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    Yes. Watched w/my Dad when I was 17.

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  1. So Glad we are a year ahead in the rebuild really ordered by 2017 by Chris Johnson. Chris gave OK to "not go for it" and probably told Mac he will fire Bowles and Mac can pick his own Head Coach. Some of Jets 2017 moves smelled of this team entered rebuild mode and I am sure Bowles knew he was gone (along with his numbnuts DC pal Kacy Rogers)
  2. go back to the cinema.. i actually like captive state with John Goodman,,decent sc-fi, bot getting a oscar but kepy my interest up enuf whhere I didnt have to pull hle in popcorn gag 😈
  3. go back to the cinema.. i actually like captive state with John Goodman,,decent sc-fi, bot getting a oscar but kepy my interest up enuf whhere I didnt have to pull hle in popcorn gag 😈
  4. ya we need OL bad, kicker was lots of dough, lots of dough.. I hope we cab get 1 or 2 short term Vet OL on cap cuts hoit before season starts. Then work the draft picks/ UDFAs in as depth. Have to get a Center,, just sign vet center guy w/smartest wunderlic as Center calls blocking assignments at LOS. ☹️
  5. most FA signings are done 3-10 days after 1st day of Free Agency. Look ta Pats. They will end up signing 6 guys you never heard of for cheap bucks.
  6. I think this one is year 2 as they let bowles die on vine and made player and cap moves designed to stink in 2018 and have a new coach and DC in 2019.. i think chris Johnson and Mac had a Mtg where they said Bowles and his friend Kacy the Court Jester of XsOs and ingame adjustments is a idiot and we will start rebuilding with new coaches in mind 2019
  7. what can I say, I am happy. I see 2019 meaningful games in December, in this the 2nd year of rebuild. I see 2020 as (barring disaster injuries en masse) a year where we have a team that can make a serious p[layoff run, forget scratching into the wildcard. Main thing though I see is starting in 2019 maybe, but 2020 I see us making the playoffs for quite a few years. part of rebuild wasnt just players, but philosophy. I think we figured it out. I hope Chris Johnson is still here as I think he 'gets it' better than Woody. Bleed Green. Stay loyal, dont give up. Our time will come. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yJ5XsX-p5k
  8. I assume this is high class, would I have to take the food crumbs out of my mustache before the video? I’ve done tons of videos for IBM but I got paid for it, LOL. I am assuming this is pro bono 😉
  9. SouthernJet

    You're running the Jets

    I would tell the same thing,, we need more and it has to be before FA. Why give away points of picks. Draft is messed up, the pick you dont make ends up being great decision and pick you settle for cause YOUR guy got picked right before you ends up being Nick Mangold. Its too much of a crapshoot not to demand fair value so at least you can feel you have helped your team. If they say no then guy you pick at #3 will be a stud, that is faith you have to have now that Woody out and Chris in. He actually is running team like a football guy and bot a guy worried about PC decisions to make whiners in NYC happy. #ChrisPleaseStayRunningTheShow
  10. as per just the OL in this post, I would go after 1 high/highest money OL stud in FA, 1 solid not cheap youngish OL FA and address the rest of OL via draft, UDFA and if a 'gem Vet' gets cut for salary cap reasons as camp progresses. I will ask Sperm this, how would you address the Center position? And of the 5 starters, how many new names do you predict will start? I say 3-4.
  11. LOL. It makes him unfavorable because more likely he has a bad pee test again (suspended again) that Hunt beating up someone, from a % of offenses by NFL players. Analytics
  12. coming from you that sort of means it a given it is related
  13. ya folks dont get the gamechanger a unpsportmanlike hitting out of bounds or punch after your team just had a great play is compared to a offsides, some folks just dont have football iq
  14. gregg williams,,,, plus normal penalties and thugturd 'i have to hit you back' penalties
  15. Loved around the 3:30 mark where he talks about STUPID penalties killing team with bad field position,,, Bowles missed that class..

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