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  1. Nugent did well for us for a few years, but this season he was junk.
  2. Well I know what I want for Christmas.
  3. Got my used 740IL for $300 from my lawyer. It's got some miles and years, but damn, it still runs strong. I've always been an American car/truck guy, but for the price I couldn't turn down the offer. I will concede parts are expensive, but I haven't needed many. It won't out run my Mustang, or haul anything close to to what my GMC truck does, but it does what I ask it.
  4. No uniform could ever possibly be worse than the Steelers prison stripe looking mess.
  5. I know. Aside from Cleveland, who knows who will grab the title.
  6. Eff Lebron, eff Cleveland, eff the American League. Congrats to the Cubbies, they deserve to wear the crown. That designated hitter pussy BS didn't hold water for the Indians. Play real baseball, coach real baseball, or GTFO.
  7. I would just like to thank your Jets for knocking off the ratbirds. Did well today.
  8. I would like to argue, but I cannot. My Bengals and your Jets sadly won't be in the playoff picture.
  9. Your Jets are surprising me today. Keep that s**t up!!
  10. I was at the Fins @ Bengals game ten days ago. I thought it was excellent.
  11. I'd like to see your guys all over him like a cheap suit. Problem is the refs Seem blind to all the holding they do. It's sickening. That being said, GO JETS in this one.
  12. If football is on, I'm watching. College or NFL. I don't do that arena crap.
  13. Eff Tomlin, eff the rapist, and eff the Squealers. GO JETS!
  14. I had the pleasure of meeting Arnold at Palomar airport in Carlsbad California. He flew his own jet in for a tournament and we hangared it. After he got his clubs and luggage out of the plane and into his rental car he just hung out for a while, talking to me and the other mechanics and just being a regular guy who was into aviation. Several times we tried to get him to talk about his accomplishments in the game of golf, but he seemed really humble about it all, switching the conversation back to what we were working on. People as famous as he aren't usually that way. He impressed me a lot that day. A really good man and he will be missed.
  15. They are beatable if you can get the refs off their nutsack.
  16. Jamis Winston is having no luck in Arizona.
  17. I've never seen such bad officiating. Not just my game either!!
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