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  1. nailed as killed,,in retaliation for erins torture of her.
  2. Erin daughter was nailed by the chick who was tortured and fired last night, IMHO. Also it looks like the President is a target now. Chloe will be back in next weeks show from what I hear.
  3. Hi, how you been? Didnt you go to House Counsel somewhere? did that work out?
  4. Dont worry, I will let you know if she gets out of line, again
  5. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out the door, OH WAIT, the door will hit your feet because you fell down on the way out the door.
  6. Hey, I am mild mannered. Ask GreenBeans, he watches the Jet games in Raleigh with me every Sunday.
  7. Thanks, just found out about it. A site for all opinions, not just parrots. Go Heels.
  8. This site has all the best posters from JI. Its a welcome site, I look forward to great threads. Oh by the way,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  9. Him playing during season is debatable as you cant say for sure what Chad was sayin to team, HOWEVER, once season was over Chad should not have waited almost 4 weks to have surgery. For what? A vacation? Come on, you can vacation all you want later, 1 or 2 games could make difference to us having home field or even making playoffs. If he misses 1st or 2nd game those 4 weeks waitin will look bad....
  10. He is in a foul mood because his mullet hasnt grown in yet.
  11. whats this new nation in the wilderness? What caused the annexation? Did I miss something or was I a 1st of many problems?
  12. How's everyone been doin? My snipets to date: - McKenzie loss: Wanted too much for his age, it will hurt but the right LONG run decision - Lamont. Hated losing him. Would have been willing to pay more just because I have a bad feeling this may be the year Curtis slows or has that major injury. But alot of money if you dont envision him starting for 2 years. We will see if his backup can fill shoes, most of his yards were in 1 game vs New Orleans, misleading stats. - Becht. Adios, Mr. Catch, Turn and Fall Down. - Ferguson. Again, will be missed but alot of cash for a fairly old player who is the #2 runstopper on our team (DROB). Plus if memory serves me right, he played like crap in 1st year of last contract he had. - Coles for Moss..LOVE THIS. Moss's agent was sqwauking about a new contract before season started. For what? Mediocre play? This guy was gonna bolt in a year as Jets were never gonna pay #1 money for a #3 WR. Plus he has Franco Harris syndrome when he returns punts (runs to nearest sideline). Coles gives us the tough possesion receiver you can go to when needed. Coles was always making the catch when double teamed, something Moss had trouble with. Plus you cant discount Coles sympatico with Chad. They are in sync on the field. Thats it for now. Go Tarheels.
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