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  1. Plus Chris probably happy to focus on the slopes again. Follow the Pro Circuit, thats his thing guys.
  2. this is good fans..lets cleanse our souls and hash laden underwears of this coachturd
  3. he is a thugturd. Locker room lawyer and cancer. a Me first player, not a team guy. NO WAY this staff lets him even take a dump in Florhams crappers
  4. Man, sorry Chris, but major messup but you put in bad situation so we 'maybe' you a mulligan on the hire. You got fan-boyed by Mannings call and that gave you instant reason to hire and built in excuse if he failed )Peyton said he was great) What the hell did Manning see in this clown? It was 100% obvious he was out of his element. Did Manning just do this for a favor? If so, he screwed a fanbase over it. Anyone watching Manning knows he called all his plays and a Peyton Manning OC does nothing but generalized film scouting week pre-game and get Peytons Coffee and Breakfast burrito. I cant fathom Manning that dumb as far as whether Gase was a XsOs stud. He did a friend a favor but set a franchise back 5 years.
  5. I didn't realize until hearing these Saleh, DC and OC coach interviews. how MUCH Gase messed me up mentally and spirit wise. We actually have knowledgeable XsOs big boy NFL coaches again. Of course, they have to prove it, BUT I realized while hearing these new Jet coaches how LITTLE info that jackass Gase knew. It is so refreshing to get back to hearing real NFL strategy comments AND some damn love of the game. You can tell these guys are in love with the game. I NEVER got that feeling from numbnuts. It was almost like he was doing us a favor coaching the team.
  6. impressive. we have a real NFL level x's o's offensive coach
  7. ya he didnt hurt any Jet either. We have seen that before LOL
  8. well I heard shanahan gave Saleh total control so I assume he will follow what he has done before and stay in that range with ot only changing if drastic occurences happen on team (extra OT cause becton as example)
  9. agree, moses nice signing: https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2021/06/07/new-york-jets-mekhi-becton-foot-injury-morgan-moses-2021-nfl-free-agency/
  10. yup and that one of issues making game change rules. trying to make harder to return kickoffs cause guys coming at you 6"4' 260 running 4.5 could put you in a coma with a headon at full speed. Best players at High School (or earlier) being funnelled to defense also and then you add muscle and speed,,yikes.
  11. the snag is he isnt a good pass coverage safety like the greats who get the top safety money. He is gadget guy who always ranks bottom in pass protection. I think his mindset and body was meant to be a OLB but obviusley need height/weight.
  12. I am sure been mentioned, i didnt read all posts, but this sucks as over 55+ years watching NFL this injury one of crappiest as it doesnt usually go away. It may go for years but it almost always crops up again and many play thru it but you get a 75% performance, and its way worse with 'Husky fellas'. I hesitate to say 'lose weight' cause that part of his secret sauce. He is stuck between a rock and a hard hot rack of ribs. This a GREAT test for Jets new state of art nutrition dept. and iis claim to educate for off campus 'change of eating habits' lifestyle changes. Parcells once said many behave until offseason when they go home to Momma's cooking. WORSE would be if Mom living with him in NJ which young players sometimes do. They move Mom in during season., DANGER WILL ROBINSON, lOL Glenn, if you there, we should overpay a tad for best remaining Free Agent OL (unless they are 33 yrs old or worse). Obviously we will draft and hit FA next year BUT we have to be solid on OL THIS year to help Zach (forget Ws/Ls, I just want his to have tome to learn and not repeat Sam's EXACT scenario)
  13. well he played against lawrence at clemson and Tar Heels went for 2, down 1, on last play of game.. so he has seen him up close and personal
  14. what about all the sage advice on varied and sundry topics over the years? I get a one free post card?
  15. ya he was to point when Jets signed him that even Shanahans old Bronco teams couldnt get yardage from him
  16. agree,,but topic made me think you were referring to Tesla Tower in Texas
  17. Numbnuts Gase has proven players thrive when he leaves or they are moved to another team via trade/cut. Losing Gase as coach has produced AllPro votes, Comeback Player of Year etc etc So based on that what Jets and why will most positively grow their game this year? My first pick is Herndon based on Gase running system he admitted only used TEs for blocking and rumor that JD told Gase to involve him last 3-4 games of year when he caught 17 of 21 targets , 3-4 TDs and showed damn nice mobility and was catching ball with his hands, a habit he had gotten out of.
  18. that could be BUT add it to the PROVEN Gase effect of getting better when he is driven out of town and you may have the double allpro whammy here
  19. Man been thinking about it,, dont know if true, but if some of my alphabet contacts are Quite right it may be very very smart investment soon per possible Military, EBS type activity. Not an endorsement but that is how I was told about DOGE was via possible 'power shift' very soon. But stuff probably will stay status Quo, so maybe risky investment.
  20. Too juicy a storyline for 2 boring teams and NFL will want to get Darnold vs old team and guy who replaced him before either team eliminated form playoffs with a 1-6 record etc. I see this as a Thursday night game very early is season.
  21. what i ascertain is jets would have drafted carter at 66 anyways, so therefore we gave up a 84 and 107 (we got back a 143> I think) to upgrade to tucker (safest of all picks) over jenkins.. no trade might have been jenkins, moore, carter at 66, 84? and 107, sherwood, carter2 and 226?? instead tucker, moore, carter, sherwood, carter2, and parlaying the 143 pick from tucker trade we got: echols, pinnock, marshall so what some say allpro in tucker for years to make wilson safe on blindside for a decade over jenkins who is good but not tucker and we picked up a few late guys JD liked. Sure upgraded to tucker over what might have been at 84 and 107 (I say 107 cause jets would have picked carter at 66) My guess JD wanted that decade long left side so wilson can always feel he can slide left of he feels pressure for right side and he knew talent was there later so he parlayed that 143 pick into a few guys he likes. Only time will tell... But I like knowing QB should feel confidense that left side is safe and also a dominant place for RBs to run or take dumpoff passes behind.
  22. to be fair he helped get Gase who looked like Spocks father Sarek suffering from Bendii Syndrome
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