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  1. what about all the sage advice on varied and sundry topics over the years? I get a one free post card?
  2. ya he was to point when Jets signed him that even Shanahans old Bronco teams couldnt get yardage from him
  3. agree,,but topic made me think you were referring to Tesla Tower in Texas
  4. Numbnuts Gase has proven players thrive when he leaves or they are moved to another team via trade/cut. Losing Gase as coach has produced AllPro votes, Comeback Player of Year etc etc So based on that what Jets and why will most positively grow their game this year? My first pick is Herndon based on Gase running system he admitted only used TEs for blocking and rumor that JD told Gase to involve him last 3-4 games of year when he caught 17 of 21 targets , 3-4 TDs and showed damn nice mobility and was catching ball with his hands, a habit he had gotten out of.
  5. that could be BUT add it to the PROVEN Gase effect of getting better when he is driven out of town and you may have the double allpro whammy here
  6. Man been thinking about it,, dont know if true, but if some of my alphabet contacts are Quite right it may be very very smart investment soon per possible Military, EBS type activity. Not an endorsement but that is how I was told about DOGE was via possible 'power shift' very soon. But stuff probably will stay status Quo, so maybe risky investment.
  7. Too juicy a storyline for 2 boring teams and NFL will want to get Darnold vs old team and guy who replaced him before either team eliminated form playoffs with a 1-6 record etc. I see this as a Thursday night game very early is season.
  8. what i ascertain is jets would have drafted carter at 66 anyways, so therefore we gave up a 84 and 107 (we got back a 143> I think) to upgrade to tucker (safest of all picks) over jenkins.. no trade might have been jenkins, moore, carter at 66, 84? and 107, sherwood, carter2 and 226?? instead tucker, moore, carter, sherwood, carter2, and parlaying the 143 pick from tucker trade we got: echols, pinnock, marshall so what some say allpro in tucker for years to make wilson safe on blindside for a decade over jenkins who is good but not tucker and we picked up a few late guys JD liked. Sure upgraded to tucker over what might have been at 84 and 107 (I say 107 cause jets would have picked carter at 66) My guess JD wanted that decade long left side so wilson can always feel he can slide left of he feels pressure for right side and he knew talent was there later so he parlayed that 143 pick into a few guys he likes. Only time will tell... But I like knowing QB should feel confidense that left side is safe and also a dominant place for RBs to run or take dumpoff passes behind.
  9. to be fair he helped get Gase who looked like Spocks father Sarek suffering from Bendii Syndrome
  10. "I forgot a QB didn't have to throw off his back foot" "You were too good. Urban may end up taking you now" "You haven't had any massages lately?" "When you see 'ghosts' is it on field or when watching Belushi in Ghostbusters?" "You dont have Revis's agents do you?"
  11. or they might just keep peddling the pick down to teams wanting the top5 QBs.. trade to teams in order so we always have the pick needed to get next of the 5 QBs. trade w/atlanta, phi, det, carolina, denver, sf.......... keep moving pick for extra capital,,worst we end up with is 12th pick (unless at #12 only a few teams traded with us and a team from lower wants to vove up)..we will accumulated a bonanza of picks,,it couldnt have worked out better if jets strategy was accumulate picks.. Jets could get 2021 or may puch for out year picks as well so in case Darnold flops they have enpugh draft capital to put together a package in 2022 for QB Sam Darnold, who is better than Darnold or Wilson.
  12. Bit is right about Power5 film. This worries me. I am tempted to keep Sam, trade down multiple times and accumulate 2021 and out years draft picks, restock team. if Darnold does well in Shanahan scheme, great. If not, hopefully in 2022 we have enough draft capital to draft Sam Howell or Spencer Rattler.
  13. if we think we will have lots of picks odds are we wouldnt break bank on vet off lineman since we arent playoff run capable for 2 years.. they would look to rookie deals on solid OL prospects to gel by time team ready to win,,also why you are seeing 26 year olds being signed for most part,,douglas knows this team doesnt need to pay crazy money to a guy next 2 years when odds are by time we are ready for SB run they will be in mid 30s
  14. ya I meant NDSU not a Rd1 or 2 for us (33 too high) IMHO Like Coz also, as well as Chazz Surratt at OLB
  15. I dont know so throwing out there to smarter draft guys.. Does Jets Day1 moves and attempted moves and non moves give any tea leaf reading to whether Jets keeping Dam or not? If you know you can have a slew of picks by trading out of 2 (keep Sam) you might not overpay on certain players positions etc If you knew you were drafting a QB at 2, then you attack Free Agency possibly different since each draft pick vital..
  16. there are a few and this is best way since this team isnt going to a SB for at least 2 years..
  17. bingo,, I hear Jets all over NDSU guy,,will probably find way to get him later rounds and may even go after stud OL at pick 23 also..although I prefer using pick 23 on OLB/standup line of scrimmage Zaven Collins. A swiss army super weapon for Saleh
  18. Watch the Miami game where both he and Williams went over 200 yards, Carter 300 yards vs #10 Miami https://www.tarheeltimes.com/article120954.aspx
  19. watch for this guy as DC. Saleh was LB coach under him in Jacksonville where he was DC. LB coach now so this would be promotion. https://www.buffalobills.com/team/coaches-roster/bob-babich I imagine if he comes we 'maybe' get his son also https://www.buffalobills.com/team/coaches-roster/bobby-babich
  20. maybe some on the 4 remaining teams?
  21. i think we see a Bleilichick type DC. In other words they dont do a lot and usually make bad HCs when they leave. Saleh may be that type HC whlike Andy Reid is bit from offensive side. Someone has title but Reid/Saleh will probably call plays, adjustments etc
  22. because these interviews are downa nd dirty XsOs from GM, personell folks. He has never called plays, changed midstream gamescript, engineered last minute drives based on D schemes he figured out. He may be next ombardi but Jets at such low point they have to get this hire right so you cant hire a guy who never called a NFL play or was a college HC. Last time we did thta was Herm,,Herm worse cause he weasnt even a coordinator,,a DB coach,,wait, we are interviewing Aaron Glenn, same situation as Herm was. Douglas better be careful before all good PROVEN I CAN AT LEAST CALL BIG BOY PLAYS candidates are gone,,'wrap up daboll, campbell asap...maybe martindale IF he has a killer proven OC that wants to leave current gig or just got fired recently when theier HC got whacked?
  23. the PR hit may be why Khan saying he handling personell,, Hire Urban, take the PR hit on selecting Fields, let dust settle and then Urban takes over
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