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  1. Quigley, former Jet, was the holder for the GW field goal. Thanks Mac and Bowles.
  2. Upgraded to 4.2.7

    My checks are bouncing anyway. So are my boobs.
  3. Speaking of highlights, Joe Buck.
  4. Mostly you. You pick the strangest hills to die on.
  5. There are ex Jets all over the league. Fact.
  6. Look, Bohannon was in for that play. Thanks, Mac and Bowles.
  7. Nobody wanted to hire B.B.? He was given a million dollar bonus to stay on as HC of the NYJ.
  8. Not even trying to pretend that it’s not fixed.
  9. And there’s the requisite drive killing flag.
  10. Todays bowl games....

    Sony Michel can see the whole field.
  11. Todays bowl games....

    Roquan Smith is everywhere.
  12. G Geoff Gray Watch

    Wasn’t he a Red Sox pitcher who had a stroke in the dugout?
  13. My mock from #10

    Round 2 has a lot of letters.
  14. Thoughts

    Do it, Doug!!!!
  15. In other news, I think Garroppolo just made a lot of money.