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  1. My guess it has already happened. Several players I bet already telling Pete privately he's an immature, egotistical asswipe.
  2. Interesting point.. Not plan at beginning but maybe NFL wants out and is editing footage to create a scared mentality for fans watching so they can more easily nix the season ..who knows? Not Me
  3. normally I agree with you on your comment, BUT, if Jamal caught AND media FOUND OUT, he would be suspended due to Covid. Jets would be boxed in corner. You right though, they would find a way NIT to cut, but suspend for a game or 2. Golden Rule: He who has the Gold (or talent) makes the rules
  4. Snyder and Redskins bribing?? It didnt work for Redskins,,what am I missing? Unless its just for Vegas odds and bribe for covering spreads etc and NOT to win games.. It would explain a lot of those bizarre calls at end of games that always seem to be VERY late flags and usually a QB hit, Off Line holding or pass interference.
  5. why????????????? we dont need him... many higher priority needs
  6. Hi Jamal. SouthernJetNC here. How ya been?
  7. Not saying we are going to come out smelling like rose and know we may be hurt as a team, BUT, I trust Joe Douglas will create the best outcome possible given all the parameters. It is what it is and Joe dealt tough hand here as mid contract deals to certain positional players, supposed team leader possibly saying things that Joe now feels will hurt the lockeroom, hence , altering Adams value. Lets hope he can make tolerable chicken salad out of this chicken s**t
  8. I think crowder will have a decent year since OffLine rebuilt. Last year Jets QBs were last in NFL in 'time to throw the ball before pressured'.. week 1 when they had Bills on ropes was an indicator of how they want to use Crowder..I think he caught 12-13 balls? Joe Montana wouldnt have completed passes last year behind that Jets line.
  9. in fantasy, QBs on teams always behind can be fantasy all stars. I had winston last year and rode him to a championship . every week he had like 4 pts at halftime, then ended up with 30+ points be games end as Bucs were throwing every down in 2nd half vs easy yardage prevent defenses LOL
  10. I think Gase has to do pretty dgood this year. This is reason Douglas said no to Jets FOUR times..He demanded a 6 year deal cause I think he wanted 4 years in case he had to fire coach he inherited , Gase, after 2 years (he obviously hoped he wouldnt have to but wanted 4 years with HIS HC choice in case he had to fire Gase) Question is, who do you think MIGHT be some on his short list to bring in as HC or promote from within?
  11. I think his approach is ‘turd’, in middle of contract bad mouthing team, saying other teams are where he would rather be and praising our division rival. I have no issue with a star wanting a new deal but while under contract it should be all business & not be anti-team I never loved Revis always holding out but he always kept it at the contract business whether never started listing teams you want to play for or bad mouthing organization because he was still under contract. He wasn’t free agent able to say whatever he wanted cause he may stay Adams will be shocked if he all of sudden walks it back@says he’s a Jet and he wants to bring them a Super Bowl & hopes that contract can be worked out. What would happen ASAP is 1-Fan Love starts coming back, 2-Douglas signs him as soon as it makes sense from team cap and tax structure. Hard for JD to give big$ when Adams is publicly crapping on you. But whatever,,,, we are the Jets,,make that jets
  12. Hi, I am Abe Lincoln, a time traveler let me travel to future. I like this football game. By the way, I am in NYC, any good theater suggestions?
  13. you only one agreeing with me on reservations on Herndon with Griffin here. Average fan doesnt realize how good Griffin is and how he was touted as allpro potential in houston before injury and arrest. But he looks back to normal..agree, darnold good keeper bench stash, jets may be paying form behind. I won leagie last year by playing winston over ryan as winston would have 4 pts at halftime and finished with 36 by end of game as they were in comeback mpode LOL
  14. have I asked? Are you in Raleigh? Do you come to Jets Fan Club Bar on Game Days?
  15. I know, so answer my question,,what coaches you think JD may like?
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