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  1. Noooooo But do it fast as hell and the list should be done and ordered in way we desire. We dont need long feeling out process. They know these guys by now XsOs wise.
  2. I want Daboll and dont forget the Bills GM brilliantley over 2 years ago in same FreeAgent season signed 5 best OffLinemen in same year. The Bills have been in playoffs since and Josh looks much better and less mistakes. Douglas gets Daboll, goess balls to walls in free agency and draft with finsihing OL rebuild and then its Wilson Lawrence or Fields. (Urban to Jags could elevate Fields to Jags as he knows Off playobbok about to be used in Jacksonville and his skillset perfect fit)
  3. Cast wide net, take our time. BS Jets have had MONTHS to research these coaches cause they knew Gase was gone in early October (I think Douglas knew Gase gone Jan 2021 the day he was hired and inherited idiot Gase). Research DONE. Its offer and negotiate time in order of who you want. Dont waste time and lose best guys while you yank you pud
  4. you have to have backups with top choices say No. Jets have had MONTHS to research these coaches cause they knew Gase was gone in October. Research DONE. Its offer and negotiate time in order of who you want. Dont waste tome and lose best guys while you yank you pud
  5. I hear jets like Wilson over Fields.
  6. agree,,I think if we struck a week or two ago we have him, but Chargers just fired Lynn and Jets and Chargers were the 2 teams he told friends he would go back to NFL for. Douglas has to sell the Jet job as Harbaugh will have best GM in NFL if he comes to Jets
  7. Lynn just fired. I now fear he take Hebert and California over Jets. ONLY way we win is Joe Douglas reputation he has heard thru his Ravens brother and probably more money and major input on who Jets select at #2
  8. Major problem just arose. Those close to Harbaugh a week ago said he had interest in 2 jobs,,Jets and Chargers. Chargers JUST fired Lynn. TYPICAL SOJ LUCK
  9. He didnt recruit Fields to OSU (he was gone by time Fields transferred to OSU), but probably scouted him in high school. Dont forget OSU didnt change Offensive system so Fields transferred there cause his skill set fit Urbans system. In that context if Fields plays lights out again vs Bama and Urban implementing his scheme with Jags its not impossible he wants Fields over Lawrence. Urban to Jags would make this weekends Fields performance a interesting topic. Perfect fit for Urban scheme and already knows it but knows it to perfection. Hell, keep Glennon or hire Fitz on a 1 year and Jags may surprise folks
  10. Dont tell press we are targeting CEO type HC. That narrows down who we targeting and allows opposition who may want same guy to move quicker. But it does tell you Jets 'probably' only interviwing coordinators as backups if CEO types (Campbell Fitzgerald etc college program builders along with Harbaugh Cowher Caldwell Marvin etc)..\It smells like Joe wanted Campbell 1st go round and is targeting now along with Harbaugh and Cowher. All others are backups if those 3 do not come. UNC Tar Heels did CEO HC hire with Mack Brown and its been highly successful. Mack knows whole game and how to run a organization and pokes his head when issues arise but went out and hired killer coaching staff. I think Jets see Cowher ultimate CEO type who puppett masters great coach staff. They see Harbaugh as CEO type who more hands on than Cowher would be. The see Campbell as ability to bond with players to build a new culture and has proven they can win with lesser rated recruits and budgets. Campbell a worry as we dont know how he translates to NFL although Kingsbury and Rhule are clones as far as resume and they doing fine 1st time in NFL
  11. especially when that QB called his own plays. Manning called every play. His OCs got him coffee
  12. probably why chargers just fired Lynn. Harbaugh getting close in talks with Jets but Chargers has been his 1st choice, Jets 2nd. Up to Douglas to close deal woith more money I guess Aand allowing Harbaugh HIGE input to what QB drAFTED
  13. highly doubt it unless Douglas pointing to UNCs Sam Howell in 2022 draft
  14. per OL, i want 2-3 free agents and 2-3 draft picks.. remember, many like sam better than josh after rookie season and preGase,,josh and bills miraculously got good when bills gm then signed FIVE free agent OLinemen in one free agent period. A very good OL rules all
  15. why pay big for old WR when at best our team is 2 years away form serious playoff material
  16. I have seen this 3 times now. Maybe as a OffCoordinator but these articles are saying he is being talked about as a HC candidate? I know for fact the Johnsons love him and thought he was super professional and handled himself in proper way with teammates and front office, media etc when he was with Jets. I dont recall if Joe Douglas was here when Josh was here. https://sportsnaut.com/nfl-rumors-josh-mccown-2021-head-coach/
  17. I want Lawrence but we cant ignore in Gase 2 years, play calling horrific BUT Jets also had 32nd ranked in 'defense getting to QB speed'. Sam hasnt had time to even look at his primary. Look at Josh Allen when Bills got 5 free agent OffLinemen in one cycle. He immediately became very good. He has time to view field and even see a hole where he can scramble. In NFL it is all about OL. SuoerBowls won by medicore QBs with Good OLs but no SB won by team with bottom 5 OL. We have no choice now but to see what Sam can do with good OL in front of him (I assume Douglas gets 4-6 OL with draft and free agency) and NFL level big boy play calling. Many might be surprised what a QB can do when they have tome to make the progression reads and even scramble..
  18. ya , what the hell.. hey lets hire Rex or Mangini again.. I bet they would take the job
  19. individual statement. You would have to know me and how I cared before to what state I am in now as far as how I react to losses now etc. Its a point A to Point B thing..
  20. No Lawrence means Jets will just have to do it old fashioned way. Luckily Douglas knew this always a chance and has done nice job accumulating picks, signing cap friendly deals so we have Free Agency Money. Jets will have to complete the "we now have 5 good starters on Offensive Line" rebuild this draft/FA period. They will fill holes in roster with slew of picks we have. Getting Daboll probably smartest move right now since no Lawrence means no elite level coach and hopefully with Dabolls extended family still in Jersey we have a shot with him. Most teams build this way, very very few just step into a generational QB, so, we have to trust Douglas and at least hope Jets can get a coach who has proven they can call plays in NFL. I dont want anyone who hasnt called plays at NFL or high college level (If we hire a college coach he better have been a great OC or DC before he became a HC). Disaster waiting to happen. Look at all players who thrived after Gase... you could see nice jump in skill level when Gase and his high school offense and attitude are gone.
  21. This team eats your soul like a hungry Devil at a all you can eat Ribs joint
  22. If we dont Lawrence we will roll with Sam 1 more year and trade #2 pick for slew of picks
  23. agree,, Fields is another Sam, Josh Allen,, good QB if you give great OL, coaches and cast they will be good. we have that in Sam, just havents helped him. Bills signed great free agent OL and have daboll coaching and nice supporting cast,,keep sam and rebuild whole team with actually some depth
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