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  1. Yep I still remember chicago game that was played during a blizzard, bears had 4 fumbles and cutler had 2 ints, pats had no turnovers. Team Stats New England Patriots Chicago Bears First downs 27 12 Rushes - yards 35-124 14-47 Net Passing Yards 351 138 Punt Returns 2-43 1-17 Kickoff Returns 1-18 7-196
  2. Could be, but if OB really thought Hack was franchise QB, it would have been much cheaper for team using a 2nd rd pick than a $72M mistake. Elway certainly did not believe he was worth it. Will be interesting who was right. IMO Both brock and hack are just hacks
  3. qnd brocko could be second coming of scottie mitchell skippy mon
  4. Osweiler could be next Scott Mitchell...after 7 starts I am not convinced he can be anything but a JAG
  5. I guess the point is Brocko is not a sure thing to succeed. If OB felt Hack was a stud, he could have picked him in 2nd round and have an extra cheap insurance policy on Brocko. Having 2 good QB's is not a bad thing and Hack would be on sideline for OB
  6. Elliot had 2 awesome runs, 1 in the 1Q and the last TD run, ragland was out of the game in 4Q and his replacement made an awful attack at LOS. Zeke is a good one, the 1st rd was outstanding
  7. Bottom Line is if O Brien really thought Hack was a Stud Franchise QB, he would not have paid Ossicilator that crazy contract.
  8. Ummm check out 15.23 here is your best LB outside of jack and smith
  9. If Crapolo has to start the 1st 4 games Cheats go 0-4 Brady will prob go 9-3 9-7 and will miss playoffs
  10. Not saying he wont be a decent to good player, Just think 2nd rd was best place for him, time will tell who is right
  11. I posted the Bama game every play condensed in just 30 minutes, give it a watch, Lee made a few nice plays, None of them in the run game.
  12. so? he never missed a game and I watch every one. He was a good college player, bad pro...sh1t happens.. cut him and move on
  13. Heh bub, i watched the entire Bama game, he made a nice sack on simms, a nice tackle on cooper, for the most part most of his tackles for 8 yrs from LOS. we shall see if this was a good pick. Doctson will be a freaking star.
  14. complete LB?????????????????? lmao a 1 down LB is complete I got it mon
  15. Jenkins can play , bama had more issues with him than sleepy. Not sure it was wise to invest a 1st rounder for a 1 down player, when Doctson has a chance to replace an aging Marshall.
  16. watched some of video and they were echoing my analysis, not great vs run will take awhile for him to be an impact player.
  17. time will tell who is right, He is not terrible, I just do not believe he is worth a 1st rd grade
  18. watch the bama OSU game I posted in Lee thread, he was terrible in run defense, If saban would have just pounded Henry Bama wins game easily. this should have been a 2nd rd pick at best
  19. Here is the bama game condensed to 30 minutes, watch it and give me your honest opinion. All any of henry's runs do you see Lee making an impact? He made a nice sack on Simms, but he was unblocked.
  20. Im thinking you have no clue how to use quote function mon
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