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    1- Gastineau sacking Kosar illegally to prolong game and ruin our chances at a Super Bowl. 2- Up at haltime to Broncos w/a team that Tuna said was one of his best and would 100% win SB if they got there
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  1. Mularkey Out as Titan's HC

    Kathie Lee Gifford
  2. agree. he leaves if HE wants to leave.
  3. Mularkey Out as Titan's HC

    great Vandy point cause in most cases Momma make final decision
  4. a sh*tty head coach doesnt help either who cant ingame adjust. and bad qb play last year at a horrid rate. we have/have had too many vets that just cash a check (Mo/Sheldon)..Bowles lets these thugturds get away w/missed mtg and doesnt fine Mo until 5th late Mtg ,last year. .WTF? Explayers as HCs can sometimes bite you in ass.
  5. I know, why I meant Mac should be assertive and give that feedback and be on record w/Mgt. he gave that feedback.
  6. "We strive not to be eliminated from Playoffs by Halloween"
  7. He can NOT ingame adjust or react to ingame/halftime moves opponents make. he seems stubborn with gameplan he spent 4 days making up. We all know that goes out the crapper once game starts and the best Coordinators in NFL make adjustments, EXCEPT the Jets. It's Jets own fault as they hired Hermwho had some of same issues and he had zero Coordinator experience (where you learn how to ingame adjust on 1 side of ball) He was only ever a darn CB coach. So what do Jets do? They hire another non seasoned coach with ONE year as coordinator. Come on, lets start hiring folks who have moved up ladder and learned the strategy aspect for 10 years as opposed to ex-players who were playing during the 10 years other coaches (who didnt play ProBall or maybe a year or two) were climbing the coaching ladder learning different postions and startegy and gleaming from seasoned coaches in front of them. If Bowles cant ingame adjust by now, he wont learn it. Add to that never complaing about bad calls. Parcells used ot say "I know call wont be over turned, I am arguing for the next close call" Now, we hear he may be throwing OC Morton under bus (a ofense that over acheived) and keeeping his personal best pal idiot Kacy Rodgers. I blame GM Mac if this happens. He should have told Bowles after last game that Rodgers needed to be fired along w/Special Teams Coach. I am praying Arians/Zona and Bowles/Jets made some under cover deal where ex NJ guy Arians (who admits he and wifes family all still live here) comes back as Jets HC and Bowles (who I hear loved Arizona) becomes the Cardinals new HC. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Change at offensive coordinator?

    how can Morton get canned yet Toilet Bowles best buddy kacy Ridgers surives? Mac better wake up and tell Bowles this is BS.
  9. I tought Roidgers was slam dunk to get canned. If Bowles cans Morton and keeps his friend asswipe Rodgers than Mac needs to intervene and say WTF?
  10. "We really want to win and have you buy PSL's, the issue is we really suck at hiring coaches, drafting and picking the right Free Agents. Other than that, we really try"
  11. ya Woody could pick up more dollars by partnering his new motto with the Lotto
  12. "Even Sun Tzu said: "F**k it, this team is hopeless"
  13. LOL on that point, at Jet Bar I go to here in Raleigh NC to see the games w/NC Jet Fan Club, we have a tradition of yelling on the Jets first 1st down "Thats a NYJets FIRST DOWN"... at times it was almost embarrasing as the cheer sometimes didnt come until 2nd Qtr. LOL
  14. taking cousins solves the issue of NOT losing aka bundling draft picks to move up for darnold or roses. Getting cousins allows Jet stouse ALL draft picks on position players and improve this team faster.