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  1. It hasn’t been announced. This is a rumor posted by Marvez.
  2. Thor99


    With Tom in it.
  3. Guess it’s ok to beat up a woman, god forbid you criticize a coach.
  4. The only thing I know for sure: Isabella from UMASS will be a Patriot.
  5. Thor99

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    Plus, there were no cats.
  6. Thor99

    Movies We've Seen Thread

    I forget what it’s called, but there’s a movie with Steve Zahn and Christian Bale of this.
  7. Thor99


    Why not Gordon or Patterson if you’re going to put an offensive player out there?
  8. Thor99

    Who are Your All-Time Favorite Baseball Players?

    Bob Horner Dale Murphy (watched a lot of tbs) Griffey Jr. Nettles Pedro JR Richard Vida Blue Mike Schmidt Mo Vaughn Nomar
  9. Can assmop have your job? Congrats!
  10. Thor99

    Powell to IR, Jets sign Safety

    Middleton to IR.
  11. Do they not call ‘landing on the qb’ anymore?
  12. Gronk is out, picked up and started Herndon today. Team is starting to look good.
  13. Thor99

    Kirk Cousins

    Which was a blatant rip-off of Parts: The Clonus Horror.

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