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  1. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84640&highlight=sj+reviews you have to get over 'i cant see'..haha..only way to grow spirtually. sad, yes, but soaring joy also :>))
  2. U in raleigh now???

    Raleigh Jet fan club watches games near RDU airport at https://desysgrillandbar.com/


    see ya there


  3. You still here? .I figured you were bent over at some Correctional Facility by now

  4. ahhh,,, that was my wifes life,,NYC model,,tuf life.. my wife 'thinking' of getting back into the game..she has been approached, 'mature' models is a hot thing now,,she is iffy but I say go for it...

  5. draft thingt would be cool,,wonder if cowher shows up again at amedeo's north??

  6. fantastic.. now he needs to train in off season to get ready,,big mistake kids make is not training all year,,he needs to get summer miles in before season starts,,,Beans used to coach cross country in NC...he coached against my youngest son,,he could help u

  7. go to a sports bar girl..free drinks :>))

  8. great game,,,damn,, imagine if we had ginyard and zeller all year

  9. haha... no raisins for JGBs cause he is at my house ..haha

  10. haha..how ya been man,,,gettin ready for some football.. heels news has me juiced in bballa ndfootball,,rich nad i reupped to football tix and we now have season tix to bball..

  11. haha..sorry :>))

  12. hahaha,,no problem,,when I figured it out I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is actually a cool thing to do every once in awhile,,brilliant.. Ypou made my morning,,I actually posted it after i saw on drudge report cause the wife and i almost got hit last nite by some chick in a car turning corner too wide while texting...

  13. have agreat time,,u wil lget 'thanks for the party' sex tonite

  14. He will be back end of month :D.. lots also goin on ,,big case, out of country travel etc..

  15. hey whats up? i have been in philly/jersey last week or so..cold ..damn

  16. Hi thanks,,Name is Rich though,,this is my 3rd knee op...

  17. hmm..OK,but not like typical scifi flick,,takes it to a different level,,morality play like good scifi should be. It goes no where near the other films that care only about fights, special effects and more fights

  18. how ya been man??????? hope family is doin great??

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