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  1. bleed green dammitt, maybe you should put me on ignore too mon.
  2. citizens arrest ! citizens arrest! check your pu$$y at the front door of east Cackalackey mon
  3. the schedule was tough no matter what the order, stick to movies skip
  4. if jets tanked season and ending up with watson, the excitement would be off the charts
  5. The Jets sucking this year is perhaps the best thing this franchise can do. Only the senile fail to see this
  6. Ummm Jackson was going in 2nd rd at best, he will help UNC but he really isnt that special of a player.
  7. garb and captain Jone are holding out for $11M!!! The right play is to tank for Watson, as much as I despise Clemsoning, watson is the real deal cant miss franchise stud QB
  8. you do know that Vontez burfict ran a 5.09 in 40 right?
  9. Lawson was a high bust probability....Ragland is a stud and will thrive in Buffalo
  10. Pick the QB that will net you Watson, Hint Fitzy would phuck that plan up, either pick Petty or Geno
  11. we will just 2 wins to get watson, brownies and 69ers will be tough to jump over otherwise
  12. Dominick has been awesome on Sirius NFL. Gm's live or die based on the QB's they draft. Josh Freeman was the nail in his coffin. I believe he will get another shot at GM
  13. my classic line Clippy's are for skippy's lol
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