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  1. that is damn good when Kap went off rails with new girlfriend and prioritized activism over football. As far as Lamar this year, its week 3 so who cares and they played KC and 1st 2 games were blowout 30+ point scored by Ravens so I am sure they were playing conservative kill clock 4th Qtrs and again, its week 3 LOL I like the consistency of , My God, we have had in NY and he had in Miami rankings in the high 20s, 30s , smh It would be un Jet like if we lucked into getting Greg Roman. I hope Sam shows confidence boost and better play so we can use draft picks on non QB selections. I warn you though, if Sam continues trajectory and doesnt fix foot placement then,,, 2021 Sams 4th year, NEW coach, Douglas's 1st REAL year as GM with HIS head coach = Jets will have to use top pick on QB Roman likes.
  2. Jets making play for Harbaugh but 1% chance. Unless John Harbaugh resigns form Ravens after season, Greg Roman is a shoo-in to be named Jets HC. Great choice, worked in SF w/Kap (when he was good) and now Lamar Jackson. He changes his scheme to mesh with players skills and is innovative and changes ingame. Cant blame him for KC games LOL. It would be Douglas going to his Baltimore roots. The folks who trained him hired Roman. Main thing is Greg is 'regular Coord. not a wierd analytics, silent, moody type like Gase. He coaches and calls like normal football. I doubt he will run 98% of time up the middle on 2nd and 10 LOL We might even see 20 yard out passes and more mvement from Sam OR we will see if Sam shows no improvement w/Gase gone rest of 2020 thjat Jets use 1st Rd pick on a QB that Roman thinks better fits when he likes to do. His history is he likes to work with QBs who can scramble but strong arms.
  3. That is absolutely true based on the way Douglas has been rebuilding the team he has behind 2021 I think Gase/Douglas friendship overblown and he had a feeling based on when he saw in Miami that he was going to have to get a new coach in year three. that’s why he demanded six years you are right. he wanted four years like most new GMs get starting with HIS coach. I hear Greg Roman is the guy he had on Top of his list for awhile
  4. That is probably true. from what I’ve heard the two candidates are Harbaugh and Greg Roman both of those can be talked to via Douglas friendship with John Harbaugh of the Ravens and exGM and mentor Ozzie Newsome to gauge interest
  5. Here is why I think he is already fired. you don’t do a two week evaluation that everybody knows about and then get blown out looking horrible versus colts. even a victory over a horrible Denver team has neutered the coach. if the owners say “OK he was so bad we had to evaluate him after only three games into the season but now he’s OK” is just not believable that it would be done . I think he lost his job when Douglas demanded the owners fire him , then they bargained and said “well let’s evaluate for 2 weeks”, when they gave him two weeks I think the colts horror show was enough for them to politically fire him. even if they beat Denver they just say we took the two weeks as one entity and it wasn’t sufficient. I truly think he’s already fired and the Jets are either going to hire Harbaugh on Friday (unliked), and if they don’t do that they will name Gregg Williams interim coach and hire Greg Roman offensive coordinator of the Ravens in January (Most likely scenario as Douglas goes back to his Raven roots which actually is also for harbaugh as Douglas is close to them via the raven connection)
  6. The new coach is likely an interim coach so OK but big deal
  7. Lol. That’s the beauty of coaches. like Parcells told Leon Hess “there is no salary cap for coaches”
  8. I agree to a greater extent I think Sam immediately gets better by having his confidence lifted just by having Gase out of the building. if the new coach is good that’s a plus
  9. There is definitely something afoot I think they may be trying to get him before Michigan’s first game October 24. People forget that harbaugh is listed by Las Vegas as third most likely coach to get fired in Big Ten this year. he is on the hot seat because of all the Ohio State losses. it was also a rumor last year that he wanted back in the NFL. this is the perfect opportunity for him to get out before he gets fired
  10. harbaugh is in the mix. UMich 1st game oct 24 and rumor is he wants back to NFL
  11. i got news for you, the Jets dont have to tank to finish 0-16. They can earn it the old fashioned way
  12. josh rated last in nfl last year throeing 20 yards and longer patterns, bills smart, threw most out and went to short game, smart coaching,,adaptive
  13. with so many needs on Jets the clue is right in front of y'all. why waste 4th rd pick on QB Morgan unless front office had doubts? You get cheap vets to hold clipboards when your main qb is 24. Lets face it, Jets have doubts hence the high pick on qb when we had a million needs
  14. maybe I will apply for job pouring pancakes at Jets buffet , get fired and then next week i will be chef at 3 star Michelin NYC restaurant.. any other career inkling y'all have? quick go get hired and fired by JetFastPath Career Inc
  15. come on, Gregg proven commodity and MLBs are what stops those plays which we dont have. If GW not Douglas choice fine, we wait, but something has to be done and GW proven record of players bonding to him. We need a CEO HC who gains respect. Sadly Jets D isnt good enuf now to stop but I love how Bills adapted to Josh weaknesses,,Gase is like duhhh run its 2nd and long LOL
  16. This has now been shown that being fired, traded or released by Jets provides a proven boost to your career. I am applying for a gardening position tomorrow and then get fired and hopefully I will own a Flower Nursery by next week
  17. It is just horrid. They play basic crap ypu see since Pop Warner. No creativity. NOTICE that Josh Allen was WORST NFDL QB throwing routes 20+ yards in 2019. So what do Bills coaches do? Use his skills, dump most long routes, and go to dump offs, screens and 5-15 yard slants (John Brown). Would Gase ever be that thoughtful and smart? No, he is too arrogant to scheme to his players. Hell, even Belichick admitted ot altering to Cams strength.s I dont know who right coach is, but it is not Gase. The team has no heart cause they know Gase a dunce and they dont like him on top of that. If Douglas like job Gregg Williams did with Browns and from what I hear they think Hines Ward a young up and coming star coach I would fire Gase/Loggains/Vitt now, make GreggW HC/DC and promote Hines Ward to OffCoord. You watch the different attitude. We may lose but you watch heart and more innovative gameplan.. If Douglas has someone else in mid, well I guess we stuck with Gase until January. Go Jets,,,whoopie
  18. Some writers have a alert out for passing game effected due to winds. 20 MPH SUSTAINED winds with higher gusts in Buffalo today? Who does this hurt more? I say Defense should SPY Josh to take away scramble and force him to throw into wind
  19. My favorite player is Odell,,,,, FOR ME TO POOP ON
  20. My guess it has already happened. Several players I bet already telling Pete privately he's an immature, egotistical asswipe.
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