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  1. no but you're boring,, come on youngin, get with the in crowd
  2. show respect youngster,,liven up this ego laden place,,, have fun.. god bless
  3. For FUN, dont get so damn serious.. smh Pick 5 most likely Ws, 5 most likely L's that leaves 7 games in middle... I start: Use template if you like: Most confident Ws: Bengals, Fish, Jags, @Atlanta, @Panthers Most confident Ls: @Colts, Bucs, @Bills, Titans, Bills As I did this thread we have a great schedule if crap falls in place for us,,,,many winnable games if coaching is solid and game management is superb.. Remaining games in my order of I think we can win 1st.. Eagles, Pats, Saints, @Broncos, @Texans, @Fish, @Pats (
  4. agree,,unless elite TE and I was asking is there any out there that might have glaring need at WR and maybe a very talented TE room? I dont know? I know Eagles have called Jets about Ertz
  5. its just goofing around LOL,, calm down,, I know Jets Eaagles have talked about Ertz but I dont know what was asked for by Eagles
  6. What 4 current starters would you most like to lose their job, get traded whatever. You just want their sorry asses out of starting lineup?
  7. I know Eagles are fielding calls on Ertz
  8. I hear ya, but they will address TE before season starts and make sure a bonafide TE is there. I hope Herndon wakes up,,but new staffs always have 1 or 2 guys that they dont like..Just way it is.. I want to keep Mims..Hell maybe we trade someone who's agent is making demands that a new contract seems unlikely,,, Mainly I want to know who are quality TEs out there that MAY be aquirable?
  9. i think only thing keeping becton from total dominance is liking mommas cooking too much.. Added weight magnifies and injury. He can NOT heal from current injury with weight he at....almost a physics equation... He has to control his maturity and dedication to nutrition for a lousy 10 years to make his wealthy and take care of several generations of his family.
  10. If Mims gets pushed out of crowded talented WR room, is there a starting caliber TE out there that might be available? I know Blake Jarwin is back and #1 with Cowboys putting Dwayne Schultz back on pine after very solid year.. Others? Zach Ertz?
  11. come on, not you,, show some f'in balls..get off the yacht and talk to the common folk
  12. nah, those days are over.. look, i will show it.. The Crusher has to pick 3 of his favorite meals he cant eat for a year. what are they? No worries
  13. how do you CC a poster?? with @ in front of name? some other symbol? Thanks
  14. I been gone awhile,,does the Crusher still get a chubby when great food is talked about?
  15. I expect a big year for Carter IF Jets OL allows the run game to get some space and give Zach enough time. Carter played basically same scheme at UNC, to point he even played in a committee system. If Zach is completing downfield passes (15+) then that means Carter will have monster year. Reason: It means OL giving Zach time so LB/CBs cant cheat up in box. Carter so damn hard to see behing the huge OL and he will have room. BUT mainly he will have a ton of dumpffs (especially early as Zach 'feels his way' as a RB can be a QBs best friend as a safety valve. Carter is unreal with YAC and the sky the limit for this kid. Play action to Carter and Moore zooming down the sideline. Oh ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Pre season topic,,,so what. If one of these starters had to miss season who would you choose?
  17. its a tough injury,,,needs LONG time to insure it stays gone,,one injury you cant rush
  18. it helps with the flare pass out of backfield if QB leads RB it allows RB to run at high rate..Sam was horrid as this as our rBs always had to slow down or ball was behind them
  19. he wont get 20 carries but he will get 8-12 carries and 4-8 targets a game
  20. sadly he hgets brain freeze as he did at USC. He throws off back foot too much and he doesnt lead his WRs to enhance YAK. I think he showed low IQ by several times not tossing ball out of bounds when 10 yards behind LOS and literally being chased out of bounds. He needs perfect system and maybe Carolina provides that,,we will see...
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