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  1. maybe not but a Mom who runs a comfort food catering business,,,ruhroh You've spoken in the past about your mother's catering business. What is it about her career that is so special to you? MB: Just everything. She's a careful mother, she always makes sure we have what we want. She puts us first before she puts herself. What more can you ask for? It's special to me because I've seen her from when she didn't have it started and now, she has it. I've seen her from ground zero and start from nothing, and now she's got her own business, so it's real special to me. Do you plan to share your mom's cooking with your teammates? MB: They've already asked me about it. They already said my mom has to come cook for the O-line room and she definitely would. What is one of your favorite dishes she makes? MB: She makes good mac 'n' cheese and she makes good fried chicken. There's too much to pick from honestly.
  2. I expect Ladanian type of skillset,,,Defenses used to complain about not seeing LaDanian behind OL given his 5'9 (he claimed 5'10, but uhuh)
  3. You can find some freighters that will exchange free 3 day crossing for working as a deckhand..Just dont tell them you are from JetNation or you might end up as the crews 'night relief'
  4. Kyle Shanahan’s use of tight ends in Atlanta offers an interesting angle on his shrewd offense. They don’t actually pile up that many yards; in the 2016 regular season, Falcons TEs totaled 788 yards, just 15 percent of the team’s receiving total. (The Niners gained 833 TE yards, more than a quarter of their less productive passing game, in part because there were so few good alternatives.) But Atlanta’s tight ends play a crucial role that goes beyond just blocking on run plays. Shanahan uses them cleverly to deceive and spread out defenders, on pass plays as much or more than runs. How can you not love a 4 Verticals play where 2 tight ends and a running back are going deep -- and Julio Jones is your checkdown? In particular, Shanahan uses more 13 personnel formations (with one running back and 3 tight ends) than other NFL coaches, and moves his TEs across the formation both pre- and post-snap to manipulate defensive spacing. There aren’t good global statistics for either move — see my technical note below — but when you look at Atlanta’s touchdowns and explosion plays, one or both of these tactics is often there. Like running backs, tight ends have a much bigger influence in the Shanahan scheme than for most other teams. Due to the effectiveness of the play design, tight ends consistently get open and have the opportunity to add yards after the catch. So the key facet for a tight end in the Shanahan scheme is to be able to add yards after the catch.
  5. comfort food is crazy down south,,, they cook w/ grease on every damn veggie, meat, bread etc...
  6. ya if he plays great and gets nice offer from jets, you bank on notion he make friends, likes coaches etc and stays
  7. No shade, I like him,,he used as example of guy to lure a TE,,, I think LaFleur will search for a TE
  8. I think we may see new RB, new returner, new LBs.. I think LB corps totally revamped
  9. ya, I hear Jets fear he has 'Post Season Cant say No to Momma's Cooking' syndrome,, Best thing would be for him not to go home and stay in NJ after season
  10. Just a FYI,, my OP was just to get folks talking since shanahan scheme needs dominant TE. IF Mims traded onviously with TEs out there we would expect high draft pick back as well,, I love Mims and want to see him in this scheme but I wanted a discussion of what TEs might be available if Saleh thinks he wants a different TE this year than what we have. What TEs out there that you would like on Jets and think Jets could swing a deal for ANY player on roster
  11. With hybrids and ex safeties getting drafted as OLBs and based on Saleh comments how do you see from a detailed XsOs point of view our use of OLBs
  12. i wouldnt trade him,, but i would listen to any offer
  13. lol, thread clicks,,actually put any player in there,,trade, give us picks and i was mainly trying to find out what TEs folks thought might help us
  14. haha, cagey Vet.... your welcome Phil
  15. can u imagine if we beat them on road the back pages,,all about new Jets Era,,especially if Giants hopefully get spanked
  16. hang in there my friend, i will say a little something for ya tonite
  17. hope all well my friend,,been awhile
  18. JoeW, put your jock on and get back in damn game
  19. You must not be aware of me then,, its cool,, This is what I do,, have fun,, get folks talking on one offs,,you be surprised how many come out of closet with threads like this,,and Phil begs me to get these click bait traps
  20. Saleh has all off season to put together a 'ghost package'. Carter coming to a stadium he knows well and has had success in. We just can NOT let Carolina get a 2 score lead early to grab Ole Mo and take us out of Ghost package and allow Panthers to kill clock with McCafferry
  21. ya, no one said 1 for 1,, but is there available TEs out there? I personally think Saleh will light a fire under Herndon
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