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  1. Sitting on a park bench......

    1. Thor99


      Get a tissue.

  2. haha..how ya been man,,,gettin ready for some football.. heels news has me juiced in bballa ndfootball,,rich nad i reupped to football tix and we now have season tix to bball..

  3. thanks,,used to it sadly

  4. haha... no raisins for JGBs cause he is at my house ..haha

  5. same to u,,hope people show,,game is on tv and we will know if bills bet pats,,i dont think many feel jags can beat ravens in balt,,bills is or main hope

  6. yup,,got out a t12 ish,,doin fine,, the miniscus was wrapped around bone as opposed to ripped,,they just re-positioned,,he said it was unusual, but explained the pain

  7. how ya been man??????? hope family is doin great??

  8. haha..sorry :>))

  9. Hi thanks,,Name is Rich though,,this is my 3rd knee op...

  10. slow week,,time to bump some of the more viewed threads from past...didnt bump any turds

  11. too bad she didnt go with u.. i am sure she would like.. drew barrymoire hts a homer in her 1st directorial gig

  12. sometimes at that age it works if u say 'do u wanna bring one of your friends along also'

  13. great game,,,damn,, imagine if we had ginyard and zeller all year

  14. draft thingt would be cool,,wonder if cowher shows up again at amedeo's north??

  15. http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=84640&highlight=sj+reviews you have to get over 'i cant see'..haha..only way to grow spirtually. sad, yes, but soaring joy also :>))
  16. Ya I liked,,gave it 3,,maybe a 3 1/2 agree..I wanted a little more of the Frank Nitti/Dillinger story..its pretty good,,rivals..sort of like the godfather with the rival stuff with other 'families'

  17. hey whats up? i have been in philly/jersey last week or so..cold ..damn

  18. is this legit??i smell a goof...

  19. Yes, in next week or so...Isnt in Raleigh yet...I have seen trailers ofr many weeks and can tell it is good..... 'Summer Hours' was excellent by the way..French flick...

  20. precious is a FEEL good movie as a whole..you will deprive yourself a good experience by avoidance.

  21. i didnt know they lost a player,,thats sucks...

  22. Odd, I cant type in edit field of anything..not old or new topics..Is it my computer or site issue? Just dont want to waste time re-trying. Thanks..

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