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  1. 6 hours ago, GreenFish said:

    We’ve had a great offseason. And if we make no further moves, I would still be happy. Our team looks like it is moving in the direction.

    With that said, we still have holes on the team and there are players that are or might become available that can really put this team over the top.


    We’re pretty much set on offense. Our offense being playoff caliber really hinges on the development of Zach Wilson, Mekhi Becton and one of Elijah Moore / Garrett Wilson proving they’re a #1 WR. Nothing new here. We all know this and have been talking about it all offseason.

    Good to have: We could still use a swing tackle. Asking Max Mitchell to be that guy right away seems risky. I’m currently not aware of a player that can fill this hole.


    Alright. Here we go. As much resources as we put into the defense, it is still not playoff caliber. Our run defense is set to be awful. There are two ways I think you stop the run. 1) Get big guys up front that demand double teams creating free LBs to get to the RB 2) have a strong coverage team that allows SS and LB to stack the box creating a numbers advantage. Our defense is setup to be the 2nd option. But we are missing a ballhawk FS and cover LB to do this affectively.

    Ball Hawking Safety: We need to keep an eye out on the Jessie Bates situation. He does not plan on signing his franchise tag and the Bengals already drafted his replacement. Getting a guy like Bates, who can play single high, will allow Whitehead to predominately play in the box to help the run game and cover the flat. Two areas we sucked at last year. I would trade a 2023 2nd and Ashtyn Davis for Jessie Bates. The 2nd is obviously the key part. Seems like that is the expected return for Bates. In terms of salary, a Marcus Williams type of offer seems fair. More than that, and I’ll pass.

    Cover LB: Atlanta changed their defensive system and now Dieon Jones is being asked to do things he is not good at. I expect him to get cut as a result. While he may no longer be that all-pro guy, he is still good and he is still young. The guy can cover and still flies all over the field. He just cant shed blocks. Going back to a Robert Saleh style defense will put him in position to do what he does best. And he’s a player we currently don't have. Mosley can then focus on cleaning up run plays and covering smaller areas.

    Interior DL: We are rumored to be very interested in Larry Ogunjobi. This would be fantastic. He’s a better version of Sheldon Rankins who disappointed last year.

    Thoughts? Any other players being rumored to be on the block or possibly be a camp cut that can help this team?

    If Gio gets cut in Tampa I wouldn’t mind making him our third or fourth back. Very good safety valve as great RB pass catcher  and a veteran presence since two of our backs are very young. He wouldn’t be bad as fourth on the depth chart

  2. 3 minutes ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    Shanahan scheme wants a RB by committee so............


    Is that really true and what exactly does that have to do with our offense? IMO both the Jets and 49ers only go committee due to injury and would like to have a feature back with some back ups to only come in to provide breather. Not really a full blown committee.

    its shanahan approach (dad, son, mcvay etc)

    unless of course he has that rare beast a stud 3 down RB which maybe the NFL has 3-4 any given year. I think shanahan systems has been best at utilizing committee approach IF no stud.... we dont have that stud and we have a OC that learned form guys who honed committee approach. You be surprised some teams try and force feed a RB 3 downs when they or OL isnt built for that


    Sean McVay copying Shanahan's approach with RB committee

    The Los Angeles Rams moved on from 

    Todd Gurley
     with the plan of employing a committee approach in 2020.

    Coach Sean McVay told Dan Hellie on the Helliepod recently that he's taking a page out of Kyle Shanahan's playbook in how he plans to approach the running back position.

    "I think it'll just naturally work itself out. I think if you look at that success San Fran had last year with that running back-by-committee approach," McVay said, via Cameron DaSilva of The Rams Wire. "What I thought Kyle (Shanahan) and their players did a great job of is, 'Hey, we're going to have an open-mind approach, we're going to be committed to trying to have some balance and then we'll go with the hot hand or whoever really expresses himself as deserving of the carries."

    In the wake of 

    Todd Gurley
    's disastrous contract, the Rams' plan to ride a committee is natural. It's not wholly unlike when a person breaks up with someone and subconsciously seeks out a partner diametrically opposed to their previous companion.

    McVay noted that 

    Darrell Henderson
    , Malcolm 
    John Kelly
     and rookie 
    Cam Akers
     all have the ability to carry the load if needed.

    "We feel good. We've got three guys really on our roster that have played football when you look at 

    Darrell Henderson
    John Kelly
     is another guy, 
    Malcolm Brown
     has consistently produced in that No. 2 role behind Todd," he said. "And then 
    Cam Akers
     is a guy that we're excited about. So we've got four backs that we feel like are all NFL-legitimate starting-caliber backs and not feeling like you've got to force carries or touches to any of them. Just open mind and see how these guys do."

    How the carries shake out will depend on a myriad of factors, including how fast 


     picks up the offense given the lack of offseason work prior to training camp. The rookie remains the best bet to win the most substantial role, especially on early downs, but, as McVay said, all four running backs should play a part.



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  3. 2 minutes ago, varjet said:

    The Jets "stole" MC1 last year at the top of the 4th round.   He is a very good but undersized change of pace running back.

    The Jets need to invest their high 3rd round pick, at a minimum, in a bigger back.  There are several in this draft.  That seems to be the value there.  Perine will be a reserve until his contract expires.  

    100% agree, but would like a 1 year starter proven in case he can get a wildcard. Gordon appears to be available for a friendly deal


    I think other than draft Gordon best compliment ot Carter.. we NEED proved RB that can pass block and pick up blitzes. There is reason Javonta Williams had huge year in Denver. Gordon terrific blocker and LBs have to respect play action cause he can catch opening up other RB


    From AFC GM:

    Gordon is a strong goal-to-go back that can find the end zone on top of being solid in the passing game both as a receiver and blocker.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Either get another smooth can do it all back like james cook or get a big banging beefy back.  Who is the closets player to aj dillon in this draft?

    I think other than draft Gordon best compliment ot Carter.. we NEED proved RB that can pass block and pick up blitzes. There is reason Javonta Williams had huge year in Denver. Gordon terrific blocker and LBs have to respect play action cause he can catch opening up other RB


    From AFC GM:

    Gordon is a strong goal-to-go back that can find the end zone on top of being solid in the passing game both as a receiver and blocker.

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  5. This scheme likes gadget plays when right players available.

    He is super talented but makor injury prone.

    We need more WRs. Take a 1 year flyer on Will Fuller and watch the fun w/coordinator implementing Fuller Berrios and Zach scrambling ability.

    Fuller could play slot where Crowder was freeing up Berrios to play same hybrid role he had at end of season last year

  6. Just now, Rangers9 said:

    This could just be a salary dump by Atlanta who figures they could be losing with or without Ryan for next two years. Mariota got a 2 year deal worth 18.75 from Atlanta and Ryan was due around 50 for next two seasons. The assumption is Atlanta is going to draft a Qb this year and it gives him 2 years to develop with probably Mariota as the starter unless new Qb wins the job. It’s also possible that Marcus could get another chance to be a starter and improves to be the Qb the league originally thought he’d be. But on the surface Matty Ice is the much better player. 

    exactly right. I have Mariota on my fantasy team and love this and if he does well he moves on in 2 years if Falcons draft a stud QB or the drafted QB if not a stud stays as backup if Mariota make sthe most of his 2nd chance

  7. 21 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    Isn’t Arthur Smith the one who resurrected Tannehill? This is a good pairing. 

    agree. Its great for Mariota in fantasy. Its like winston few years back with Bucs.

    Falsons will be playing catchup all year. Mariota will have 4 pts at halftime then end up with 30+ fantasy points as he throws against a prevent D to pitts/patterson as Falcons are 3 scores down.

  8. Just now, jetstream23 said:

    12 personnel, 21 personnel, even 22 personel.... That's the SF offense.

    Tell me why we're hellbent on upgrading Corey Davis right now?  Sure, I'd love to get a better WR than him, but this idea that the Jets need to go WR in Round 1 doesn't make sense to me.

    Uzomah and Conklin might be on the field together a LOT along with Michael Carter.  That's a 12 personnel grouping and you're not getting more than 2 WRs on the field in that case.  Out of Corey Davis and CJ Uzomah I might actually argue that drafting a TE in Round 2 to upgrade Uzomah is as important as upgrading Davis.

    The Jets could certainly go WR at #10, I just think a guy like Christian Watson at #35 is more likely.

    I think you have wrong thread. This is RB by committee thread. Good points though

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  9. 3 minutes ago, derp said:

    I think the Jets’ best opportunity to find a really good offensive playmaker in this draft would be a running back in the second round. Make Carter a 1B back and the rookie a 1A. Carter is absolutely a committee back anyway.

    Someone like Alvin Kamara got under 40% of the Saints’ carries two years ago even though he played in 15 games. There’s a way to be a committee team and still get a high end back valuable touches while also keeping him fresh and healthy.

    I don’t think they go that route but do think it’d be a viable strategy.

    ya committee are put together oddly and %'s mean zilch. Look at edmunds conner last year.

    I wouldnt mind a draft pick RB but think if things fall right Jets may sneak a wildcarsdso a 1 year deal for Gordon may be a smart move . With most openings gone Gordon may love a 1 year deal with upfront signing bonus so he can do it all over again in 2023.

    I think Gordon goes back to Denver of Chargers though. (That will piss of williams fantasy owners. Ekeler actually put up great #s w/Gordon. Was fresher and didnt get dinged as much)

    Why I like him for Jets, keep Carter fresh and away from goal line injury zone

  10. 1 minute ago, extmenace said:

    Knows the system and came at a great price. I wouldn't anticipate that the jets plan on heading into the season as him being the 1b back. I anticipate that the jets will bring in another RB, either by draft or FA. Coleman is the backup that takes over should one of the top 2 backs were to miss time. in that role, the signing makes sense and can be justified. 

    agree and Shanahan scheme likes 3 rotating backs with 1C getting less reps but involved. Its why SF a nightmare for Fantasy owners per RB's LOL

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  11. Is Coleman the perfect 1B to Carter?

    Is there better options out there. Obviously based on Carter skillset along with 'maybe' not burliest of RBs at goal line we may thing a compliment is a stronger back.

    Who out there? Draft?

    Melvin Gordon would actually be a perfect physical compliment and do well at the goal line (something sorely needed). HadsDouglas patiently waited out FA long enough to get Gordon a good price?

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