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  1. Forsberg is the man, name a better player who has the skill he has,, along with the toughness. The Dead Wings will surely miss him. Thank you Booby Clarke, Baby Lindros for Peter the Great. Sorry GGG, you know i'm a Nordique/Avs fan
  2. i take manning over cindy in a flash remember cindy has not played vs a Mumbles D, manning would have won the same or more if he was with Chowds. cindy would have done nada in indy. i bet 90% of GM's would take PM given everything was equal.
  3. Jets should have made a play on Pollard the offer to Putz was too matchable, now we got squat. I always like Mili in Seattle, someone said he resigned with them
  4. what Happened to Garbanza and her sweet little avatar? Is it true you have changed allegiance and are now rooting for the Jets? I knew JonE could convert you. It is better rooting for the Underdog!
  5. Smizzy send me a PM and give me the low down of what's going on. tks
  6. OK is going down, Mark my word the purple eagles will kick some arse
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