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  1. You still here? .I figured you were bent over at some Correctional Facility by now

  2. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think...

  3. Sitting on a park bench......

    1. Thor99


      Get a tissue.

  4. no, just dont go there much. the length restriction turns me off..less substance and more **** from people like 'weather is nice', 'i got pepperoni on my pizza'..'my lawn needs mowing'..lots of ego there ..

  5. haha..sorry :>))

  6. merry xmas John to you and your beautiful family

  7. merry xmas man...JN misses your sane posts

  8. precious is a FEEL good movie as a whole..you will deprive yourself a good experience by avoidance.

  9. hey whats up? i have been in philly/jersey last week or so..cold ..damn

  10. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84640&highlight=sj+reviews you have to get over 'i cant see'..haha..only way to grow spirtually. sad, yes, but soaring joy also :>))
  11. go to a sports bar girl..free drinks :>))

  12. not yet..reviews are middle of road i see,,i will maybe see this weekend..i have been busy with college football games and a we had a play and antiques show to go to

  13. sometimes at that age it works if u say 'do u wanna bring one of your friends along also'

  14. too bad she didnt go with u.. i am sure she would like.. drew barrymoire hts a homer in her 1st directorial gig

  15. no big deal at all with Mich loss.. They are ahead of schedule, and this was a tuf game..The freshman QB got his road experience which is needed.. 2010 will be a big year..a VERY big year..

  16. i didnt know they lost a player,,thats sucks...

  17. i obviosly didnt see yet,,the previews have looked 'iffy' to me.. take the wifee to see 500 days of summer, julie and julia.. both flicks women like, but still men friendly,,both good.. district 9 u will like better than her, but still pretty good..

  18. u can tell its coming

  19. ya, i answered a msg he sent me and saw yours when i sent..just turn your head teh 2 or 3 times it gets ruf

  20. i am sure u can handle basters,,a few gory parts , but not worth missing whole movie over that

  21. hmm..OK,but not like typical scifi flick,,takes it to a different level,,morality play like good scifi should be. It goes no where near the other films that care only about fights, special effects and more fights

  22. If u havent seen D9 than how u know garbage?? Confused?? If not your thing then fine..but how u know garbage if u havent seen?? Be careful of 'assuming' in life,,u miss alot of cool things due to perceived assumptions :>)) Good is fairly rated, so I will see in a week or 2..Inglorious bastards 1st next week,,

  23. Yes, in next week or so...Isnt in Raleigh yet...I have seen trailers ofr many weeks and can tell it is good..... 'Summer Hours' was excellent by the way..French flick...

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