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  1. fields isnt generational aka he is ju8st like sam josh allen etc,,give them a good off line, good coaching and supporting cast and they will play well,,we have that already in sam,,if we cant get lawrence we may as well stick with sam, finish OL rebuild, hopefully good coaching (lesser candidates if no lawrence so daboll would be good pick) and see what sam does with rebuilt OL, healthy WRs, smart gameplans and playcalling and if he flops look to Free agent 2022 qbs or pick a project qb in 3rd/4th Rd,, then you have morgan and another, maybe one pans out,, but allen only flourished when bills got 5 new off linemen in free agency,, if a qb has time, they usually can be somewhat effective,, look at ravens over the years
  2. ya in NFL offense side of ball its all about OffLine, coach9ing and surrounding talent. The QB just has to be competent. Its great if QB is a stud, but look at Allen, he is OK, but mentally has issues but his OL allows him time now not to make the bad call. The thing that turned Bills into good team was the new GM in his 1st year spent all his free agent cash on FIVE Off Linemen and he made a trade to get a high draft pick used on another OffLinemen. Bills in 1 offseason had 5 new OffLineman most of who were veterans. This is why even w/Lawrence you will see Douglas get probably 3 OffLineman in FA and draft 2-3 OL within 1st 4 rounds
  3. LOL. Just get me the arsenic
  4. he can also not cheat and just play super vanilla defenses that glaringly show minimal coverage that Darnold easily throw a few bombs for TDs. He just says "I picked the wrong coverage". On offense he calls super vanilla runs up middle and throw to TEs/RBs that we can negate for most part.
  5. Expression:.. short of sticks. As Douglas walks Gase out the door he should stop 2 yards short of the door and say 'OK Bye' and walk away
  6. that was his 1st wife who died of cancer. His 2nd wife he met in NYC I believe and she is Jets fan.
  7. well at least Roman has proven he calls plays and puts gameplans together. I am baffled by Bienemy rumors as he has never called plays. Its same mistake we made with Herm who was never even a coordinator before coming to Jets.
  8. exactly. When Mack Brown came back to Carolina for football after 10 years off, he said being in studio weekly allowed him to follow all game in nation, study schemes, new innovations etc. He also said he got to see all the assistant coaches and how the game managed during games and said it helped in putting together a staff.
  9. If true, the Jets HAVE to do it. He has stayed in touch w/games styles and schemes by being in studio. It is like Mack Brown to UNC. Cowher would brig cred, and be a CEO type for 4-5 years and get a great coaching staff. How do you NOT do it.
  10. Mashed and Baked. OHHH sorry, you said studs!!
  11. I think Roman handshake deal done. If he drops dead maybe Daboll.
  12. I am applying for a JN Mod job so I will be taking questions to show my mad knowledge, Fire away
  13. He gets cut if Lawrence or Fields drafted with a QB Guru coach in Roman. Politics in lockeroom not worth it. Plus if we get Greg Roman as coach we are getting Ravens playbook aka Flacco is backup AND teacher
  14. I am in 14 team, 1 pt PPR, 6 pt TD, Return yard League. 1 QB/2RB/2WR/Flex1=WT/ Flex2= WRT/1PK/1D We have 22 roster spots, 4 IRs and week before draft we declare keepers for zero to 22. If you keep 12 players your 1st draft pick is Round 13. So there isnt many guys left on waivers. Appreciate any input from serious Dynasty 'nerds' who have insight. Thanks guys!!!! Some guys I looking at Freeman, Isabella, Van Jefferson, Joe Reed etc. I need all position advice but I REALLY need a few RB sleepers as I've been hit hard there
  15. woody returns to Florham physically Week10. Expect changes that week
  16. smh, ya Gase would have been solid if he had a good OC... I am literally LOLMAO
  17. This article written after Gase Miami gig BUT BEFORE he had one Jets practice. If you take time to read you will throw up as you see how SPOT ON it ended up being. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2837130-stats-dont-lie-adam-gase-is-the-wrong-coach-for-sam-darnold-and-the-jets
  18. difference is THIS team has ZERO chance of winning due to Gase incompetence and inability to ingame manage
  19. Think: Jim Harbaugh if Michigan loses to OSU or Greg Roman (Part of me fears if Douglas strikes out, he will reach to his Ravens past and hire Brian Billick) Want: Same as above
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