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  1. the players would love it. austin great place to live
  2. Is that the VIP Pre Fan Breakfast at camp? When I was there, it was good, but not that good
  3. I pray every night and ask my local Jet friends to do the same as they all know the site. In my mind, the players may not have a patch but JetNation fans will have a patch on their heart every week which sends out good Karma and strength for her to beat the f'in devil C.
  4. For 2021 if Jets unhappy with backup QB play in next few weeks I am sure they will look at 49ers cut list and pickup a QB from there as depth material as they will know the playbook
  5. They not concerned as they dont see themselves as SB ready this year and will focus on culture, installing playbook determining gaps needed for 2022 and beyond when they will view themselves as playoff ready
  6. He probably right since I doubt Saleh and Joe D see Jets as legit playoff or more important, deep run playoff team in 2021. If Zach hurt, so be it. Why we need Vet since no deep playoffs anyways. Vet in QB room? Maybe, but hopefully a coach can fill that role and Saleh can 'coach up' the younger guys and see if one emerges as decent looking and potential fill-in OR trade bait
  7. Watson has been signed to star as the 'angry and jealous husband/boyfriend' in the new Broadway production of "Jerry Springer: The Musical"
  8. Joe did great unloading Sam, but damn, Colts think they are SB potential team and really only need a game manager. Sam would probably fetch pretty good deal (for all I know per Cap reasons, we couldnt have still had him on roster, I am just shootin the breeze) Who yall think Colts go out and get IF Wentz hurt bad? Someone come out of retirement for a pretty 'River of Gold'? Be safe, Go Jets
  9. yum although I used to be addicted to old recipe softer cake and creamier filling Suzy Q's
  10. Have fun!! You may already attend but if not the Raleigh Jets Fan club meets every game day at Desy's Bar and Grill in morrisville near RDU airport on Chapel Hill Rd. Huge screen sound allocated to Jets and also outdoor area dedicated to Jets also. Other screens show NFL games we request with no sound https://desysgrillandbar.com/
  11. somehow show the importance of Jets SB victory as initial catalyst for AFL acceptance of 'old NFL guard' Also, the open it up Jets (and whole AFL) approach to football (genesis of WCO aka Sid Gilliam type football) that changed face of 3 yards and cloud of dust Vikings (and most of NFL) type of football A good quote if they have there is Rooney saying he was pissed when told he was one of 3 teams being sent to AFC for merger.. He then said it ended up being best thing that ever happened as it forced Pittsburg to draft and change style to compete in AFC and eventually become much more wide open and multiple SB winner.
  12. I saw a few IBMers fired over this,, it was break room food but they were caught around quitting time when most folks left putting 12 packs soda, popcorn boxes, candy etc into over sized backpacks.. Idiots,, losing probably at the time, quite a few years back, 150K year job over soda
  13. ya, dedicated worker, does work at home,,but for your 'friend' tell him to print a few work docs and spreadsheets and place on home desk,
  14. ya could be induced to allow swelling to go down before surgery,,doesnt always mean activity has stopped
  15. amen............................................. ESPECIALLY in this scheme AND to help a rookie QB get thru rookie year when he needs that reliable safety valve escape dumpoff guy
  16. I remember Berrios, like our 6th ranked WR went to JGBs high school up the street here in Raleigh and he was like getting 300+ yards offense a game and picking off 3 passes a game on defense LOL
  17. It seems to me JD has done a great job acquiring folks that are fitting the new D and Shanahan O we will be using. I am very impressed (especially on Offense) of how the skills have great YAC skills and the OL appear to have the mobility needed in this scheme. What players do you think on both sides of ball really are the best fits scheme wise? Thanks in advance for XsOs input.
  18. Moore has unreal shiftiness after the catch,,,that is what makes a very good NFL player become a YAC stud
  19. out of bad situation I assume,,,,Gase has a allpro team of former players who played well away from him
  20. bingo. I will be shocked if Saleh doesnt SPY him with a fast safety/OLB hybrid
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