets & Enhanced Space Travel), A.I, History, Movies & Primitive Antiques
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    IBM; Software Future Strategist

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    1969 Super Bowl
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    Used to at Shea. Gave them up when I moved to NC in 1983 from Poughkeepsie.
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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
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    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. Phil needs a new typist, Phil had to let her go. She got pregnant.
  2. SouthernJet

    anyone going to training camp?

    retire this sept, so oddly I plan on attending summer camp in 2019.... Glenn said he would try and get me the dates they can be seen next year.. I will be in cape cod most of summer (I know wife will, LOL) and I will fly out based on days Glenn tells me I can see Jets live... and have lunch w/Glenn and a few of beat writers.
  3. SouthernJet


    They had man love when drunk and now cant decide to keep quiet about it or slowly write about it on Message Boards to titillate each other. if they start with the Hershey Highway banter I may have to step away for awhile.
  4. Phil having writers block. He cant take his eyes off the Temp he hired to type what he hopefully writes. Phil likes the 'Mom' types. Note: She makes Great Egg Salad sandwiches, so sadly Crusher has been crashing Phils every day further distracting him and making Betty prepare more sammies. Lots more sammies.
  5. I still want the short story on origins. maybe turn into a ESPN 30 for 30. Opening shot would be Black&White footage they show of Capones Valentines Day Massacre. ESPN can CGI in the original folks who were thrown out of JI or left, laying floor w/blood all over them. Sooth smiling getting in car, but a flicker of movement in the fingers of all shot on floor. JN is born!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. LOL, how many actually said "dumb Phil, there is no 2:23" Classic, classic Phil. Understated, if you get it you get it, if not, oh well.......
  7. Thanks Phil. You know me well as that was exact intent.
  8. did u call the smartest XsOs guys flunkies?
  9. thanks Glenn, you are the best,, looking forward to Camp in 2019, we will have some fun.
  10. Phil, just write the short story..actually make a YouTube video and let it go viral.. Let Stoolsprayer introduce the video,,questions i swhat sone do we have that can play in background low volumes during your vidoe, like Raiders have Winds of Autumn?
  11. you wrote the shorter prelude and epilogue but 90% main bulk of story would be the timeframe when you started JN and its aftermath and the growing years. I think it would end up a huge thread and all the buildup to starting, the heat I imagine you got, the angst of doing osmething life changing. maybe Cimini or Manish or Connor may pick up also. Ignore me if idiotic, but I, for one, would love the story. Think about it man. Something for your kids in future. It is (in my opinion) a very ballsy story and actually changed some folks lives.
  12. I may stay at work to call in around 5 PM,, Is that the time to call in?