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  1. Zesty NFL Draft News ‏@oscargambler 14m14 minutes ago The internet never forgets @KingTunsil78 pic.twitter.com/h9LklKAxkk
  2. I know a dude whose wifey wont let him watch sports at home, so is watching Greys and Scandal lmao
  3. Makes no sense when they could get the kid out of Oregon Buckner for much cheaper
  4. a sham, all blame directed at womens bball, what a croc of sh1t in chapel thrill. Heels are closest thing to Cheats there is
  5. Yes if their is just decimal point differences and you need an OLB or guard and DT is not a need, i can agree with taking need. If Mo does go to bears and jets have DT considerably rated higher than other position of needs, i would bet Mac takes DT. If Mo stays, I could see Mac trading down or take the player that is close enough rated such as a WR like treadwell or a center like Kelly.
  6. QB always trump BAP, i just dont think Lynch is anything special, the jets do have a need at DL if they trade Mo, Snacks is gone. and I would want to draft the best player available and if I have rankins reed robinson or billings way higher on the board than a spence, i would hope Mac would take the DT.
  7. doctson has better hands than treadwell and is faster. You still havent learned to eval WR's, missing on cooper so bad last yr
  8. watch the bama clemson again, i have seen it at least 5 times....Watson threw so many dimes it was surreal. In fact if bama cb had not raked away ball from clemson wr, the game could have ended poorly for bama. This was best bama def i have seen in my lifetime and watson shredded it. Connor Cook put up a gooseegg. I normally hate all things being Clemson, this kid was the top QB out of HS and has proved it. There is no BUST in this kid.
  9. Look it is quite simple, if brady felt deflating balls did not help him he wouldnt go at length to do so. Also after getting caught all he had to say was " I instructed deflator to make sure all balls were at lowest legal PSI, if he went below that level. that was wrong and I should pay the $25k fine" This would have been over and done with. Brady Lying about it and destroying evidence is why punishment was so severe. Also past Cheats history had an impact on 2nd penalty.
  10. all you need is 1 stud QB, it will take 3 #1's to get him and probably a 2 and a 3, he is worth it
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